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Zombie Flesh Eaters 2

Updated on August 18, 2016
Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 has never looked so good
Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 has never looked so good

Fulci is fantastic

The zombies are fantastic

Overall presentation is 100% fantastic

Zombi 3 aka Zombi 2 aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, is awesome… Whatever you know this film as Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is an out and out action horror cult masterpiece.

Fulci does it again… Bringing us a true splatter classic, regardless of the movies shortcomings Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is a testament to what makes Italian exploitation the best.
This film is crazy, absolutely bat-shit bonkers, an action packed rollercoaster ride, blood and gore riddled extravaganza, Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 has something for every horror fan.

88Films have added this slice of spaghetti horror to their Italian Collection, presented beautifully uncut for the first time in the UK on Blu-ray.
The picture quality is clear and sharp and the sound is even better, they have also done an amazing job in preserving the original grain.
The disc also contains an awesome selection of interviews from the actors and crew... It is always a treat to hear how they survived these types of film shoots.
Interestingly 88Films included a live Q and A with Fulci regular Catriona MacColl despite not being in this film, but it is a nice instalment.
88Films have done a fantastic job yet again giving Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 the love and attention it deserves.

Now lets talk about this zombie-chomping classic…

As with the first Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) being inspired or made because of the success of Dawn of the Dead (1978) Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 (1988) has heavily taken inspiration from the Return of the Living Dead (1985).
However, much fun that film was Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 takes a more serious tone with the idea, resulting in an even more comical riot of a movie.
Its unclear if the Italians did not understand the comedy of Return of the Living Dead or just decided to take a more serious approach to the material, whatever the reasoning was behind the films fluctuating moods we will never truly know, all we have to know is that the film works.

Now understandably the filmmakers were making a serious film, without a doubt that was their true intention, but what it leaves us with is an action horror slice of unintentional comedy gold that only the Italians could have produced.
In this modern age, it would be impossible for anybody to watch Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 and take this material seriously, but this does not harm the film in the slightest, in fact, it raises it to new heights of cult awesomeness, with a viewing pleasure that is almost orgasmic.

I found myself in absolute astonishment at the obscurity and absolute disregard of filmic language, the film takes so many unexpected turns you just never know what will happen next, no character is safe in this film everyone is potential zombie food… Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is unpredictable and satisfying for its unoriginal originality.

The zombies are fantastic, gone are those shambling husks from Fulci's previous films, here we are presented with sentient zombies fully aware with a craving for flesh and the speed and agility to obtain it.
The gore is plentiful and evenly spread out across the film, these zombies are pulpy and oozing vile liquids, flesh is torn, pecked and eaten, bodies are shot, burned and exploded, heads fly and legs are shredded away... even pregnant women are unsafe, if it's gore you want gore you will get.

Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 has no connection to the first film and stands as its own movie as do all of the other sequels in the series.

Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is an Italian film so expect this to be badly dubbed, and in my personal opinion, it only adds to the charm of the film.
However for newcomers this might be a deal breaker, scaring them away before they even see the first zombie, unfortunately, these people will have just missed the wacky rollercoaster spectacle that is Zombie Flesh Eaters 2.


Though this film is credited to the master of horror Lucio Fulci, legendary Italian exploitation regular Bruno Mettei also directed parts of this film due to Fulci becoming ill during production.
Now depending on what source you read it is cited that only between 50 to 60 percent of what Fulci filmed is actually in the final film.
Mettei has stated that he considers this to be Fulci's film and not his own.
This does not bother me in the slightest because both Bruno Mettei and Lucio Fulci are amazing directors and each has their own style and charms.

Funnily enough, the flying zombie head in the refrigerator was actually one of Fulci's ideas, this actually shocked me as I presumed this to be one of Mettei's.

The reason this film sometimes goes under the title of Zombi 3 is because Dawn of the Dead (1978) was called Zombi in Italy and Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) was called Zombi 2 in Italy... Zombie Flesh Eaters is called Zombi in the USA

The spelling of Zombi instead of Zombie is french... Dawn of the Dead was also titled Zombi in France... interestingly the Game ZombiU for the Wii is a remake of a game by Ubisoft a french gaming company called Zombi (1986) based off of the film Dawn of the Dead.

This is a must buy for any zombie fan, and 88 Films have done an exceptional job with the presentation, the film looks fantastic and the sound is awesome
The extras are a little lacklustre, but to be honest this film is worth your money it truly is a fun ride and special slice of zombie cinema history

Overall I cannot fault Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, Yes the film is not perfect and it is deeply rooted as a clone of a much more popular Hollywood film, however, I cannot help but love this movie, despite everything bad against it Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is original and gripping.
Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is just pure exploitation fun, the film is funny and exciting with goofy action and buckets of gore.

I give Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 a solid 4 out of 5 stars, this is pure entertainment, and a must see for any Zombie fan or Italian horror film lover.

Nobody could ever say Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 is boring or dull, and if they did you better check their pulse because they themselves might be a bona-fied zombie

4 stars for Zombie Flesh Eaters 2


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