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ADMISSION SOUNDTRACK Features Songs By A Fine Frenzy, Vassy & Jem

Updated on September 12, 2013

Songs in Paul Rudd & Tina Fey Movie

What's not to love about a movie featuring the always adorable Paul Rudd and equally likeable former 30 Rock and SNL star, Tina Fey.

If you're looking for all the music in the Tina Fey movie Admission, you won't find it on the official soundtrack. The only thing that's been released is the movie's score by Stephen Trask but most of the songs are available as individual song downloads and you'll find those listed here.

For this college themed movie, music supervisor Linda Cohen selected for the Admission Soundtrack songs by A Fine Frenzy, Vassy, Jem, Christy Carew, Michael Levine, Correatown, The Princeton Nassons, Christy Carew, Flip Grater, Future People, Kat Edmonson, Hampton Hawes, Azure Ray, Kinky and David Torn. Cohen's filmography includes finding music for the soundtracks to Young Adult, Joyful Noise & Argo.

Music score is by Stephen Trask who composed cues for J-Lo's The Back-up Plan. 11 tracks from Trask's score were released on the movie's official soundtrack which only includes the movie's score. The track "Waitlisted" appears twice with an alternate version included as well. The Admission O.S.T. was released on March 19, 2013. Preview music editor is Charles Martin Inouye.

Getting us hyped up about the movie are some of the great songs you might have heard in the movie's trailers which include "What I Wouldn't Do" by a Fine Frenzy and "We Are Young" by Vassy which are also heard in the film. The other songs which appeared on preview trailers are "Saw You First" by Givers and "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men.

With his guy next door good looks, I was hoping Paul Rudd's latest collaboration with funny lady Tina Fey would be a winning combination and correct his previous hit or miss track record as a leading man. Stinkers like Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston and How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon bombed at the box office. It looks like Admission falls right in line. According to BoxOfficeMojo, the movie grossed just under $18 million. This is 40 which was released in December 2012 fared somewhat better, taking in over $88 million worldwide.

In addition to Tina Fey & Paul Rudd the cast of Admission includes Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn, Gloria Reuben, Nat Wolff and veteran of stage, screen & tv, comedienne Lily Tomlin. Admission was released March 22, 2013 but if you want to get a jump on the movie, you can read the book it's based on by Jean Hanff Korelitz that chronicles the insane process of applying to colleges. The movie is now out on Blu-Ray / DVD. It was released July 9, 2013.

Paul Rudd & Tina Fey Admission Soundtrack

Source: Focus Features | Back Lot Music

Updated 8/3 & 8/25/2013

Admission Soundtrack

Songs in Admission Movie Not on the O.S.T.

Source: tvmoviesongs

Photo Source: Copyright © 2013 Focus Features

Click on any of the Songs below to preview music from the Soundtrack to Admission

Additional Songs on Admission O.S.T.

Chosen by Music Supervisor Linda Cohen

2-Part Invention #1 in C, BWV 772 - Christy Carew

Cool Samba - Andrew Prosser, Mark Allaway, and Melissa Heathcote

Peaceful Carillon - Christy Carew

Shine Right Through - Correatown

Tigertown Blues - The Princeton Nassoons

Naturally - Future People

Shapiro, The Kid - David Torn

On an interview on the ASCAP website, composer Stephen Trask talks about trying to break down the task of songwriting to a more intimate, personal level by recording in his own studios, bouncing between the one in L.A. and Kentucky. He explains how once you start getting the corporate gig of movie soundtrack scoring, how it can get to be such a large production that you sometimes get disconnected from the process.

Songs on Stephen Trask's Score

Admission Score
Admission Score

Music Supervisor Linda Cohen

There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men

Source: IMDb

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Stephen Trask Filmography

Dreamgirls, In Good Company

Source: IMDb

Stephen is best known for his work on Hedwig and the Angry Inch. His other release in 2013 is Lovelace.

Meet the Little Fockers Soundtrack
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The Back-up Plan Soundtrack
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Songs in Admission Trailers


A Fine Frenzy




Of Monsters and Men



Song in the Admission Movie Trailer - "What I Wouldn't Do" - A Fine Frenzy

What I Wouldn't Do
What I Wouldn't Do


Song: "What I Wouldn't Do"

Band: A Fine Frenzy

Album: Bomb In A Birdcage

Release Date: 2009

Click on the album cover to preview.


"Saw You First" - Givers

Source: Courier Tribune

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Givers has only been kicking around for a few years with the 2009 self-titled EP and In Light from 2011.

"Little Talks" - Of Monsters and Men

If you're wondering what's the song in the Admission movie trailer with the lyrics "though the truth may vary

this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore", it's the song Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. You can read the rest of the lyrics here.

"We Are Young" - Vassy

Source: Vassy Facebook Page

Featured in the Admission: TV Spot "Ivy League" and in the movie, Vassy's song "We Are Young" also hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts. It's not the first time a Vassy song has been featured in a movie. Check out her song "Desire" which was on the Cabin in the Woods Soundtrack.

Admission Movie Trailers

Admission Movie Trailers - Starring Paul Rudd & Tina Fey

There's something about Tina Fey as a school administrator that seems like a winning premise. We loved her in Mean Girls when she played an exasperated high school teacher to a young Lindsay Lohan trying to minimize bullying. In Admission she's weird, quirky and wonderful as a college admissions officer with comedienne Lily Tomlin playing her Mom in this romantic comedy starring our favorite movie boyfriend Paul Rudd.

Admission Official Trailer - Starring Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

Paul Rudd has had a great career filled with beautiful and funny leading ladies including two Friends stars having played Phoebe's fiancée on the television series and starring in not one by two movies with Jennifer Aniston including the recent box office flop Wanderlust and The Object of My Affection. Other beauties include Reese Witherspoon and Judd Apatow's wife Leslie Mann who he's also played opposite twice as her husband in This is 40 and Knocked Up.

Paul Rudd Plays It Straight

We're so used to Paul Rudd playing scenes funny that it's easy to forget that he's a fine actor as well. In this clip "Am I Screwing It Up?", Paul Rudd's character confides to Tina Fey that he doesn't have everything figured out and wonders if he's done everything alright.

"Dude, What a Cougar" - Yo -- what's up

In this awkward scene, Tina Fey throws on a sweatshirt with a hoodie and a jacket on top hopping to blend in unnoticed into a frat party. But she gets busted right away. She prattles on as she crashes the Princeton party unsuccessfully. Cringe-worthy and funny at the same time, she quickly admits that she's from Admissions and spins a tale that she's checking in on her high school visitors.

"How Many People Call You Mom?" - Co-Starring Lily Tomlin

Doesn't Lily Tomlin look great? Her timing is always spot on. What you see in this clip is a rarity -- two Mark Twain Prize award winners, both Lily Tomlin and Tina Fey are both recipients of the prestigious award given out at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Fey was awarded the honor in 2010, while Tomlin accepted the award in 2003.

Tina Fey & Paul Rudd Share a Shower Together

Tina Fey tries to give Paul Rudd some advice on getting a kid into an Ivy League university.

"There's Something I Wanna Ask You"

The worst on screen movie kiss.

"I Have That On a T-Shirt" - Single Dad Travelling the World Doing Good

Behind the Scenes - With Paul Rudd & Tina Fey

The Making of Admission - B-Roll Footage

Admission Unscripted Moviefone Interview - Tina Fey & Paul Rudd

Outtakes From Admission Unscripted | Tina Fey | Tina Fey's Potential Anchorman Role

In this casual behind the scenes interview orchestrated by Moviefone, Paul Rudd and Tina Fey chat about their latest movie Admission proving their on screen chemistry also translates off screen when two funny people collide.

Tina Fey Appears on Letterman - The Late Show

Dave asks what the former 30 Rock is up to now that she's officially unemployed after 7 years of writing, producing and starring in the award-winning, ground-breaking, immensely popular television series and how she'll use Google Alerts to keep up with her former cast-mates.

Admission Release Date

March 22, 2013


Focus Features

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Admission TV Spots "True Love" - Check Out All 6 Versions Here

Check Out the Author of Admission - At Google Talks

Former Princeton Admissions officer Jean Hanff Korelitz talks about the brutal Ivy League admissions process. Here's a chance to hear what Jean had in mind when she wrote the book. She reveals the double meaning of the book's title and how it relates to her main character, Portia. Have you read the book Admission? How was it? Are you looking forward to the film adaptation? What did you think of the movie?

Admission Movie International Release Dates

For Tina Fey Fans in Greece - Look For Xehase to!

Source: IMDb

Tina's mother is of Greek descent and Tina has made no secret of her ethnic background, with her self-effacing humor poking fun at her thick eyebrows in adolescent years in her bio Bossypants. Besides Greece, Admission will be released in a number of countries worldwide.

  1. MARCH 2013

    March 22 - Canada, Philippines

    March 29 - Estonia "Vastuvõtureeglid"

  2. APRIL 2013

    April 4 - Greece

    April 5 - Iceland

    April 12 - Romania "Admis pe pile"

    April 25 - Singapore

  3. MAY 2013

    May 9 - Portugal "Aprovado Portugal"

  4. JUNE 2013

    June 13 - Russia

    June 19 - Belgium

    June 20 - Netherlands

Two More Ways to See Paul Rudd This Year



Prince Avalanche - Release Date: August 9, 2013

Paul Rudd recently appeared on David Letterman. He had the tough time of following Oprah Winfrey so she got a lot of chair time while Rudd had a brief segment to talk about Prince Avalanche. The good thing is that he didn't have on his scruffy mustache that he sported while shooting the sequel to Anchorman.

Paul Rudd Goes Au Naturel - Release Date: December 20, 2013

Admission Movie Soundtrack - Coming Soon to Blu-Ray / DVD

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      Admission looks like a good movie, I'm gonna see if Red Box has it. Soundtracks to movies like these are normally really good


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