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Adam Lambert - Just Another Duck in the Tabloid Celebrity Shooting Gallery

Updated on December 4, 2010

So, has anyone NOT heard the most recent rumor about Adam Lambert supposedly “slamming” Susan Boyle?

It would be kinda hard to miss given the feeding frenzy in the internet tabloid media. I mean, it’s EVERYWHERE. Internet gossip sites from all over the world are picking up this story, and it’s even on mainstream sites like MSN, Yahoo and Comcast. Not just their music pages, mind you, their FRONT pages. Even the L.A. Times has put in its 2 cents.

L.A. Times Article

Google “Adam Lambert Slams Susan Boyle” and it could take weeks to comb through the results.

You’d think Adam Lambert had committed mass murder instead of saying he doesn’t care for another artist’s album. I mean nobody ever does that, right?

It seems this story began with an article published in the upcoming March issue of Gay Times magazine, in which the author quotes Adam as saying,

"I know, if only it weren’t for Susan Boyle! I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!"

Excerpt from GT article

Fans from both camps are upset and are asking questions. I have a couple of my own.

Did Adam Lambert really slam Susan Boyle? And why is it important that the whole world knows it?

The answer to the first question is "maybe". From what I have seen, neither Adam nor his management have yet to even confirm publicly that an interview with Gay Times actually took place. There is no reason to believe this is not a legitimate claim on the part of GT, but if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be the first time a publication printed a celebrity quote either fabricated, manipulated, edited, or borrowed from another source. It happens as much as rain falls in Seattle. I’m not pointing a finger at Gay Times by any means, but do find the lack of confirmation from Adam’s camp reason enough for anyone to ask the question.

But GT is not a celebrity tabloid and GT says an interview took place. Given no evidence to the contrary, let’s take them at their word. Ok, so did Adam Lambert actually say what GT alleges he said? Just after the story started gaining internet legs, Adam himself tweeted,

"Oh joy! MisQuoted again... Becoming quite funny actually."

A day later, as the web reports went viral, he added this, in successive tweets:

"I'd like to remind everyone that we ALL are entitled to our own opinion. (That's the kind of entitlement that IS sexy)Being PC is so boring. Oh and...I'm referring to everything I've ever said that is "controversial". Just being honest which I prize over being full of s**t. I WAS horribly mis-quoted though... :)"

Hmmm, could he be talking about the GT article? Odds are, the answer is a big “Yep”. I mean, what else is out there that would prompt him to issue these remarks? There’s a chance he was just speaking of the “Adam Lambert Slams Susan Boyle” headlines on so many sites, but since that’s not a direct quote from him, it’s highly unlikely.

So assuming he could have been addressing the GT quote, if he is saying the author misquoted him, who do we believe? And in what way was he misquoted? Adam hasn’t elaborated on his remarks, so we can only hypothesize.

First we can examine Adam’s past behavior in similar circumstances. And in so doing there is much to bolster the belief that he is very professional in his communications regarding fellow artists. He has exhibited enormous respect for his peers, even when they have not done likewise towards him. One such example is when controversial rapper, Eminem, used a well-worn gay slur to describe Adam by name in one of his songs. When asked by MTV News if he felt Eminem crossed a line, this is what he replied:

"Well, you know, he used a word that's not necessarily very nice, but I'm sure he's got some sort of justification for it. And I'm not going to take it personally. It's cool, Eminem. If you get mentioned in an Eminem song, you're doing something right. And I'm sure he was planning on creating some controversy, because he's a smart guy."

MTV News Interview

That really sounds like someone who is into slamming other artists and their work, right? (Sorry for slipping into sarcastic mode for a second there.) That was a prime opportunity to do so, if ever there was one. But no, Adam took the high road.

Then there is the radio interview from 12/3 with San Diego radio station Star94.1 in which the DJs do ask Adam outright, if playfully, to “start beef between you and Susan Boyle…She’s selling a lot of albums, and I think you two should start talking bad about each other.” Adam agrees with one of them that Susan could “kick his butt”, but makes no derogatory comments about her or her album. He declines and says, “I can just do an impression of her, but I don’t know if that would be very good”. Then, in keeping with the playful tone of the moment, he gives a very short and humorous, but not in the least mocking or demeaning, impression of Susan that even she would probably laugh at if she has any sense of humor at all.

Star94.1 Interview

In interviews he is often baited to ridicule other artists, but to this writer’s knowledge, has never taken the bait. He has occasionally stated a particular artist’s music may not be to his taste (Nickelback, for example), which, when asked directly and put on the spot, is an honest yet respectful answer. He is also very open to others expressing similar sentiments about his music. He has often said, “I’m not for everyone.”

Add to these examples the scores of interviews in which he dazzles the likes of Oprah and Leno with his good manners, intelligent articulation, and personable likeability, consistently displaying his innate talent for sensitive and professional communication, and one has to wonder why so many now are readily believing he has suddenly undergone a Jekyll to Hyde transformation. Is it rational to base such a belief on a few words in a quote given in a print article with no accompanying audio or video from which to discern tone and intent, a quote of which he, in all likelihood, says is actually a “misquote”?

Or more simply put, should we believe everything we read in a magazine?

(For those who answered in the affirmative, I suggest you read no further, as I doubt you have understood much of this piece, and I will continue to make use of words of more that two syllables that you most likely will not understand.)

The GT article is generally favorable to Adam. There doesn’t appear to be any desire to intentionally portray him in a negative light . So to think a motivation like that exists would be unreasonable without further evidence coming to light. But could there be another motivation? A more, shall we say, lucrative one?

Which takes us back to the second of my initial questions, and the much more interesting one.

Why is it that Adam Lambert possibly stating he doesn’t like another artist’s song/album become worldwide news?

And that, dear readers, is a very simple question to answer:

Because WE can’t get enough of Adam Lambert!

For many, his world class talent, unique and distinctive voice, impeccable vocal skill which has been lauded by top experts in his profession, intelligence, charm and charisma, not to mention innate sex appeal, have captured their attention in a BIG way. For others, his unapologetic open approach to his sexual orientation, and sexuality in general, has done likewise, with some holding him up as the long awaited poster boy for gay rights, while leaving others seething with hatred for the very same reason . Love him or hate him or somewhere between, Adam inspires millions to fascination. The very fact that you are reading this is evidence of that.

A current google search of his name spanning the nine months since American Idol ended, turns up well over 62 MILLION results, 31 million in the last week alone, 624,000 in the last 24 hours! Considering he is a very recent newcomer to the world stage, did not win American Idol, his first album released only three months ago - going gold with very little promotion until very recently - those are staggering numbers.

These numbers represent the power of Adam Lambert to capture an audience and keep them, for good or for ill. Which translates into huge dollar signs to those who make their living from internet hits and magazine sales. So it logically follows that just about anything connected to Adam Lambert will be seized on as an opportunity for personal and corporate gain. Parading the niceties of Adam Lambert on one’s website or in one’s publication will likely bring increased attention resulting in increased revenue, but reporting his supposed bad boy behavior brings far more in the increasingly tabloid obsessed mindset of current Western society.

So ask yourselves, could that hypothetical misquote in GT have been inserted just for the purpose of revenue through sensationalism? Maybe, maybe not. (If it truly is a misquote, it could have been an innocent mistake.) We will probably never know. It can be noted, however, for the sake of the current point, that out of all the positive comments attributed to Adam in the GT article, the sole negative, and probably least important of them – the Susan Boyle quote - was chosen as the only one highlighted in its own separate bubble graphic that stands out on the page like a big bright billboard. What was the purpose of that? Could it possibly be because negativity sells more? You be the judge.

It’s possible the quote in question was accurate and included as just part of the whole interview and not a manipulation of a celebrity for monetary gain. But the massive proliferation of this one aspect of that article all over the web undoubtedly is. And it’s working like a charm. We are all being played for profit on a grand scale.

Much of what you have just read can be applied to Susan Boyle as well. Her name is a money machine. Put the two together in a controversy set against one another, and a virtual goldmine comes into being. And it’s all part of the game.

What kind of game, you ask?

A global shooting gallery largely powered by greedy carnival hawkers, otherwise known as the tabloid press. Celebs all over the world have targets on their backs, and take their turns on the ever spinning wheels of the gallery, depending on the rabid demand for them at any given moment, while sharpshooters and novices alike take aim, striving to hit the targets that give the reward of the biggest prize. And Adam Lambert is now a duck that rewards big time when hit.

It’s a game we all play. Or watch. Or shake our heads at. But never ignore.

And for the sake of the game and its rewards, Lambert/Boyle wars are fashioned.

Keep this in mind the next time you choose to believe a celebrity quote that is not directly from his/her mouth within the entire context of its utterance. Remind yourself that it’s a game that you are choosing to be a part of and that celebrities, by and large, have no choice but to participate in the game or leave the professions they love - a game whose rules they did not create and cannot change.

Does Adam realize he has become one HUGE duck in the global tabloid celebrity shooting gallery? You betcha. He staked a claim to his spot as a target in that exclusive club the second he hit the American Idol stage and opened his mouth.

Will he sometimes say things without thinking of the way they can be used, or of the ammo that will likely land on his very beautiful, colorful face? Undoubtedly. It keeps us interested. He likes it that way. So does his label and his management. Remember what he said about Eminem – “I'm sure he was planning on creating some controversy, because he's a smart guy." Adam understands how the game is played.

Does he care? Is he afraid of the possible injury? Highly doubtful. I suspect for Adam Lambert the shooting gallery experience, at least up till now, is more of the proverbial water-rolling-off-a-duck’s-back variety. Especially when he looks at his bank account. That makes for a very effective bullet proof vest.

But one thing’s for certain. This latest non-issue-turned-global-tabloid-fodder is evidence that Adam Lambert has reached a level of megastar status that ensures those pellets from those guns in that shooting gallery are ALL aimed squarely at his leather and lace clad persona, and likely will remain cocked and ready to fire for a long while to come.

Will he be able to withstand the caliber of artillery that will eventually be fired at him in this game? My bet’s on him.

Susan Boyle? Another story altogether given her fragile condition. Personal financial gain will always win over honesty and integrity in this game and, unfortunately for her, the tabloid celebrity shooting gallery is no respecter of persons.

Based on available evidence, what do you think?

Are You CONVINCED Adam Lambert REALLY slammed Susan Boyle?

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    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      A quick edit today. Two readers came away with the sense that I was expressing anger and/or criticism at Susan Boyle. My intent was completely the opposite. I intended it to express concern for her that the cutthroat business of tabloid attacks on celebrities might be the undoing of her. So I have edited my last remarks to reflect that more clearly. I thank those who, on this board and another, expressed their honest take on this.

    • profile image

      wtdp 8 years ago

      Still rolling on the floor from the comment way back that ADAM HAS NO TALENT, THAT'S WHY HE LOST AMERICAN IDOL. Oh my God, where to start, where to start....I'll just say, yep, you're right, he was CRUSHED by the brilliant, mega talent that is Kris Allen. You're the only person in the world who believes this, but, yep, you must be right LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • profile image

      Chris 8 years ago

      I love all these "Adam Haters". They HAVE TO read every article out there on Adam - just like us rabid fans. They can't get enough of him either.

    • profile image

      Anotherperson, 8 years ago

      Don't worry about the 'journalism police'. They're obviously too busy attempting to 'grade' your piece (did you ask them to?)that they missed the entire intent. The fan comment from a poster was a dead-giveway. I guess fans shouldn't be journalists and journalists shouldn't be fans? I don't know how that works,but somebody may want to tell Lindsey Parker.

    • profile image

      SHN 8 years ago

      @Person Why are you trying to disprove that this writing technique exists? If you need some better examples.

      You are looking to dismiss the writer of this article a little too insistently. Perhaps your own impartiality should be called into question.

      This is a good first article. Could definitely be more polished, but the points made are strong.

    • profile image

      Lem315 8 years ago

      What shoddy journalism! Adam Lambert may or may not have said what the Gay Times said he did, but if you're going to examine the case, learn to write better first. I like Adam's music but am undecided about his Susan Boyle comments. You call your piece persuasive writing - none of what you wrote persuaded me in the least.

    • profile image

      Person 8 years ago

      "This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. (October 2009)"

      Says the Wikipedia page for "Persuasive writing", whose link has been provided by the author herself.

      This has little to do with either the "legitimacy" or the "illegitimacy" of "persuasive writing", or, that of any writing that is intended to persuade primarily. The focus ought to be on this article's impartiality, or the lack of it- not on the trivia, or readers may get sidetracked. This is a fan article, and a partial, emotional one at that.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Person said: "By acknowledging this piece of writing's purpose being persuasion, one needs not say more."

      Persuasive writing is a legitimate form of journalistic expression.

    • profile image

      Person 8 years ago

      It doesn't matter whether this article has been written for a news report or otherwise. A partial article is a partial article. By acknowledging this piece of writing's purpose being persuasion, one needs not say more.

      Fans are almost always like that- it is not difficult to see what word the term "fan" originally comes from. Most fans are exactly like this; most fans are supposed to be like this in the majority of cases. It takes checking both one's brain and heart to be a fan who does not get caught up in the heat of the moment.

      Time will tell. It's only a matter of time.

    • profile image

      Lauriellen 8 years ago

      Katie-Good article. I do wonder though, why Adam hasn't set the record straight as to what he did say. He's usually quick to correct things.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.


      Enjoyed your comments. But I don't think it is accurate to classify Adam Lambert (and those like) him as "a singer". That is not his only job. He is a self-described "entertainer", and entertains both on and off the stage. His label and management are promoting him as a celebrity personality, as a "brand", taking advantage of all of his entertaining qualities. There is such a huge interest in him and everything he does and says because of all of those qualities that entertain, not just his musical talent, one of which is his skill as a communicator. Therefore, public interest and discussion of that skill being seriously questioned affects his overall reputation as an entertainer.

      My main point is not that his communications shouldn't inspire interest and be talked about, but rather that the media is well known to misrepresent a celebrity's communication and manipulate it towards the very negative and sensational for their own profit. Therefore, those who are paying attention to everything a celebrity says should just as readily question the veracity of the source of a celebrity quote and its possible motivation to deceive, as they do that of the celebrity himself.

    • profile image

      Islasands 8 years ago

      @Alan Cook

      I don't think this article, or the ensuing comments, can be used to draw to draw conclusions about the issue at hand (which is itself up for grabs) - other than the usual ones that ignorance, prejudice and misinformation produce i.e. "I'm right" and "You're wrong"

      As always in discussions or arguments to do with Lambert, very little is said about him as an artist. But that's all he is, - a singer. That's his job. If he had a different job we wouldn't know he even exists.

      He seems to be doing well at his chosen profession and in recession times I have to say he's damn lucky to have one!

      Have you listened to his album, 'For Your Entertainment'? It's a great debut album. Be interesting to see if he uses more of his own songwriting skills on the next one. My faves on the album are the ones he co-wrote.

      Media hype doesn't interest me. Music does. So long as Lambert keeps delivering the goods, I couldn't give a toss about his private life, his "celebrity" life, his opinions and preferences - or his bath night (Thursdays?).

      I am interested in critiques of his music - and that's it.

    • profile image

      benjy 8 years ago

      Well, I'm a gay man who liked Adam at first, but his "I'm so cool" attitude has been really grating this past year. The fanbase is fast turning me off as well. What hypocrites who tarred & feathered Clay for daring to not like one single performance (arguably Adam's worst, let's fact it), yet go to extreme lengths to make excuses for Adam when he does the same. I'm about to give up on the whole lot of you crazies.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      BTW, constructive criticism of my writing is welcome, if presented respectfully. This piece is my first foray into publication, and I learn from your commments.

    • profile image

      Anne 8 years ago

      Considering this is the same person who referred to his fans as "sweaty" and "smelly" and "entitled," why is anybody doubtful that he could say this about Ms. Boyle? His fans make such a big deal about his not having any "filter," and therefore they shouldn't be surprised at all that he'd say such words about Susan's music. Also, I'm sure you saw that video of him mocking her song. Was he "misquoted" there too?

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      "And I am certain this comment won't pass your approval."

      Reverse psychology doesn't slip past me, Alan. But it is unnecessary, as is evidenced by the many negative comments that I have approved. I only deny comments that art overtly offensive, such as use of profanity, or obvious hate speech.

    • profile image

      Alan Cook 8 years ago

      1) The Google results is so high because it will include links to sites with only the word "Adam". Considering the commonality of the name, that is to be expected. There are not millions of "Adam Lambert" sites or pages talking about him. Sloppy research.

      2) Lack of confirmation from Adam Lambert's camp is neither supporting or refuting the story. You choose to see it as a confirmation that he did not make the statement but it can just as easily be a case of they do not want to give the story more life by admitting he did.

      3) None of his "misquoted" or "entitled to my own opinion" tweets actually refer to this story. It is an assumption on your part that he is even talking about this story. He could be talking about something else entirely. More sloppy research.

      4) Of course Adam isn't going to talk smack about Eminem. He isn't stupid. Adam is a flamboyant gay man. He isn't a street fighter. And yes, Eminem or his posse would find a way to kick Adam's behind if he did start something. Check out Eminem's rap sheet.

      5) Radio station vs. Gay Times. A radio interview is going to be recorded. There is no way to come back later and say "I was misquoted". It is there for all to hear. A smart artist is going to be much more careful about what they say on the air than to an interviewer writing an article. The Gay Times caters to a specific community. One Adam thinks supports him. He was likely much more casual and at ease for that interview. And since he assumed he was "among friends", he may have assumed the article would portray him in a positive light.

      6) Insulting your readers with the "two syllables" comment just threw all your credibility as a writer out the window. You are clearly not able to view the issue impartially, present both sides of the discussion and come to a reasonable conclusion.

      And I am certain this comment won't pass your approval.

    • profile image

      HamCMammer 8 years ago

      I more than definitely believe that he insulted her. I think some people are incredibly overprotective of him and don't let him face the repercussions of his actions, which will eventually cause him to become a flop.

    • profile image

      DingDongDaddy 8 years ago

      reallyomg please go back to VFTW were you belong you no life, useless douche.

    • profile image

      Sandra 8 years ago

      Great article. I think you said it very well and your shooting gallery analogy really helps to create the visuals to illustrate your point.

      Adam may not always agree with everything, but has a history of talking eloquently and the words used in the GT article are not the harsh types of words common for Adam. I totally believe he was mis-quoted. And yes, controversy gets attention and I am getting tired of it. I would like to see more positive stories. Your article is more thought provoking and non-bias than anything else I have read to date on the subject.

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Maryann 8 years ago

      @Islasands: You're magnificent. That one deserves its own thread.

    • profile image

      Kai 8 years ago

      It's okay. I didn't like Susan Boyle's album too. It's an album that's not really worth having, to be honest. That's my opinion, I'm entitled to it, and Adam is entitled to his. End of story.

    • profile image

      woman of praise 8 years ago

      Katie, thankyou for your very well supported article. It

      was well thought out and well presented.

      @ islasands,

      While there were many well written posts on this article, I

      enjoyed yours the most! Very Clever!

      I am absolutely a fan of Adam Lambert but I am not a young or a hip person. I am way older than Ms Boyle but I do not encourage churlish remarks,or deliberably unkind words said

      just because we can. However I do believe we all have a right to express our opinions without being nailed to the

      proverbial cross for doing so. People who fawn too much are

      subject to further scrutiny as well as the knee jerk haters.

      From what is reported Adam did not malign Susan. He just is not into her particular kind of music which is fine,and he did not like the arrangement of the Stones Hit.Much ado

      about nothing. Fini! There is a preponderance of of evidence written, and recorded, that he is as kind as pink

      light is to older ladies.

      I find his music thrilling and I am long past tingles anywhere except in my brain! I am so sorry that so many

      are wasting their capacity to love on hate. I have had a

      amazing life and I feel blessed and amazed at the love and happiness I have, even though I have terminal Ca. I'm just waiting to find out what will be next? I might even like to think my family will,(knowing me), concede to playing "A Change Is Going To Come" by Adam Lambert as they say goodbye and Bon Voyage OLD GIRL!

    • profile image

      Glambert #2550 8 years ago

      I highly doubt Adam used the language that was in that quote, especially in light of recent tweets. If he did say something similar, it was more than likely taken completely out of context. While he is honest to a fault and has no filter at times, he is ALWAYS articulate, sensitive, and professional in interview situations. And, as he tweeted, he is entitled to his opinion like anyone else. We all know that he can be snarky, but thats cute. He wouldn't openly laugh at/demean an artist like that quote implies though. I'm not buying it. More tabloid nonsense that has, unfortunately, been picked up by mainstream media.

      Anyway, great article. This does indeed show us that Adam is the megastar that Idol has been promising to deliver for all these years. Thanks for shedding some light and common sense on this situation that has so quickly gotten out of hand. Keep writing! Big thumbs up to you, and of course, to Adam Lambert.

    • profile image

      islasands 8 years ago

      I agree that Adam Lambert already has the kind of fame that invites media scrutiny and commentary - and some of it will be knowledgable, some of it won't. Like most transformative pop-rock artists, Lambert is polarizing; people love him or hate him (as the comments on this article show). He doesn't fit into the bland mediocrity that passes for so much of mainstream music, nor does he fit the genre packaging that defines most artists. These points of difference are enough on their own to demand courage and resilience from Lambert in following his artistic visions.

      Add to these differences the facts that he is gay and is up against the domination of female singers in the music scene (female sexual energies still sell best)and it's easy to figure that Lambert does not have his eye on the prizes of fame and fortune. If he wanted those things badly enough he would have made very different decisions in respect to his performances, his album, his interviews and even his physical appearance.

      Clearly, he is not going to kow-tow to prejudices and expectations from either the straight or the gay communities, nor is he going to sacrifice his artistic integrity for the sake of obtaining mainstream acceptance.

      It is for these reasons I really don't think it is necessary to worry about the media, the cray cray "haters", the ignorant or the misinformed (some of whom have posted comments on this article). Why bother? Music is the name of Lambert's game, and so far he appears to be winning that game. His album and videos are hugely successful overseas, his fan base already sits at over half a million (with an internet presence), and his initial foray into touring is resulting in sell out concerts. I should point out that as an international fan I am often bemused by the belief (many Americans seems to have) that music only exists in USA. It's interesting to note that every major controversial USA artist or band has never broken out in the USA but in the UK.

      In closing, check out what John Lennon had to say about "put downs" from media/critics.

      ”I don’t mind people putting us down, because if everybody really liked us, it would be a bore. You’ve got to have people putting you down. It doesn’t give any edge to it if everybody just falls flat on their face saying, ‘You’re great.’ We enjoy some of the criticisms as well, they’re quite funny; some of the clever criticisms, not the ones that don’t know anything, but some of the clever ones are quite fun.” The Beatles Anthology (2000), p. 120

      John makes a great distinction between criticisms from people who don't know anything, and clever criticisms from people who do - and notice that the end result is FUN! By the way, Lennon got into big trouble for saying the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ - something that was both misquoted AND taken out of context. The bible-belt states nearly went out of their minds, and if my memory of Beatles history serves me well, I think the Klu Klux Klan burned effigies of the Beatles...

      Now, I know Adam is nowhere in the same league as the Beatles, but maybe John's attitude can nudge fans towards less defensiveness and more humour in our response to media shit-stirring... just sayin.

      Haters and homophobes? - well, they're like helpless mice wriggling in the jaws of Lambert's polarization!

    • profile image

      reallyomg 8 years ago

      OMG you people are so damn stupid. This article is dumb and all you sparkle cows go moooooove around. I think that the reason he has such a bad name is because his fans, fans like the person that wrote this article, make him look like a weirdo. Really save your time, don't write another damn thing this is so stupid

    • profile image

      Holly 8 years ago

      Katie, you did an amazing job with this piece! So well written; finally some realness amongst all the rumors and hatred. :)

    • profile image

      Terry 8 years ago

      I don't think being gay makes someone's opinion carry more weight and am always surprised when comments contain that kind of information. I related to the quote about Susan

      Boyle because I read it with a sense of humor. As a longtime Rolling Stones fan, I had the same reaction as the quote or misquote. But I don't resent the success of Susan Boyle, nor of Snuggies, nor of ShamWows. To each his own. It is okay to have diverse tastes in music.

    • profile image

      Harry 8 years ago

      I'm a big Adam Lambert fan and also think he was most probably misquoted but this article is pretty self-indulgent and sounds amateurish. So you're obviously a fan who thought this was a good opportunity to take a subject that other fans would applaud you for. Your writing is unbalanced and yawn-inducingly long-winded. You could have said what you did in a tenth of the length.

      There are some truths in this article but they've been made countless times elsewhere in the last few days, and articulated much more expertly.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      @person said: "Neutrality and emotional detachment are lacking in this article."

      This is a persuasive opinion piece. I am not reporting a news story. I have a definite point of view and expressed it in hopes of persuading others to take a second look at how they allow the media to manipulate them and celebs as well.

      I am also a fan of Adam Lambert. I didn't check my brain at the door in the moment of embracing that. Nor did I check my heart.

    • profile image

      A Human Being 8 years ago

      So correct me if I am wrong but all the posters here are either gay, straight or bisexual. You can't stop either group to hate on Adam if they wish. Straight people will hate on straight people just the same. So when you see the ocassional gay person diss a gay artist like Adam Lambert it's normal especially with such a hyped persona. I respect and adore Adam and I hope the media stories on Adam/Subo will die down eventally.

    • profile image

      Jenny555 8 years ago

      This is the best article I have read on the media's manipulation, as well as capitalization, on the "Rise of Adam Lambert!" Katie, this is very well researched, honest in it's inquiry, and is fact based. You explored Adam's journey with the media, by focusing like a lazer beam on the current Susan Boyle controvery. Even John Mayer didn't get this kind of scrutiny after some of the most controversial comments in recent history. Brilliant treatment of the subject matter, as well as keen insight and a fair and balanced approach. Very well done. A thought provoking read. I want to hear more from you in the future!

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Tonto, I sighed when I read your post. The last sentence is not a diss of Susan. It is an expression of concern for her. I thought by adding the "sadly" in there it would convey that.

      What I meant was that I have concern for Susan that she may have a lot more problem surviving the shooting gallery than Adam will. Adam is made of tough stuff. He's resilient. She is fragile. That is all I meant. No mean spirit intent at all. :)

    • profile image

      tonto 8 years ago

      Adam Lambert seems to be doing just fine (as does Susan Boyle).

      I'm not sure if the article above is meant to be biased towards Mr Lambert or not, but it appears to be by the author's last two sentences. I thnk it would have been better to not have included those, especially the word 'sadly'. There are those of us who are fans of both Adam and Susan (I'm one of those).

    • profile image

      NewYorkDoll 8 years ago

      For all of those who think Adam flaunts his sexuality I say BS. I dated a number of pretty boy straight men in my time so it is not the make up or nail polish, I have known many a straight bit raunchy entertainer and even a dress wearing straight celebrity ... so what makes us always think of "gay" Adam .....could it be the media who starts every story with "openly gay"

      Great article Katie.

    • profile image

      Carrie 8 years ago

      Nice article! You really touch on some good points here. And for the record, I don't think Adam Lambert was slamming Susan Boyle. I think removing a quote from context and divorcing it from vocal intonation (i.e. playfulness, laughter, sarcasm, etc), can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. I too don't know the reason for this. But I very much doubt that GT is naive. They knew the effect such a supposition would have.

    • profile image

      Person 8 years ago

      Neutrality and emotional detachment are lacking in this article.

      Neither the Glamberts nor the haters possess rational, impartial, and purely observant grounds.

    • profile image

      Sunny 8 years ago

      One thing Adam is, is honest. Some think even to a fault LOL. But IF he did make those statements, I think he would own up to it. And if I can be honest for a moment, I don't like Susan's songs that I've heard either. Her story is touching and I wish her well, but not a fan of her music. I cringed at the little bit of Wild Horses that I heard. Will my comments be a big a deal? No, because I'm not Adam Lambert! LOL It's not what was said, but who is supposed to have said it, that is the "story." As this article points out.

    • profile image

      Another Sue 8 years ago

      Great article. I fully believe that all the haters come out when a great artist disagrees with their artists. It happens all the time. Remember the Dixie Chicks. Well, the south is not good on forgiving or understanding. I would like to bring this to everyone attention, that perhaps those upset with Mr. Lambert should also write, and belittle People Magazine, because they gave her a Two Star rating for her album and Adam a 31/2 star, along with a Recent Rave standing. Just because the general public loves Susan, the critic doesn't have to. So, they should go there and rag as well. Adam rarely criticizes anyone. He's always plugging others' CDs and works of art. If you followed him you would know that. But I think too much has been made out of this middle aged woman who just happens to have a lovely voice, and came in second in a contest. There are a lot of people who can sing like her, she just got lucky. Also, let me remind you all that Adam singing in the same style could sing rings around her completely. What a lovely Broadway voice he has. Come To Me Bend To Me from Brigadoon is gorgeous...and what range he has. He should call up David Foster and record his own "horrendous" album. He'll be rich. Classical music never goes out of style. Adam is still young and feeling his oats, but he isn't afraid to be real, and have an opinion. If you don't like it, just accept it and go on. He is in no way full of himself. He has had to battle acne all his life...that's no trip. Don't nix him because he doesn't care too much for Susan's album. He's a person, and free speech is part of our country's privileges. So, lighten up...and chill. Peace.

    • profile image

      Wicked Glitter 8 years ago

      I hope Adam is strong enough to endure the vile behavior that so often comes his way. I just hope I can. It is very upsetting to read so many hateful comments about Adam, or anyone for that matter. You go about your daily life not realizing what some people have to go through because their different. I always knew that their was discrimination, but not like this! I'm so angry about some of these comments, that it, I have to go to bed, Its making me start to cry, and I hardly ever do that about anything. I must just be tired of it now. I will fight some more tomorrow.

    • profile image

      barbls 8 years ago


      I meant to mention in my comment that your article is right on point and loved your perspective on this controversy. You did a great job. I hope you do more articles in the future.

    • profile image

      barbls 8 years ago

      This whole uproar is ridiculous. I am so sure Adam was misquoted. Though Adam probably did not find Susan's album very creative and especially did not like "Wild Horses, it is not in Adam to be mean spirited. I truly believe the writer took liberties with his comments. I loved Adam's tweets today. Even his tweets amaze me. He is just so open and honest and owns everything he says. If only our politicians had his good character. When Adam states he was misquoted, I believe him because he just doesn't lie. I am sure in his upcoming interviews he will definitely be asked about this article and I have know doubt he will set the record straight. I give up on all the negatives that seek out every article on Adam just to post hateful or negative comments. You people are just missing out on the most exciting performer with the most unbelievably beautiful voice I have ever had the privilege to listen to and see live. It is your loss and I feel sorry for you. He just makes the world light up and smile. He is pure magic!!!

    • profile image

      Eri9 8 years ago

      @JulieB "The only reason this is news is because Adam is news." You are SO right!! Looking at the proverbial silver lining here: if Adam was not a huge star and as successful as he is, there would not be a story, so in my mind, that is proof of his status as an absolute STAR!

      Never have I followed an artist like I do with Adam, he is an talent. The haters out there, yes, like everyone, you're entitled to an opinion - not one Adam fan that I know of would berate someone who did not like his music - fair enough. What is inexplicable and unacceptable is the absolute hatred and personal attacks! I find it astounding (not to mention SAD!) that so many haters take the time to post their vitriol - there are musicians that I do not like at all, but never, ever have I bothered to post my feelings anywhere. It is beyond my comprehension that some do!

      Thanks Katie for a well thought out, RESEARCHED article! Hopefully it will make some people re-think their perspective on this whole "mountain out of a molehill" situation.

    • profile image

      Anna Z 8 years ago

      Thank you so much for your insightful article Katie!

      Yes! I agree with you Katie when you answer the question

      "Why is it that Adam Lambert possibly stating he doesn’t like another artist’s song/album become worldwide news?"

      Your answer ~

      "Because WE can’t get enough of Adam Lambert!"

      The media is itching to keep Adam Lambert's name out there positive or negative ~

      The media knows that any story about Adam will create a buzz and this non story is snowballing much to the haters and bigots delight...

      There is no way to really stem the tide of misquotes and crazy things the media will be saying about Adam in the future...

      Think about the lives of Elvis or Michael Jackson, they didn't lead storybook lives but there were plenty of lies and attempts to demonize both of them during their careers, these were the World Mega Stars that millions loved and still love and I believe Adam Lambert will be stepping into that role soon... The next World Mega SuperStar and so we who enjoy his music will have to endure these blown up stories over the years... I can't believe they made this into such a "thing" ~ What IS the big deal about not liking someone's album ? He didn't attack her personally, In all the numerous interviews I've seen Adam in he has always been very supportive of other Artists, he is known for being very honest, polite, a gentleman in every sense...

      When Adam tweeted again about this issue ~

      "I'd like to remind everyone that we ALL are entitled to our own opinion. (That's the kind of entitlement that IS sexy)Being PC is so boring. Oh and...I'm referring to everything I've ever said that is "controversial". Just being honest which I prize over being full of s**t. I WAS horribly mis-quoted though... :)"

      I believe him! Adam Lambert has always been honest and a gentleman! That's enough for me! I'm going to keep enjoying Adam Lambert's music through the years and just keep a jaded eye on the silly non stories they will try to demonize Adam with in the future...

      I will be thinking about what Katie said about Adam when he looks at his bank account... Yes! Adam will be laughing all the way to the bank! His fan base keeps growing every day and Adam will take the World by Storm!

    • profile image

      kms 8 years ago

      Great article - some of the so-called "professional journalists" out there could take a refresher course from you. Unfortunately our media has regressed back to the yellow journalism of the 19th century. It's apparent that these sites depend on inflammatory articles for hits, which then drives revenue. What baffles and alarms me are the frightening personal issues that compel "haters" to seek out this talented, gentle young man and spew their vitriol.

    • profile image

      Darla 8 years ago

      I think Adam said he didn't like Susan's CD. Did he say the words Gay Times said he did? Highly, highly unlikely. Have you ever heard an American use those phrases? I haven't, but I have heard a lot of Brits using the phrase "crying with laughter".

      I can't believe anyone could say they thought the CD was good. Silent night? Amazing Grace to Wild Horses? It's a collection of covers and a totally mismatched collection of covers at that. However, that said Adam nor myself are slamming Susan. She didn't pick the songs, her label did. No one is denying her talent and Adam and myself are happy for her success. So what's the big deal?

    • profile image

      pamcake 8 years ago

      I voted no in your poll, but only because of the word slammed. If you had asked if I were convinced that Adam doesn't like Susan Boyle's album, my answer would have been yes. He's entitled to his opinion, just as we all are. I truly wish Susan continued success, but I don't care for her album either.

      As far as slammng is concerned, I don't know Adam, of course. But from what I've seen and heard elsewhere, he seems to be able to put forth an honest, even negative, opinion without being mean. This leads me to believe that, although the sentiment was more than likely the same, his actual words were translated into harsher Brit-speak, maybe for the most simple of reasons... the writers are British. I use the word harsher because, from what I understand, British slamming of Susan Boyle makes what Adam supposedly said look like a love letter. Susan Boyle is a hugh star. She will take hits from all sides and, hopefully, will be strong enough to live with it.

      I find it laughable that such a non-issue has turned into what it has only because the name Adam Lambert appears in the same sentence. Like it or not, this only serves to exemplify what a major celebrity he has become.

      Good job, Katie.

    • profile image

      Jieschreck 8 years ago


      Great point!!! I love when gay men support Adam!!!! Though I'm a straight woman, I just feel very sad every time when I hear negative comments from gay people. Adam has natually changed my view about gay community in the most positive way, and I know I'm not alone!!!

    • profile image

      JulieB 8 years ago

      The haters'comments fascinate me. They prove the author's point and they don't even realize they are doing so. Even if Adam did say it (and it just doesn't sound like him) why is her album sacred and not subject to an opinion? The only reason this is news is because Adam is news.

      The 15 minutes of fame concept is so tired as well. They wish. People are so jealous of Adam it is unbelievable. What else motivates them to comb the web for Adam articles so they may post comments? It is not just homophobia that drives this hatred, but some people are just so small minded and insecure that they don't feel good about themselves unless they are lobbing insults against others.

      Adam being different makes him a "duck in a shooting gallery."

    • profile image

      swarm 8 years ago

      It wasn't "dirty and smelly" it was:

      "I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did. Um, sometimes…they’re a little sweaty. A little smelly, um…a little too touchy feely"

      Re: "Adam has shown his arrogant side many times".

      Arrogant many times? OK when?

    • profile image

      spinoc 8 years ago

      Very well written and documented article, Katie.

      Obviously Adam has reached the level of megastar when the world cares so much about something that is so trivial. The number of people who took the time to both read and comment just on this article, by a new writer, proves that Adam is here to stay. Whether you love him or hate him you are keeping the flame of fame burning bright. Obviously he inspires great passion - because the true death to fame is apathy and those who are apathetic would simply ignore him and the articles about him.

      I had to laugh at anyone's belief that the "legitimate" media will report news accurately. How sad that people still believe that. Unfortunately I've seen many times when the so-called "legitimate" media picked up their stories from blogs and tabloids and fansites then continued to perpetuate false stories giving them a cloak of alleged "authenticity" when they were in fact complete fabrications. The vast majority of what is being published on this matter is from blogs and gossip sites and fan sites and then picked up by "legitimate" sources. Katie at least made an effort to provide actual documentation and give benefit of the doubt to all sides, something even most "legitimate" news sources seem unlikely to do anymore.

      Did Adam say what was quoted? I'll accept that he was misquoted, maybe even "horribly" but I'd also bet that he is no fan of SuBo's album and why should he be? Honestly how many of his generation are among those who gave her those big sales numbers? How many people raised with a reverence for the classic rockers like the Rolling Stones fawned all over her album? He didn't say anything about SuBo as a person, it was about the music. He is entitled to dislike her music the same way others are entitled to dislike his music. He ain't gonna be everyone's cuppa tea and that's perfectly OK. But aside from the "screeching" accusations (which classically trained singers will tell you he does NOT do) most arrows flung his way are of a personal nature and have nothing whatsoever to do with his music.

      I know people who have met him, worked with him, spent time with him and every last one of them has been overtly complimentary about what a gracious, loving, funny guy he is. I choose to believe them over the haters who want the world to believe he is some egomaniacal diva with not a nice thing to say about anyone. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He was the one person on Idol last year who consistently complimented the band, those who helped with the arrangements, and the other contestants. He continues to support them, and others like Cassidy Haley, Alisan Porter, Ferras, Ke$ha, Rhianna, Beyonce, Christina Aguilara, and others. He has my full support, even when our opinions differ.

    • profile image

      mytake 8 years ago

      "The medium is the message."

      In this case the medium is the messenger of nothing! Hundreds of article written and regurgitated ad nauseum! Unproven quotes,heresay and the attempt to discredit a wonderful,kind human being who just wants to entertain. And some people buy into it! Maybe the media should pay attention to articles like Katie's in order to grasp clear,unobstructed thinking. She has put everything in perspective,in a positive and thought-provoking manner.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Jumping in here to inform readers I've made a slight edit to include Adam's tweets from today addressing the subject at hand. The inclusion of the tweets doesn't alter the article's thrust in any way except to add some degree of vehemence to his original comment he tweeted yesterday, and further espouse his approach to honest communication, both of which I had already addressed in the article.

      Carry on. And thanks for the spirited discussion. Special thanks to those that do so while maintaining respect for others.

    • profile image

      Sami 8 years ago

      Funny, the haters have chimed in. Which, in a way, kind of proves the overall point of the article. I don't feel the need to go around defending Adam online, but, for the life of me, I cannot understand people who go around hating on him. What a waste of energy.

      I've heard of these 2 tactics: pretending to be gay and not supporting Adam. Or pretending to be a former fan. As if either of those statements give your opinion credibility. Even if there are true. If you are gay, and so is Adam, so what? I'm from SD, and so is Adam. So obviously MY opinion holds more water. Laughable. And the "I used to be a fan but was turned away because he's such an awful person" comments...REALLY?! C'mon! Have you found a celebrity (or person, for that matter) who never says or does anything you don't like?

      Like the article or not, it makes a valid point. Adam Lambert draws attention. And every comment here (positive or negative) just proves that.

    • profile image

      carly 8 years ago

      katie -- really enjoyed the article, as it was both fact filled as well as articulate in exploring the meaning and manifestations of tabloid hyperbole. i agree with your evaluation of what might or might not be considered "facts" in this particular situation -- and think that inflammation by the media is not something we should all just take for granted. on another note -- adam is clearly respectful of other artists, almost to a fault (i rarely hear him criticize, but consistently hear him promote fellow musicians). reading through the comments here it seems that while most agree with you, those that don't demonstrate that this "game" is nearly fruitless. people interpret things in line with their preconceived notions and prejudices -- and simply incorporate what others would view as conflicting evidence into the same old pattern. while we r all guilty of this to some extent, i think u have done an excellent job of trying to interject some reality into the mix; but unfortunately, reading the comments, it is clear that some "hate" adam lambert, a man they have never met and about whom they know almost nothing. sadly, that comes from a place that probably cannot/will not change. it is not comparable to disliking a rendition of a particular song (wild horses, for e.g.).

    • profile image

      SammyJo 8 years ago

      Great article Katie. For me, it is not even about whether he was misquoted or not. But the tabloid mentality of wanting to "take down" or "shoot down" anyone in the entertainment field who is currently on the rise and a hot property like Adam is the real issue. Witness the crap Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have put up with not just recently but since they got together. And then the media has the audacity to wonder why these people choose to reside outside of the United States. Unbelieveable.

      And it would not surprise me one bit if he was misquoted. It happens all the time. But even if it was said, it was a comment on Susan's music, not her as a person. I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, celebrity or not.

    • profile image

      @whatevah 8 years ago

      Back at you!

      It is what it is!

    • profile image

      Kim 8 years ago

      Thank you for your voice of reason and more importantly, the goods to back up your words! Too bad other journalists (and I use the term loosely)don't follow your lead.

    • profile image

      whatevah 8 years ago

      "Adam's 'Ring of Fire' was put though the ringer! Not news,just fact. I don't recall any sweeping media frenzy from the Adam fans denouncing detractors and wanting a lynch-mob set up to snag the 'opposites'. We (his fans) are cool with you not liking his music. He's not for everyone! We get it!!"


    • profile image

      Sabrina 8 years ago

      Off topic, but the picture of Adam posted on this blog is the first picture I've seen where he isn't caked in make-up. He is better looking without the make-up. He actually has eyes instead of slits (too much make-up around one's eyes makes the eyes look smaller).

    • profile image

      Lyndsay 8 years ago

      OK,that's it, I think we should invest in a diamond studded muzzle for Adam ! What the heck he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't,so perhaps silence is the answer,NOT!! Really it's just not that deep ! He said it, it's over,done finito,time to focus on the music !

    • profile image

      Susan  8 years ago

      Since when it someone being 'popular' evidence of him or her being good? Glenn Beck is wildly popular, but he's still held up as a punching bag for the left--complete with a smear campaign that is STILL raging on.

    • profile image

      @ElizaJo and @Marni, 8 years ago


      You just dissed his cd AND called Adam a creep. You are entitled to your opinion of his cd. The creep thing...unnecessary. Proves points!


      Adam's 'Ring of Fire' was put though the ringer! Not news,just fact. I don't recall any sweeping media frenzy from the Adam fans denouncing detractors and wanting a lynch-mob set up to snag the 'opposites'. We (his fans) are cool with you not liking his music. He's not for everyone! We get it!! Just like he and others are not obliged to like Ms. Boyle's.

    • profile image

      Canadiann001 8 years ago

      I have seen many interviews and public appearances where Adam Lambert has shown himself to be an articulate and gracious yet honest individual. He obviously does have strong opinions and he doesn't hesitate to express them. However, from what I have seen, he either does so respectfully or sometimes with a shrewd, yet witty comment. The quote attributed to him by GT seems distinctly out of character. He may very well have made a non-favorable comment about Susan Boyle's album, I just don't think he used those words.

    • profile image

      vicki 8 years ago

      great article katie. i actually feel my blood boiling about this whole situation. the fact that any stories about adam that are, shall we say, negative, are going to be flaunted all over the internet, for the reasons you have stated. there are writers out there that salivate at the mouth to get anything in print that will cause controversy. the fact is, controversy sells. these writers, pundants, bloggers, etc... want the hits, which puts money in their pockets. as far as whether adam made these comments about susan boyle, i don't know. i am going to believe adam's tweet when he states he was misquoted. why? because i have never seen or heard adam diss any artist. in fact. ALL i have seen from adam is praise for his fellow artists. how many times have we seen adam praise people on his twitter? how many times have we seen adam ask us to check out someone's video or listen to certain songs? many many times. we also have to understand that adam has a very dry sense of humor. i, myself, love this style of humor. some people may take it as being rude or sarcastic. it especially might be taken in a negative way with the written word. how many times have we made comments on different sites and try to be funny but when we submit that comment, it doesn't have the same meaning when you are actually reading it? all i know is that everything that i have seen from adam lambert, i am extremely proud about how he is handling his newfound fame. has he had stumbles along the way? of course he has. human beings aren't infallible. whether his alleged comments about subo turn out to be true, or whether they truly are misquotes, it doesn't matter because IF he did say these things, this the the unfiltered side of adam. why can't he not like someone's song or album and express that? in OUR everyday lives we don't think twice about voicing OUR opinions about things. why do we hold adam to a higher standard? not fair in my opinion.

    • profile image

      Robi 8 years ago

      I love your article.

      Regarding this interview ,even IF he said that it all depends how you say things , I'm sure the tone was very lightheaded and playful.He probably felt very comfortable taking with them.

    • profile image

      Karena 8 years ago

      Thanks, Katie Sheridan....well written article!

      I realize that, in all honesty, the haters will always be there, the lovers will always be there, and this type of hype will always follow Adam around. It will follow Susan around. It will follow Kris around. And here we all are, like a bunch of whimpering puppies, chasing our tails and hoping for what, exactly? To actually catch it? And then what?

      I adore Adam. I truly believe he was taken out of context. But, if he wasn't so what? I mean, really? Sharon Osbourne has said worse things publically. So have alot of others, as people have described here. It boils down to this: people believe what they want to believe. People want to believe that they are always right. So, nothing will ever change. These comments are proof of that, aren't they? It saddens me that there are so many horrible, horrible comments. On every blog, on every comment section. It is unbelievable.

      To these haters - these name callers, I ask you: if one of YOUR cherished family members, or friends, or significant other were called the names, and were treated the way Adam Lambert is being treated, how would you feel? Would that be okay with you? It would be ok to defend the person calling, for example, your mother a bad name, or your sister or brother? Will this ever stop?

      On this, and on all other issues regarding this amazing artist, I will simply comment as follows, from now on:

      "Love overcomes Hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is Love."

      ~Adam Lambert

    • profile image

      Marni 8 years ago

      Adam fans cannot say it is ok for Adam to state his opinion on another artist's song, but not allow another artist the same right--re someone not liking Ring of Fire. It works both ways.

    • profile image

      ElizaJo 8 years ago

      I didn't limit his popularity to 15 minutes, but gave him the benefit from being a popular American Idol contestant.

      I gave him a year. His first CD is not even good enough to warrant a second one.

      He also isolated people who were shocked to see his performances after Idol.

      What a creep to make fun of Susan Boyle's voice. Must be a little green-eyed monster at work.

    • profile image

      vikkisusanne 8 years ago

      Thank you for the evenhanded, thought provoking article. Adam certainly is a lightning rod for controversy and I respect the fact that people are entitled to their opinions. Unfortunately, in this age of internet anonymity, people have free reign to write venomous, often semi-literate comments that they would never express in a live encounter. (I often wonder if they would be willing to speak their comments aloud to their mothers, clergy, bosses, or English teachers?) Sometimes I am actually ashamed and embarrassed to share a planet with these haters.

      Commenters who regurgitate the same tired insults about diva behavior, screeching, and flaunting gay sexuality merely demonstrate their one-sided ignorance. For example, articles about Mr. Lambert's recent visit to a middle school as part of his work with the Donor's Choose charity came out at almost the same time as the SuBo scandal. What do these negative posters have to say about this? Either they haven't read about it because they are only searching for negative sites, or they have read about it but are too biased to give Adam any positive consideration.

      Everyone has some less than admirable moments and behavior, but you'd think Adam was the devil himself the way that some hate on him. Adam has raised my eyebrows a few times and made me cringe, but I see him for who he is: a talented, charismatic performer with many great personal qualities and some imperfections. I am not asking him to be Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or Mother Theresa. I am willing to just let him be an entertainer.

      And regarding the comments about him being an insult to the "gay community", my son and his boyfriend are big Adam fans and support his message of love and acceptance. They have told me numerous times that the gay community does not exist for them or their peers. They feel that they are just 2 of the millions of homosexuals who are as unique and different as straight people, and that they don't want to be boxed into or defined by a community or their sexual orientation.

    • profile image

      lisa 8 years ago

      Completely agree Mabi.

    • profile image

      smejn 8 years ago

      First: Thanks Katie for a very good article.

      Then I have to say, that I really have a big problem understanding why people who obviously hate Adam so much use that much energy in reading and writing about him.

      Have they nothing better to do in their evidently sad lives, than focusing on what they do NOT like?

      As for what Adam did or did not say: What if??

      What if he said, what he has been quoted saying?

      Hasn't he the right to say that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      He most likely did not just interrupt the interviewer to say, whatever he said. I guess that he responded to a question from the interviewer, and Adam has a right to his opinions.

      And I guess, that if Adam hadn't been the very generous and positive man, he has showed us, he is, but from early on had been much less liberal with his promoting other artist, then nobody would have given a sh*t about what he said about SuBo.

    • profile image

      basketballnut 8 years ago

      If anybody but Adam Lambert had made the statement nobody but nobody would even care. Goes to show how big of a mega celebrity he is, whether you like him or not. Susan has a beautiful voice, but she is not have star power.

    • profile image

      JerryH 8 years ago

      First off, IF..Adam did say that..GOOD FOR HIM..the song is horrible. Second, Honesty has become taboo in the U.S. WHY..and last but not least, Any fool that believes the tabloids need to get their heads examined. Before this ridiculous issue, the last thing I read was GaGa had male parts..Ha, the joke is on the readers that give them hits to their sites. Bottom line hits=revenue that is what its all about. I have a good suggestion for the tabloids, write something negative about Aikens, watch those hits come in..BINGO, Payday...

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Just a heads up to those posting further comments that it will be a while before I will have the time to read through them and approve for posting. As long as they aren't obscene or contain vile sentiment, they will be approved. So be patient. Sometime later your comments will appear. Have to be away for awhile.

      I will leave you this to enjoy in my absence.

    • profile image

      Devy 8 years ago

      I've listened to Susan Boyle's version and the original, and found that she badly murdered that amazing rock song. Therefore, if Adam Lambert, a rocker, really said that, he just told the truth out of his love of rock music. If he didn't, he'd be another victim of paparazzi. This kind discussion since they can reflect how deeply homophobic America actually is, but also some signs of improvement (from positive comments). Thanks to Adam Lambert, and also thanks to Johnny Weir, and other talented different celebrities who are front runners of this social change. I'm a family's person, but I respect all sexual orientations and preferences. Hatred and discrimination are to eliminate, not love.

    • profile image

      To Erv  8 years ago

      ***their take***

    • profile image

      KT 8 years ago

      Great Job shedding light on the "true" Adam Lambert! An article that includes evidence is refreshing. Thanks for showing everyone, not just the die hards who already know, that Lambert's past behavior and words do NOT reflect what he may have said.

    • profile image

      To Erv, 8 years ago

      That has happened and continues to happen. Adam has said that his music is not for everyone. We believe him! We've heard people say he screeches. If that's there take so be it! It's when people go above and beyond the music....calling him names,bashing him as a person,calling him a 'fag','famewhore'...etc. That's when we get defensive.

    • profile image

      Erv 8 years ago

      Katie........For most people in the limelight, the negative things are reported much more than the positive. Adam is not alone in that. However, that is changing the subject. Your way of saying "slightly insensitive" tells all.

      Lets turn it around. Another recording star says that Adams album is laughable and mocks him on the radio. Would you then say it was slightly insensitive or would you be all over the person? We know the answer to that.

    • profile image

      tk 8 years ago

      This is the kind of interview Adam gives::

      (this is the firt part of a five parter)

    • profile image

      Leah 8 years ago

      I think he slammed Boyle, and he was right to do so. His mom is a Stones fan. His dad is a music lover. He shares their sense of musical excellence. For someone like that, what Boyle did would be blasphemous.

      The issue is not what he is supposed to have said, which is acceptable, but our culture's outrage at what he is supposed to have said, and the media's hypocrisy in being shocked at what he is supposed to have said. The media funds paps and encourages constant violations of celebrity privacy and humanity. The same media that is outraged by what Adam said went to town on SuBo's mental issues.

      Instead of presenting Adam as a lay saint, which he is NOT, I'd have stressed his right, and everyone's right, to give a negative review of a fellow artist in public, and the hypocrisy of a media that would turn a celebrity's public meltdown into front page news, managing this kind of outrage over a supposed critique by one artist over another.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Shannon said:

      "Now, which story do you think is of greater worth, and which is receiving more attention?"

      Which is precisely my main point. Adam Lambert supposedly says something slightly insensitive about another artist's music, not even a personal slight like most do with SuBo (and I'll bet some criticizing Adam in these comments have laughed at a few of those comments and given a pass to the jokers) and Adam gets lambasted in the press far and wide. But how many have reported on his visit to these schoolchildren, personally handing out needed supplies for their music class, spending time singing with them and hanging out with them? It's not reported because it doesn't create a stir, or incite anger, or pit one group or person against another. Hatred sells. Love is ignored. Go figure.

    • profile image

      Rundell 8 years ago

      You know, this is really silly. This article will not convince anyone that Adam is a loving, caring young man. It is written by a fan and is one-sided.

      Adam is polarizing. You even love him or hate him and logic does not come into the mix.

      I vote against over the top fans. Your rabid support has hurt Adam more than helping him. When you think Adam, the first thing you think is rabid fans, then his talent. Sad, really sad!!

      Do you have enough balls to post this??

    • profile image

      To Erv, 8 years ago

      The writer of this article gave both Adam and the interviewer of GTs the benefit of the doubt because she acknowledged that there's no tangible proof (audio / video) that the 'supposed' comments were actually uttered (or at least in the way the interviewer 'quoted'). I have read accounts from people who claim Adam would not use 'British' speak in his response which,to me, would indicate that the quotes were exaggerated. On the otherhand,as the author of this article mentions,no one from Adam's team has come forward to sqaush the topic. Therefore, I am left to my own 'gut' feeling as to the party I believe,and given the fact that Katie made thoughtful insight regarding Adam's respectful past behaviour,I believe Adam's claim that he was misquoted.

    • profile image

      Shannon 8 years ago


      You probably have not watched many interviews of Adam Lambert, or you would realise how wrong you are in labeling him cruel.

      Apparently it is easy for the press to overlook the good things than someone does, on the basis of a few lines of opinion that have no clear context to them. After all, we know that sensationalism draws more attention. I am personally stunned at how eager even 'legitimate reporters and writers' such as MSN were to leap to the conclusion that Adam was 'slamming' Susan Boyle, without bothering to confirm with Adam himself or even state their source. To assume: To make an @ss, out of 'U' and 'Me'.

      Katie Sheridan made very solid points. Adam's words were his opinion on her album and 'Wild Horses', not a personal attack on Susan Boyle. She wasn't even the focus of the interview, which seems to have been more along the lines of a casual conversation. Adam himself chastised the DJs in the above Star94.1 Interview when they called her a 'hairy angel', a nickname I understand originated from England.

      Fact: Adam Lambert encouraged his fans to donate to a charity programme called DonorsChoose instead of buying him gifts, and they managed to raise more than $300,000 for children in art schools in slightly under 4 months. He visited one of the schools in this programme last week to personally deliver them their music instruments. This was not widely publicised but was still picked up by a few outlets, Access Hollywood being one of them.

      Now, which story do you think is of greater worth, and which is receiving more attention?

    • profile image

      Mabi 8 years ago

      Obviously, the author has spent a lot of time writing this article. Kudos for that. However, i do not agree with it.

      I am always amazed that his fans give him so many free passes. He really has said some poor things about others. But, every time, his fans push it aside and say things like he would never say that, he is kind, he is caring.......somehow, he gets a free ride. There is no doubt in my mind that Adam said that about Susan.

      Life is never easy for a gay entertainer, but there are many out there who live a normal life and don't thrust their sex in our faces. Since my cousin is gay, I have learned a lot and admire him greatly. He is proud of who he is and lives a great life, full of fun and love. But, his sexuality is not who he is, it is a part of who he is. For ADAM, he chooses to make his sexuality his entire being. Too bad....he loses many fans because of that.

      For Adams is not your job to protect him or mock the press. If you want to help him, support him, but don't go over the top. That hurts him more than anything.

    • profile image

      osmoda 8 years ago

      ERV says:

      I am sorry, but I, along with most of the general public will believe legitimate reporters and writers who have reported on the incident. They have no reason to report untruths.

      My thought: - you must be a gentle, gullible, sort. Do you also eat every item on the buffet table? Good luck you may need it.

    • profile image

      Eugeni 8 years ago

      I do believe Adam made the comments about Susan. Possibly some jealousy as she has become a mega hit with a fraction of the promo & publicity Adam has received. She is unique with a beautiful voice. I chuckle when I see the glamberts talking about him being a megastar when he's barely out of idol & has had low sales of his cd. There are megastars from idol and a few come to mind, Carrie and Kelly, by singing, not freaky behavior. Prepare yourself for when 19 tires of him, and they will. We're in the new season of idol and there's always someone else, and possibly someone who is true & real, not a contrived act.

    • profile image

      adamdevotee 8 years ago

      katie, great article. sure it's too much for some dithering nincompoops to comprehend, but us non-ditherers appreciate its insightfulness.

      i have a tip for fans in regard to this. sometimes the titles of articles alone are designed to grab readers by virtue of being sensationalistic in their own right. at times, the article itself isn't terrible, but sometimes it is. the best way not to let articles like that rise to the top in google searches is by not clicking on them in the 1st place. if i see a negative title, i skip it. that simple. if i see a positive title, i click on it just to give it a bump to the top. on occasion, this backfires, because the article isn't as complimentary as the title, but not usually.

      as for the subo comment or misquote. i don't doubt that adam gave an honest answer, as he is honest to a fault, but i do doubt this is exactly how he put it, based on his graciousness towards other artists on a consistent basis. however, if the context was whether, out of all the artists that could have outsold him, that it had to be someone who's album and voice he finds lacking, well, he's right. if that's what he said.

      on another note, about susan boyle herself, a local radio station talked about her coming to the studio and not being very nice and that nobody was sorry to see her go. i have no reason to disbelieve the veracity of this, as the dj had nothing to gain by this and the others in the studio seemed to concur. in stark contrast, adam lambert has made the rounds in many radio stations, this one included, and without an exception, each dj talks about how gracious, fun, polite, and charming he is. never has anyone who's interviewed him referred to him as anything remotely divalike. in fact, this station talked about how everyone from other offices were all coming over to see THE adam lambert and how super nice he was in staying so long to talk to everyone out in the hall and that nobody wanted him to leave. moral of the story: sometimes what gets published is simply tabloid fodder, designed to get more bang for the buck, as katie stated. other times, it's dead on accurate. if you take the bulk of what is said about adam, in conjunction with the videoed interviews that don't take things out of context, he comes off like the sweetheart charmer he is. like adam, i wish for subo continued success, but i don't think her demeanor, nor her voice, will carry her very far. you start ticking off the people interviewing you and watch how fast your career drops. even if her lack of social grace has been taken out of context, all one needs to do is watch the episode where both adam and susan were on oprah. the dichotomy of the pairing was jarring. you can see oprah, a class act interviewer, move from awkwardness in response to susan's odd way of expressing herself to euphoria in having such an intelligent and articulate guest in adam. to her credit, susan led a sheltered life and didn't learn the social graces adam did, but that is no excuse for making people feel ill-at-ease or insulted enough that they would talk about you so disparagingly on the radio after meeting you. based on what i know of both artists and what i know of the reactions they get from the media, i'd say that, even if adam did say this, he's got nothing to worry about.

    • profile image

      AsiaFan 8 years ago

      Adam, Adam, Adam. In the news AGAIN. Naughty boy. Who cares if he said it or not? He needs to kiss sue and make up--now there is a newsworthy happening--ewww, I take that back--kiss another cute guy.

    • profile image

      @Bobbee 8 years ago

      **cancel You're wrong. **

      Replace with 'I beg to differ'.

      I realized after reading my opening comment that you have an your stand and to say you're 'wrong' is unfair.

      I still do believe that Adam's treatment is more severe and he has more attackers than anyone.

    • profile image

      Erv 8 years ago

      I have had more fun reading the comments here, even more than the article. I have a feeling it doesn't matter what anyone says.......OTT top people will continue to spout off what they believe.

      I appreciate that the author of this article wanted to present a positive look at Adam Lambert and if you are a fan, that is important. However, that is all it is, a fan article.

      I am sorry, but I, along with most of the general public will believe legitimate reporters and writers who have reported on the incident. They have no reason to report untruths.

      Adam is a unique man. He is not like anyone else and that is his selling point. BUT, Adam is also out of control some times. This is the chance he takes. He really doesn't think before he speaks. As long as he is in the public eye, everything he does will be studied and reported. That is what happens to performers. If he doesn't like it, then he should close his mouth.

      I am a gay man. It took me a long time to come to terms with who I am.....but I am happy now and am proud of who I am. Most of my friends are not very happy with Adam. They feel he has done more to hurt the gay cause than to help. His big, cruel mouth needs to be muffled.

    • profile image

      @Bobbee 8 years ago

      You're wrong! Adam can't breathe without stirring the 'haters' nest. It's the Adam non-fans who can dish it out but can't take it. Adam gets lambasted for,sexuality,thoughts,singing,beliefs,who he kissed, name it! With Kris, the comments are mostly about his music. And whoa! What a commotion! (Sort of the same scenario as the SuBo thing). Go visit the blogs,articles and you will see the vile messages and personal attacks written about Adam.

      True,both Kris and Adam suffer at the hands of the public and the media, but there is no question as to which man suffers the most!

    • profile image

      Music Again 8 years ago

      Maybe Adam did say those things. I cant say he didnt because I dont know if he did. If he did say them, I think there was some context that is missing as Adam does not intentionally hurt other people. This is a way bigger deal than it needs to be. He has an opinion. So what?! Adam, has to know by now that everything he says is going to be scrutinized. Which leads me to believe these statements are missing context.

    • profile image

      Frenchy 8 years ago

      I find it so funny because Adam's 15 minutes are definitely not up because all the so called people that hate him are commenting on him so he has to have some attraction for you to spend your time commenting on him? Like he has stated in the past, he's not for everyone possibly, so why are you wasting your time commenting on him if you hate him so much?

    • profile image

      Shirley 8 years ago

      Adam is about to go to Europe and Asia. We will see if his 15 minutes are up. Don't believe he said those words in the manner presented. But like the article says, anything Adam does are says is news because Adam is awesome. The WINNER of American Idol has sold half of what the runnerup sold. That says a lot.

    • profile image

      @John 8 years ago

      People mock/imitate Adam all the time? Some do it in a fun manner,some do in a vicious way. Do I call all those people jerks too? He did an impression.Big WOOP! So doing an impression is taboo? People impersonate all the time (even if they're not impersonators). Let me ask you? Have you NEVER impersonated anyone....a friend,mother-in-law,boss,co-worker....? Be honest.

      By the way,you just called him a less-than-complimentary name. When and where did Adam call SuBo names?

    • profile image

      Bobbee 8 years ago

      What was that blog about if it wasn't a blog explaining away Adam's words and defending Adam's every move and word. I've seen many Glambert nasty comments about other artists--about Kris, about other idols. Glamberts live in a world of double standards. They want no nasty comments about their Adam, but they sure can dish it out to other artists.

    • profile image

      Alexandra 8 years ago

      Loved this arcticle. There is no evidence at all that he said that about Susan Boyle and I think what he tweeted was absolutely about this. Adam is the sweetest person in the world and I doubt he would say such things.