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Zombie Survival Plan

Updated on September 22, 2016

What happens when you wake up and you see your neighbor gnawing on the dead body of the paper boy? Perhaps some nanotechnology experiment had gone awry and nanobots are able to regenerate muscle tissue and produce ATP and clear waste from the tissues and zombies actually did happen, will you be prepared? If the apocalypse is happening and zombies are the cause, you had better be ready. There should be some things that you really need to focus on if you intend to survive until either humanity is completely wiped out by zombie hordes, or somehow and in someway, humanity is saved by some organized anti-zombie initiative.

Don't get bit

Plain and simple. Avoid having any part of your body go anywhere near the mouth of a zombie. Sometimes, it is harder than it seems, but you must make every effort not to be bitten so that you will not join the ranks of the rotting undead. The same should go for any of the body fluids of a zombie. Don't get any in your mouth, in your eyes or nose, or any in your bloodstream. Avoid contact with the infected and quarantine those who have already been infected. Sure, a suit of armor may help, but it is also noisy, heavy and hard to find. The best alternative would be motorcycle gear, but even that can get pretty warm when you are running. If that is not an option, wear heavy clothing whenever possible in case you get caught off guard by zombies hiding in the shadows.

Stay close to your group

If you are with a group, stay close and keep an eye out on each other. Keep an eye out for zombies as well and pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. Usually, it is safer in larger groups and if a few stray zombies attack, a group stands a better chance of fighting them off than one or two people alone. There is safety in numbers.

Find a safe and secure structure

You would want a structure that is secure enough to keeps hordes of zombies out. The structure would have to be sturdy, and have a complete perimeter that is closed off and made from cement or steel. Having a wooden fence, or wire fence is not enough. A suitable alternative is to place large and thick wooden stakes in the ground and heavily reinforce them with other wooden stakes. This is similar to a wood cabin structure and is strong enough to keep zombies out. However, it should be built sufficiently high enough to prevent zombies from climbing over.

The structure that you build will serve as your home base. Ideally, it will have a large lot of land where you can farm to grow food crops and raise chickens. However, it must have a secure gate that can allow members of your group to exit and enter safely and freely when going out into the zombie infested towns and cities to scavenge for supplies. It would be a good idea to have a dual gated system where members of your group can enter into an area between the interior gate and exterior gate before exiting the perimeter, or entering the home base area. This will prevent zombies from entering the home base in case they attack when the gates are open. Always have armed members by the gates when they are being opened.

Alternative fuels

Electricity and other sources of energy will eventually be depleted because the systems that harness and disperse these sources of energy will be lost once the zombie apocalypse begins. This is because the workers who operate these disbursement services will have turned into zombies or can no longer show up for work. Alternative energy sources will need to be sought out, and this could mean using manual generators of electricity that can be rigged to stationary bicycles. As well, large propellors could be built into apparatuses to collect energy from the wind. Also, large solar panels can be put in place to collect solar energy.

Food and Water

Drinking water will run out quickly. It is important to find a good source of water. A good source would be a lake, or rivers and streams that are fed from freshwater lakes. You should seek out shelter or build a home base near these bodies of water so that extracting fresh water will not require excessive travel outside of the protected home base. Food can come mainly from farming and occasionally from hunting animals. Eventually, food production will halt, and it would be best to start farming as early as possible to conserve existing food stores.

First Aid and Medical Supplies

It is also important to keep first aid supplies on hand in case of infection or injury. Evading zombies may result in injury and there may be non-zombie related accidents as people are running low on sleep or are constantly on edge because of the current end time circumstances. A hacksaw will largely be useless in removing infected limbs because the bloodstream would have aleady carried any infectious zombie agents to the heart and into the systemic circulation. When a person is bit, they will turn, unlike what is popularized by the media. Antibiotics will also be useful in preventing non-zombie related infections from bacteria.

Avoid traveling at night

Batteries for flashlights may be limited after a time, but may still be available with available chargers that are hooked up to manual electricity generators. Even travelling at night with high-powered flashlights is not sufficient because it is still not the same as being out in the day. This would mean that it is much harder to spot zombies hiding behind cars, dumpsters, and debris and you and your group members could easily fall prey to a zombie ambush. If you are holding a flashlight, it would probably be easier and faster for a zombie to spot you than you to spot it. Travel at night, but only if you absolutely must.


The best vehicles would probably be electric vehicles such as ebikes, electric motorcycles, and electric cars. The use of gasoline vehicles would not be advisable because they are much louder than their electric counterparts. Electric vehicles are quiet and their batteries can be recharged at the home base by manual generators that are powered by pedalling or wind turbines or solar energy. If you are taking vehicles out, the best case is always to have a protected enclosure around the vehicle to protect against being attacked or ambushed. That is why electric bikes and electric motorcycles are to be used minimally. Electric vehicles like electric cars are best in this case, despite having less maneuverability than bikes.

When the zombie apocalypse does come about, it is best to be as prepared as possible. Hopefully, this hub will have given you some pointers on how to avoid becoming zombie food. You should always be aware of your surroundings and have backup plans to your backup plans. Being prepared means starting today because you just won't know when the zombie apocalypse will begin.


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