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A Thousand Words Soundtrack

Updated on August 7, 2013

Music by John Debney

The Isley Brothers "Shout" screams volumes for Eddie Murphy on the A Thousand Words Soundtrack for the movie's trailer. Whiile no official soundtrack was released of the movie's score composed by John Debney (The Change-up, New Year's Eve), much of the additional music is available as individual downloads.

Sometimes, you just got to let the music do the talking and music supervisor Madonna Wade-Reed who's best known for choosing music for television shows such as Felicity, Alias, Las Vegas, Smallville, the new Charlie's Angels and One Tree hill tapped into some classic funk, soul and r & b grooves with music from Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Michael Jackson, Keith Sweat, Robin Thicke, Raheem DeVaughn, The Starlite Singers, Charles Wright, Lizz Wright, Megan Jacobs, Afroman and Jon McLaughlin.

Wade-Reed worked with music editor Helena Lea who previously worked as music on Murphy's movie Norbit and was associate music editor on Toy Story and assistant music editor on Dumb & Dumber and Maverick.

Never has Eddie Murphy had to do so much with so little and with such little actual dialogue to rehearse coupled with an extreme emphasis on physical comedy that could just have easily been a boon for Jim Carrey, Robin Williams or even Steve Martin if he was able to invoke his "Jerk" days.

This Eddie Murphy comedy vehicle co-stars Alison Janney (The West Wing) as his boss, Kerry Washington (Scandal, Django Unchained, Peeples) as his frustrated annoyed wife, Cliff Curtis and Clark Duk promises the inverse of more laughs the less lines the lead gets. With a perpetual bouncing release date, the movie was finally released in theaters March 9, 2012 and was released on Blu-Ray / DVD June 26, 2012. It's also now available to watch instantly on Netflix.

A Thousand Words Poster

Source: Dreamworks |

Updated 6/23 & 7/2/2013

Featured Music Videos

A Thousand Words O.S.T.

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Since there's no official A Thousand Words Soundtrack of either music in the movie or any of John Debney's score, you can at least get many of the songs as individual downloads. Just click on the CD or any of the song titles to preview if it's the song you're looking for from the A Thousand Words O.S.T.

Additional Songs

A Thousand Words Soundtrack

"Viva Tijuana"

Written by Juan Jose Almaguer

Performed by Mariachi Monumental de America

"The Wheels On The Bus"


"So Addicted"

Written by Priya Jayaram

Performed by Priya Jay

"Out Loud"

Written by John Debney and Mervyn Warren

Performed by Mary, Mary

Wanna Be Starting Something - Michael Jackson

Lost Without You - Robin Thicke

If you like "Lost Without You", check out Robin Thicke with this summer's hottest tune out there with "Blurred Lines" starring T.I. and Pharrell. Have you seen the video that was banned from YouTube? In the meantime, in this video, Thicke's leading lady is his wife, actress Paula Patton.

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing - James Brown

Cool Macy Gray Cover - You Can Make It If You Try

Sly and the Family Stone version used in the movie.

Express Yourself - Charles Wright

A Thousand Words Score

Composer John Debney

John Debney Scoring Session - A Thousand Words

If you're interested in how a film gets scored, check out these behind the scenes photos from which captured a recording session back in 2009 where Debney conducted an 81 piece orchestra. The Hollywood Studio Symphony performed music cues for the A Thousand Words Soundtrack at the Sony Scoring Stage.

Songs in A Thousand Words Trailer

"Shout" - The Isley Brothers

"Say So" - Allen Stone

A Thousand Words Movie Trailer - Starring Eddie Murphy

What deal with the devil did Eddie Murphy make? The guy seems to never age. I hear Murphy wants to come back to stand-up comedy but is taking a cautious approach because he feels rusty after not performing live for so many years. Just the same, his re-entry into films has also proven to be a non-starter.

"Say So" - Allen Stone

If you like the song Say So" by Allen Stone featured on the A Thousand Words movie trailer, you can also check him out on Episode 51 of Live From Daryl's House. Stone is an emerging artist who Daryl Hall has taken a shine to, so much so that Hall has featured Stone on his r & b concert tour, the Nu-Soul Revue Tour.

Starbucks Figures Prominently in A Thousands Words

The Perfect Starbucks Employee - Jack McBrayer a.k.a Kenneth on 30 Rock

Kenneth 30 Rock Paramount Pictures
Kenneth 30 Rock Paramount Pictures

Eddie Murphy Cuts in Line

Our truth can be painful. Pain is the touchstone of growth.

Eddie Murphy Singing in the Monastery - Preview Clip From A Thousand Words

Forget the reviewers who panned the movie. In this hilarious scene, Murphy actually says out loud every thought floating in his head. I don't know about you but I totally have "monkey mind" any time I've attempted meditation -- that's the buddhist term for when your mind wanders without focused attention. Why chant when you can groove out? Click on the video to see what I mean.

Eddie Also Gets in a Plug For Chili's Baby Back Ribs

NSync Wants Baby Back Ribs - Chili's "I Want My Baby Back" Written by Tom Faulkner

Before Eddie Murphy, NSync was singing about Chili's baby back ribs and the song has also been referred to in an episode of The Office where Steve Carrell as Michael sings with Tim Meadows sitting in a booth with a very uncomfortable Jan. The song is also used in an Austin Powers movie when Fat Bastard sings about it.

A Thousand Words Movie Release Date

March 9, 2012

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

A Thousand Words Website - Source: DreamWorks

Alison Janney & Eddie Murphy A Thousand Words Website
Alison Janney & Eddie Murphy A Thousand Words Website

Photo Source: Copyright © Dreamworks 2012

A Thousand Words Cast Interviews

Eddie Murphy Interview - A Thousand Words

Interview With Kerry Washington - You May Recognize The Actress From Scandal

Allison Janney - On the Set of A Thousand Words

Cliff Curtis - On A Thousand Words

Clark Duke - A Thousand Words Interview

Brian Robbins - A Thousand Words Interview

What's Next For Eddie Murphy

Beverly Hills Cop

2013 TV Series

Brandon T. Jackson Plays Axel's Son - Executive Producer Eddie Murphy

If you gotta good thing, then work it. After his most recent failure at the box office, Eddie Murphy is coming back with one of his previous hits, only re-worked as a television series. Beverly Hills Cop will star Eddie Murphy in the pilot episode with Brandon T. Jackson playing his son. No other word as to whether the former star of Saturday Night Live will appear in regular episodes or just make guest appearances.

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A Thousand Words Soundtrack

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