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Affleck Family - Celebrity Babies

Updated on July 15, 2015

The Affleck/Garner Family

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner started dating after co-starring in Daredevil and were engaged nine months later. They married on June 29, 2005 in Turks and Caicos which is located in the Atlantic Ocean.

The couple have three children. Two beautiful daughters and their newest edition, their son.

Violet Anne Affleck

Violet Anne Affleck was born December 1, 2005. As an infant, Violet attracted alot of criticism from the media for being an "ugly" and "awkward" child. Over the past couple years she has grown into beautiful features that far resemble her mother.

She turned 7 years old this December.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck was born January 6, 2009. She has been dubbed the cutest of the Affleck children and often can be seen in photographs making hilarious faces at the paparazzi.

She will turned 4 years old this January.

Samuel Garner Affleck

Samuel Garner Affleck was born February 27, 2012. He is the first son for the couple.

He will be a year old next February.

Jennifer Garner: The Amazing Mother

Jennifer Garner is by far one of the most involved mother's in Hollywood. (According to pictures!) She is always photographer with her children and taking them on outings. She interacts with them and you can tell they are her world.

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      I like them these two as a couple, they make a beautiful family!

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      Some celebrities are just fascinating to me.