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A Thousand Kisses - Korean Drama 2011

Updated on October 13, 2014
A Thousand Kisses - Korean Drama 2011
A Thousand Kisses - Korean Drama 2011

A Thousand Kisses, a new romantic family weekend drama initially attracted me because of its complicated three couples' relationship. This drama portrays the differences in older woman - younger man and younger woman - older man relationship.

A single mother with young son falls in love with a man younger than her.

Her sister, who has a cheerful and optimistic personality, falls in love with a man much older than her (who happens to be her sister lover's cousin).

After watching the first 2 episodes, I honestly already feel the chemistry between the two couples. And I can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes. Yes, it's a long drama (50 episodes), so they will definitely drag the storyline by involving the couples' ex-lovers.

A Thousand Kisses Details, Synopsis & Cast Members

A Thousand Kisses
A Thousand Kisses
A Thousand Kisses
A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses Details

Number of Episodes: 50

Original run: August 20, 2011 - TBA on MBC [Every Saturday and Sunday, 20.40KST)


- Seo Young Hee as Woo Joo Young

- Ji Hyun Woo as Jang Woo Bin

- Kim So Eun as Woo Joo Mi (Woo Joo Young's little sister)

- Ryu Jin as Jang Woo Jin (Jang Woo Bin's cousin)

Extended Cast Members:

Woo Joo Young's Relative:

- Goo Seung Hyun as Park Chan Noh (Woo Joo Young's son)

- Shim Hyung Tak as Park Tae Kyung (Park Chan Noh's Father and Woo Joo Young's ex husband)

- Lee Ja Young as Yang Joon Hee (Park Tae Kyung's Lover)

- Jung Jae Soon as Yum Jung Soon (Park Tae Kyung's Mom)

- Ban Hyo Jung as Cha Kyung Soon (Grandma)

- Lee Mi Young as Oh Bok Joo (Grandma Relative)

Jang Woo Bin's & Jang Woo Jin's Relative:

- Kim Chang Wan as Jang Byung Shik (Jang Woo Bin's Father)

- Kim Chang Sook as Min Ae Ja (Jang Byung Shik's Wife)

- Jung Ga Eun as Jang Hye Bin (Jang Woo Bin's Sister)

- Cha Soo Yun as Han Yoo Kyung (Jang Woo Bin's Ex Lover)

- Lee Soon Jae as Jang Byung Doo (Jang Woo Jin's Father)

- Cha Hwa Yun as Yoo Ji Sun (Jang Byung Doo's Wife)

- Nam Ji Hyun as Jang Soo Ah (Yoo Ji Sun's Daughter)

Director: Yoon Jae Moon

Writers: Park Jung Ran

Official Website: MBC A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses Teasers

Video Credit: mayries05

A Thousand Kisses Synopsis

Woo Joo Young was married to Park Tae Kyung. Together they have one son Park Chan Noh. Park family lives with his mother Yum Jung Soon . Unfortunately, Park Tae Kyung starts to see other woman Yang Joon Hee and one day Joo Young saw them kissing each other passionately in front of their house. Jong Young then takes their son and raises him alone.

Jang Woo Bin was a soccer player and now he works as a sport journalist / agent at Sport Champ Management. He first meets with Joo Young in his workplace, Joo Young who is in a hurry accidentally hit him outside the elevator. They meet again after the soccer match and it's the start of their love-hate relationship as Joo Young accidentally breaks Woo Bin's vase when she hit him outside the elevator. She comes to his office asking to see the broken vase.

Jang Woo Jin, Woo Bin's cousin, works in his father's resort (KJ Resort). He hatred his father Jang Byung Doo because he thought that his father didn't care about his mother's illnesses and he married another woman Yoo Ji Sun (who is much younger than he is). Ji Sun dedicates herself to Byung Doo and she really loves him.

One day, Woo Jin meets with Woo Joo Mi, a cheerful and warm girl. She falls in love with Woo Jin at first sight and keeps pursuing him to be her lover even though he is much older than her.

Follow the love journey of Woo Joo Young & Jang Woo Bin, Woo Joo Mi & Jang Woo Jin, Jang Byung Doo & Yoo Ji Sun.

Watch A Thousand Kisses on MBC Every Weekend, 20.40KST

Synopsis written by deyani. Please do not re-post without any link back to deyani-A Thousand Kisses page

A Thousand Kisses Casts

Image Credit - Edited by deyani

A Thousand Kisses Wallpapers

Click thumbnail to view full-size

A Thousand Kisses OST List

A Thousand Kisses OST Part 1
A Thousand Kisses OST Part 1

OST Part 1 - Released August 19, 2011

1. I'm Sorry I Love You by Big Mama

2. One Thousand Kisses by Just

OST Part 2 - Released September 9, 2011

Goodbye by Marigold

OST Part 3 - Released September 16, 2011

I Believe by Tim

OST Part 4 - Released October 10, 2011

Sweet My Love by Bada

OST Part 5 - Released January 9, 2012

Love, I Miss You by Han Suk Wook

A Thousand Kisses Episode 2 - Preview

This episode is introducing Jang Woo Jin's family. Even though his step-mother is very kind to him, however, as he still hate his father because of his father's treatment to his mother, so he tries his best to avoid his father.

And on this episode, Woo Joo Mi finally meets with Jang Woo Jin during their morning run. They bump into each other and Joo Mi couldn't get him out of her mind.

Woo Joo Young now knows about her husband's lover.

Video Credit: MBC

A Thousand Kisses Episode 1 - Preview

The first episode of A Thousand Kisses practically introduced each character and their family background.

On this episode, Woo Joo Young and Park Tae Kyung are still living together with their son, however Park Tae Kyung is drifting apart from his family as he's seeing Yang Joo Hee.

Video Credit: MBC


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