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A Dutch view of the Cosby show

Updated on January 15, 2015

The first time I encountered the Cosby show was probably two or three years after it became a hit in its country of origin the USA. The Dutch broadcasting company that bought the Cosby show for broadcast in the Netherlands was the NCRV (Nederlandse Christelijke Radio Vereniging). The NCRV broadcast the series between 1985 and 1993, so I was not immediately interested in the Cosby show. However as I watched more and more episodes it became a program I liked very much. One of the most important reasons I liked it, was its rather modern approach to family life. As it was a family with two successful working parents who had five children in all ages. Besides that it had a father in a female occupation (gynecologist) and a mother in a male job (lawyer). And even though the father had a medical background he had all kinds of unhealthy cravings, which forced the mother to constantly monitor the fathers behavior.

So what made this sitcom a great series was its very human setup with a successful family having all kinds of normal human problems. Problems like:

  • how do men and women live together in a loving relationship.
  • How do parents show their love for their children while at the same time getting their children to grow up to be upstanding human beings that are able to love and respect other humans.

And that was all done with humor and respect for all members of the family with all their own personal unique abilities and problems. From intelligence and problems with learning to falling in love and finding your way in a complex world with all kinds of expectations of humans depending on their place in society.

What did the Cosby show look like?

The introduction of the Cosby show.

The Cosby show was an example of how family live should look like when people love each other.


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