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Wife's Cancer Renews Actor's Faith--Scott Baio

Updated on October 5, 2015

Scott Baio, Aong with his Younger, Sickly Wife Renee

Former ‘Happy Days’ star actor Scott Baio, along with his younger, sickly wife Renee have a sincere chat interview with ET. Before, it was breast cancer; now, their family must accept the battle against the aggravating meningioma brain tumor. Courage is the essence of the spirit, during today’s times of challenge and spiritual endurance.

Wife is Found with Brain Tumors

In June 2015, the middle-aged Scott Baio admitted that his courageous wife Renee had been diagnosed with a migraine-plagued cancer called meningioma [brain tumors]. During this ET interview, Renee described this disease as ‘benign tumors that grow on the outer casing of the brain.’ ‘Although 90% of these types of tumors are benign, they can cause serious problems depending on the size of the tumor and the location,’ Scott reported. ‘We are waiting to learn the exact location to see if it's operable.’ Ideally, this particular diagnosis followed the devastating early fight for breast cancer five years ago.

Scott Tells the Dependents

As reported, Scott Baio comprehends enough to communicate this detrimental medical issue to this young 7-year-old step-daughter Bailey DeLuca; however, be doing this deed (while in their kitchen area) Mr. Baio placed his head on his wife’s shoulder and wept. Scott said that he collects the majority of his courage and power to believe from this Renee, as he explains: ‘I'm tough in a different way," Scott said. ‘She's life tough.’

Scott Baio: Wife Renee's Brain Tumor Challenge

Understanding Life's Challenges

Moreover, as this 15-year old marriage continues, their concentration remains to understand these devastating episodes while educating the public about strength and faith. Renee didn’t fail to mention, ‘I will tell you my faith in God is greater than the fear of the unknown.’ As the former ‘Happy Days’ actor encourages additional prayers, his acts of courage continue to flow without fail; ‘My wife is my rock. She refuses to shed even one tear, nor will she question God's will. Renee, Bailey and I will get through this, and along the way, maybe help educate others facing similar medical issues.’


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