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Adam Lambert’s Twitter Twirade Calls Out Boundary Crossing Fans

Updated on May 4, 2011

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Adam Lambert is known the world over as one sexy rock star! His onstage persona just oozes sensuality and his fans eat it up with a spoon. Adam is a self proclaimed sexual animal. But he doesn’t want to live in a cage.

For some fans, like me, there’s nothing sexier than self respect. And Adam Lambert exemplifies the meaning of the term. Today he called out a couple of fans for violating his off-stage personal boundaries while he was “out and about” attending a private party with friends. It seems some fans were following him and entering his personal space in ways he didn’t appreciate. Adam posted a Twitter twirade and let them have it in no uncertain terms. But, as is Adam’s habit, he did it with typical Lambert love, a bold love with grace rarely displayed by rock stars.

Fans: little strange when you walk up to say hi and you have a video cam on and ur trying to hide it. Who are u- paps? #imapersonnotathing

Or just taking a flash shot when I'm not lookin. Hah. C'mon it's so tacky tourist. Have common courtesy and just ask. #idontbite


But thank you to all the sweet, polite folks who are cool about it. I love meeting you guys out and about and it's a plus when you "get it"

Oh and also- please don't touch my face. #boundaries

My new mission is to keep it as real as possible at all times. No more pageant-style p.c. smile and wave, smoke blowin, fake BS. #Realness

Haha but it's sorta a damned if you, damned if you don't thing-- now some folks will think I'm an arrogant diva. Lol

When in reality- I'm human and just trying to do my best. Day by day. Just like you. :) love you Glamily.

Adam Lambert is nothing if not honest, real, and boldly loving. He shares himself with his fans in ways that go beyond the usual crumbs most celebs throw. Just two days ago he threw an impromptu Twitter party for his fans and answered questions they are dying to ask. And later that night did it again for those who might have missed the first one. At concerts and public appearances he never fails to stop and make time to talk with fans and sign pics and shirts and pose with them for photos and even hug them when asked, and always smiles and pours out his gratitude on them. Even when his handlers are trying to pull him away. And on his down time he graciously stops and poses for photos with fans who ask. Adam is no ivory tower celeb. He’s real and down to earth and highly accessible to his millions of fans. And he doesn’t have to be that way. He chooses to.

But today he once again reminded fans via Twitter that he is also a human being with boundaries that he is increasingly defining as his fame grows by leaps and bounds around the world. It seems certain fans, a minority to be sure, see him as nothing more than an animal in the zoo, and worthy of as little respect. A couple of them violated those boundaries at a friend’s party last night, Ru Paul’s Drag Race Finale party. They possibly got the VIP passes through less than honest means and bragged about it on Twitter, followed Adam around and surreptitiously filmed him. Then they posted the illicit vid on YouTube.

It seems it’s not the fact that they filmed him that got him riled up. It was the deceptive tactics. And it seems Adam has taken exception to the deception. Good call, Adam. Deception reeks of disrespect. And bold love born of self respect demands addressing that truth.

Adam’s use of Twitter to set his own personal boundaries with fans is highly admirable. By doing so he not only draws his own line in the sand, but he brings attention to a much needed message in this crazy world of celeb worship that’s often demonstrated through disrespectful boundary crossing, a message that underlines the fact that he, and all celebs, are people first. Like Adam says, he’s just “trying to do my best. Day by day. Just like you.”

Just like you. Just like me. Just like all people celebs need room to breathe, to just be, to feel like humans and not zoo animals. To be respected. Good on Adam Lambert for speaking his own truth, setting his own boundaries, and doing so in such a human, real, and loving way. He sets an example I hope many celebs choose to follow. In this day of instant mass communication, it’s as easy as a tweet!

Self respect. Adam has it. Adam teaches it. Very very sexy.

** I love when readers share my work and I thank all who do so. But please copy and paste only a short excerpt when doing so as well as a link to this, the original published article location. I very much appreciate your respecting my copyright. Thank you.


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    • profile image

      punisher2010 6 years ago

      hi Adam you are the best. i love you.

    • profile image

      THAT Mary Ann 7 years ago

      Loved reading this well-written piece which taught me a lot. Thanks- voted up!

    • woodamarc profile image

      Marc Woodard 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Great singer. A great tribute an original talent. Watched this guy all along Idol. Fantastic entertainer. Thanks for the hub, I'm now following you.

    • profile image

      TheSladjanna 7 years ago

      I want to congr.Mrs Katie Sheridan, you are veru clever,like all your articles about Adam.You hit the point in all of them. Bravo!

    • profile image

      Jacki 7 years ago

      Orangina - You don't have to like everyone Adam likes. I don't. This is not about that - it's about you being so rude in your comment. It's not just Adam's fans who prefer people not to be abusive and rude - it's kinda normal for most people to think that way. Adam is communicating with fans because he's happy and wants to. No-one spends ALL their time with a partner and never communicate with anyone else. That would be weird.

    • profile image

      kathybags 7 years ago

      I saw the video it seemed like there was alot people there ,i thought it may be some security if not why not.Adam delivered the message very well the majority of his fans love and respect him very much!!! One bad day does not make a bad month.Sauli kept his dignety he seems like such a nice man.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 7 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      It never ceases to amaze me when someone completely misses a point that has been made in a crystal clear manner. So I remind myself that not everyone who surfs the web is either sober or sane. LOL.

      But to clarify, it is quite obvious that this piece and most of the comments that follow, is not about liking, it is about respecting. But then some can't really separate the two, can they? Which I find to be very unfortunate and sad.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 7 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      I usually don't get involved in the comments readers leave, but considering this piece focuses on respect I feel it's appropriate to defend that principle when comments cross over into the realm of disrespect. Any fan who seriously believes that Adam or any celeb values fans over any real person in his real life, especially those with whom he has an intimate relationship, is not only displaying disrespect towards celebs and those in their private circle, but is entertaining delusional thought patterns. It is to those fans who live in that place of entitlement and delusion that Adam's twirades are directed. And it is my fervent hope that they heed his message.


    • profile image

      lebau132 7 years ago

      We are so lucky to have AL entertaining us. I can understand people getting a little crazy. When you are charismatic like Adam is, everyone wants a piece of you. I can't believe it took American Idol to bring him to the forefront, but I'm glad they did. They knew when they first met Adam he would be a superstar. Because of him AI will never be the same. I wonder if there is something subliminal in his music. I can't listen to anything else. Adam fan forever.

    • profile image

      singadam 7 years ago

      They Know Who They Are! 3 Glamberts in NYC the offenders,

      One Adam knows by name & so do the rest of us....

      Adam pix on plane goin to NYC..

      tweets: run

    • profile image

      Leigh 7 years ago

      A very fine article - says precisely what so many of us posting here feel. Adam is generous with his time and gracious to his fans - let's hope the crazy few don't drive him to isolate himself. Thanks for writing this.

    • profile image

      Loveadamseyes 7 years ago

      What a well written article! It is usually a few bad apples that ruin it for others, no matter the situation! Adam is so openly loving towards everyone and sometimes I fear for his safety! Haters could cause him harm! Eventually if this doesn't stop, he will have to become a recluse like Elvis and I believe that about killed Elvis!! He had the same loving nature Adam does! Please don't let this happen to our precious Adam!!!

    • profile image

      Oshvina 7 years ago

      I love Adam lambert!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Carolee313 7 years ago


    • profile image

      scootersmom 7 years ago

      I saw this type of fan behavior isolate Elvis. I pray we fans do not do this to this wonderful, outgoing, beautiful in heart and spirit wonder, who has the voice of an angel and the charity of heart to share this gift with all of us. Let's all respect him and step back, give him the gift of being able to live a normal life.

    • profile image

      Music Again 7 years ago

      I know it is only a small minority that choose to cross personal boundaries, but I hope it doesnt cause Adam to step back from his fans. I love so much how open and honest and real he is with his fans. And I would hope so much that doesnt change because of a few rude people. I hope we as fans call out that rude behavior when we see it and not tolerate or condone it. Thanks for a great and well written article.

    • profile image

      Ruth Hobbs 7 years ago

      Thank you Ms. Sheridan, for writing a very informative and well worded article. I think the disrespectful people are not able to see that Adam is giving a lot of himself to his fans and they shouild respect that. Probably because most, not all, celebraties do not give much to their fans. Thanks again for writing this.

    • profile image

      Hungarevival 7 years ago

      This is a beautifully written's all heart and love just like Adam. Thank you

    • profile image

      funbunn40 7 years ago

      I'm glad that Adam addressed this rudeness. I've seen firsthand some obnoxious, arrogant fans that scream in his face,are pushy and think he owes them his personal life 24/7. Neil also had to put up with them and called them on it. Adam and Neil are mannerly and expect the same consideration. They have been very accommodating when it's feaseable.I would hate to see Adam become a prisoner and be unable to move about with some freedom to live his life. He does his best for his fans and we should give ours in return.

    • profile image

      lcarter 7 years ago

      Well said Katy!

      It's often said by celebs themselves that this kind of thing goes with the territory - That doesn't make this type of behavior acceptable. Not at all.

      From what i understand, Adam is in NYC on vacation - he's not working. That should be respected & not intruded upon.

      I hope that he gets to enjoy the rest of his time in NYC.

      Thank you Katy


    • profile image

      Diedre 7 years ago

      The reason we love Adam so much, besides his talent, is because he is so real. His Twitter smackdowns are always for a good reason. Most of his fans WANT Adam to have privacy and a fulfilled, semi-normal life. We love pictures of him out and about, but scorn those hacked from FB accounts or those he would not want public. He really has been good to us and we, the sane fans, attempt to reciprocate by treating him with respect. He knows we adore him so don't have to follow him around screaming it at him.

    • Ann Mason profile image

      Ann Mason 7 years ago

      Well said. Crays are a minority, but it's important Adam & also other fans don't tolerate stalking. Twitter gives people including celebs, the means to call them out, block or unfollow. Social bullying should never be rewarded.

      I like your line: Self respect. Adam has it. Adam teaches it. Very very sexy.

    • profile image

      malysa 7 years ago

      It's true, Adam is always accommodating to fans. So it's not that he doesn't want to have pics or vids taken, it's the deceptive ways fans go about it. He has self-respect, and numerous times (most recently during his twitter parties) he's telling fans to have it for ourselves too. Self-respect. I love this man

    • profile image

      mom4dance 7 years ago

      Well said, Katie J.. How lucky we are to have had such access to such a beautiful soul. It's sad when some people can't respect others.

    • profile image

      80s_and_sunny 7 years ago

      Very well said, KatieJ.

      I think it's a double-edged sword, Adam being as friendly and accessible as he is. Fans without great levels of respect and self-esteem start to believe that they know Adam on a personal level, that they are entitled to do whatever they want to him and around him, that they own a piece of him, or maybe that he owes them something because of all the voting they did for him two years ago. The idea that he's a human being whose feelings should be considered seems to fly right out the window.

      I feel so sad that he had to take to Twitter about this. It's good that he recognizes the majority of us are healthy, respectful people who will never invade his bubble. It's very scary that someone was able to get close enough to touch his face. And yet - if he ends up beefing up his security, we can say goodbye to the days where we can approach him in a grocery store and politely ask for a picture. I just hope the crazy fans don't ruin the potential of an unforgettable encounter for the rest of us.

    • profile image

      Linda 7 years ago

      thanks for that! well written!! Hope! the crazies get it(and him) I would break my heart if he was forced to become hidden and unhappy! wanted to punch out those (you!!should know better ladies).:)


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