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Adventure Time Marceline

Updated on May 12, 2012

Adventure Time Marceline The Vampire Queen

In the show Adventure Time Marceline is an 1,000 year old vampire girl. Her full name is Marceline the Vampire Queen and she is a fully fledged rock and roll chick who also is a fearless daredevil. She is one of the most popular supporting characters in any cartoon show on TV today.

Marceline made her first appearance on adventure time in the "Evicted!" episode, and her latest episode that she has appeared in was called "Marceline's Closet".

If you are a Marceline fan then I want to invite you to take a moment and check out all of the Adventure Time Marceline collectibles and clothing that is available today. You will also find several videos of the most famous Marceline songs such as Bury You and The Fry Song.

Adventure Time Marceline Hoodie for Girls

Show that you are an Adventure Time Marceline fan by wearing this ultra cool hoodie. This is an officially licensed Cartoon Network product so you know that is made to last and features original Marceline the Vampire Queen artwork. On the front of the hoodie you will see a classic picture of Marceline, and on the back you will find the saying "Pretty Hardcore Evil" on the back while she is playing her famous Axe guitar.

Adventure Time Marceline T-Shirt - Many Sizes Available!

If you are looking for the perfect Adventure Time Marceline gift than the Marceline T-Shirt is it. This is another great officially licensed product by the Cartoon Network

Adventure Time Marceline Singing I'm Going To Bury You Video - This Is A Great Song By Marceline the Vampire Queen

Adventure Time Marceline Keychain - This Is One Ultra Rare Item

Now there is so many Marceline items that are hard to find, but the Adventure Time Marceline Keychain must be the hardest to find of them all. This is a rubber keychain that has raised details so it appears to be 3-D. This is a must have for any Marceline fan.

Adventure Time Marceline Collectible Figure - This One Is Hard To Find In Stores!

If you are looking for an Adventure Time Marceline collectible then you have to buy this figure two pack. This is the officially licensed figures of Marceline the Vampire Queen and Finn from Adventure Time. If you have tried to find this one in stores you will agree with me that it is almost impossible to find, and even online they are available only in VERY limited quantities. Pick this one up before it is too late, and have that rare collectible for years to come.

Adventure Time Marceline Singing The Fry Song

Marceline The Vampire Queen Question

Adventure Time Marceline
Adventure Time Marceline

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      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      We are huge Marceline fans!