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The Adventures Of Tintin

Updated on April 3, 2016

Adventures Of Tintin In Comics And Movie

The Adventures of Tintin is one of the most popular European comics of the twentieth century. He was one of my favourite comic heroes.

I even have two sets of Tintin comics. My first set was when I was growing up when I loved reading about Tintin. I got a second set for my children when they were old enough to enjoy Tintin's adventures as my old set was pretty worn out.

Now there is even a movie about The Adventures Of Tintin.

Characters From The Adventures Of Tintin Comics

Tintin-and Snowy
Tintin-and Snowy

Tintin And Snowy

Intelligent, smart and a master of diguise

The main character is of course Tintin. He is a young reporter and adventurer who travels around the world accompanied by his dog, Snowy.

He is sent on different assignments around the world and in the midst of it becomes involved in dangerous international intrigues.

He is intelligent and possess good powers of deduction. He tends to be a bit absent-minded when he is deep in thought and sometimes fails to notice things around him. He is knowledgeable in several languages and reads extensively on a variety of topics.

Though he looks mild and unassuming, he often manages to defeat his opponents when embroiled in fights. He uses quick thinking and bravery to help solve the mysteries he is involved in and with some good luck manages to overcome each dangerous situation.

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Captain Haddock

Clumsy, hotheaded Tintin's friend

Captain Haddock is often seen as a clumsy and hot-headed sea captain who has a colorful vocabulary. He makes his first appearance in The Crab With The Golden Claws where he burns the oars of their lifeboat in order to keep warm.

He is Tintin's closest friend and is very competent as a seaman, his experience on the high seas proving invaluable in many of their adventures.

Captain Haddock is constantly voted as the most popular character in the Adventures of Tintin.

Thomson and Thomson
Thomson and Thomson

Thomson And Thomson

Bungling policemen

Thomson and Thomson are the world's clumsiest policemen and are the second longest appearing characters after Tintin and Snowy.

They are portrayed as dim witted policemen who never seem to solve any of the crimes they come across. They are often dressing up in disguises and falling down on their faces. They and provide the slapstick comedy of Charlie Chaplin especially when they go round in bowler hats and carrying walking sticks.

Professor Calculus
Professor Calculus

Professor Calculus

Absent minded professor

Professor Calculus is an endearing character who becomes a good friend to Tintin and Captain Haddock.

He is portrayed as an absent minded, eccentric scientist and inventor who uses unconventional methods like divining with a pendulum in helping Tintin and Captain Haddock. He often infuriates Captain Haddock with his antics.

He makes his first appearance in the Red Rackham's Treasure

Adventures Of Tintin Comics In Books And DVD

Adventures of Tintin
Adventures of Tintin

Complete Adventures Of Tintin

Perfect gift for a Tintin fan

Complete Adventures Of Tintin

- 8 volumes

- From Tintin's first adventure, Tintin in the land of the Soviets to the last unfinished adventure, Tintin and Alph Art

Tintin Coloring Pages For Kids

Those who love reading about Tintin will love to color Tintin and his many adventures with his friends

Tintin Poll

Have you read Tintin's comics?

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Herge - author of Tintin
Herge - author of Tintin

Author Of Tintin

The author of The Adventures Of Tintin was a Belgian artist, Georges Remi. He wrote under the pen name of Herge. He wrote and illustrated 23 completed books in The Adventures Of Tintin series.

This was his famous signature.

Many of the Tintin stories make references to the history and politics of the twentieth century.The Blue Lotus was inspired by the Mukden incident which led to the Japanese-Chinese war of 1934 while The Calculus Affair depicted the Cold War.

Tintin and Captain Haddock
Tintin and Captain Haddock

Tintin Quiz

Only for Tintin fans

How much do you really know about Tintin and his adventures? Take this Tintin Trivia Quiz and see how well you score.

Warning : Take this quiz only if you have know Tintin and his adventures with his friends well!

Tintin The Movie

Adventures Of Tintin Movie - The Secret of the Unicorn

This 3D movie based on the comics by Herge is directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson. The world premier was held in Belgium, Tintin's home country. It earned top spot in major European markets where Tintin has always been popular. Jamie Bell portrays the hero Tintin.

Adventures Of Tintin Trailer


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