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The many voices of John Ratzenberger

Updated on January 20, 2013

Your favorite postman on Cheers

I first remember John Ratzenberger from the TV show Cheers in the 80's and 90's. Cheers is one of my favorite TV shows ever. The first time I would have seen John was in the movies where he was in Superman I, Superman II, and he was in one of my favorite movie series, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Recently though, John is back in my life as I watch movies with my kids. John is a voice in every Pixar movie. We will explore the many voices of Mr. Ratzenberg throughout this lens.

Cliff Clavin "Little Known Facts"

from the TV show Cheers

One of my favorite part of Cheers was one Cliff Clavin would come up with his little known facts. Here are some of my favorites...

- Everyone in the Swiss Army owns a Swiss Army Knife. That's why no one messes with Switzerland.

- It's a little known fact that the tan became popular in what is known as the Bronze Age.

- It's a little known fact that smartest animal is a pig. Scientists say if pigs had thumbs and a language, they could be trained to do simple manual labor. They give you 20-30 years of loyal service and then at their retirement dinner you can eat them.

- It's a little known fact that cows were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals for the forbidden city.

When did you 1st see John?

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What Pixar Characters does John Ratzenberger play?

My daughter was commenting recently about the same voice in various different Pixar movies. I knew exactly who she was talking about, but was shocked to find out that John has been a part in all the movies. Below is a list:

1995 - Toy Story - Hamm the Piggy Bank

1998 - A Bugs Life - P.T. Flea

1999 - Toy Story 2 - Hamm the Piggy Bank

2001 - Monster's Inc - The Abominable Snowman

2003 - Finding Nemo - The school of moonfish

2004 - The Incredibles - The Underminer

2006 - Cars - Mack and various cars in credits

2007 - Ratatouille - Mustafa the waiter

2008 - Wall-e - John

2009 - Up - Construction Foreman Tom

2010 - Toy Story 3 - Hamm the Piggy Bank

2011 - Cars 2 - Mack

2012 - Brave - Rally the Alligator

The Many Pixar Voices of John Ratzenberger

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What was your best John Ratzenberger TV Appearance or Movie?

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