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ace of spades

Updated on February 21, 2013

Coin Teleportation Trick

This is one of my favorite trick.It is very deceptive and it will leave your spectators guessing.You are gonna love this one.So first of all I am gonna tell the effect and then I will reveal the secret.

Effect:-You show a coin to your spectators and then you put it on your right leg and then with a fluid motion you teleport the coin from your right leg to left leg.You can show both of your hands to the spectators.They will find nothing,they will be completely blown away.

Secret:-This trick sounds fantastic and you'll feel like a pro performing it.It is so simple that even a 5 year old can perform it with ease.All you need is a gimmick.This gimmick can be made at home.You need an elastic thread and a glue and 2 coins.Now you should glue the elastic thread to 1 coin.THAT'S IT,YOU ARE SET AND READY TO GO.Now go and wear a coat or a jacket,so that you can hide the thread in your sleeves.Connect the thread to your jacket or coat with pin or something.Keep the second coin in your other sleeve.Now show the coin to your spectators and while showing the coin beware of the fact that the thread should not be visible.Now as you are bringing your hand to right leg,secretly catch the other coin in your other hand.Rest of the trick is self working,you just release the pressure of coin which is attached with thread,that coin will go up in your sleeve and at the same time make the other coin appear in your other hand.Phew, this explanation looks a bit complicated.Don't worry guys,I have prepared a video.For other cool tricks you can watch me on my YouTube channel,Ace of Spades 4636.

Super easy coin magic revealed


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