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After Effects versus Motion 5

Updated on July 23, 2014

After Effects in short.

Wikipedia describes after effects as; a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing app developed by Adobe Systems used in the post-production process of film making and television production. After Effects can also be used as a basic non-linear editor and a media transcoder. Which is basically a fancy way of saying, it can make stuff fly around, create stunning optical illusions and you can put many things together.

Now I realize that there are many competitors; Nuke, Combustion, Fusion & Blender, who all wish they were anywhere near the capabilities of after effects. That's why this comparative piece of text is between Apple's Motion 5 & Adobe After Effects CS6.

I was too broke to buy any of the CC versions, and in all honesty the differences aren't much. A couple of roto-bezier tools, adaptations to the ray-traced 3D render engine, some augmentations on the global rendering cache... But it's still pretty cool, and totally worth you buying it.

Designed By Apple - Intention

Apple's Motion?

Apple Motion on the other hand, is a great tool for doing who knows what. I love the company but the producers at apple know they are the only company who can make something that no-one can describe. What does the iPad do? Everything. Meaning?

I've always been an adobe junkie since I developed an interest in digital media. And it's never let me down, all the way back to photoshop CS. My interest in Motion 5 came about when the video to the right was released by apple. Now, it's debatable whether it was designed using motion because Apple didn't make it. In fact, it was made by a company called Buck, and it seems to me that they used After Effects... Which is why i renamed it; Apple: Designed By Buck - After Effects

While I'm constantly insulting a company that even I rate very highly, I'm sure that someone is cogitating the notion; What can motion do? But i think it would be better to start with after effects.

After Effects

After effects allows as many different compositions as you require. Clients who don't know what they want, certainly know what they don't want. So allowing several compositions is as good as it gets. Adobe knows it had problems, terrible keying and no motion trackers.

They then built mocha and paired with the foundry to make keylight. Then adobe made a built in tracker, and built in a keying system. I call adobe the "Kings of integration" because it's a standalone super app but it integrates naturally with the whole of Production Premium; so a photoshop widget, let's call it a circle, can be made in Photoshop, animated in After effects, the voice-over edited in audition, arranged in Premier pro, and then color-graded in Speedgrade. And hey presto! Designed by Apple/Buck/After Effects.

And probably the best thing ever, ever. There are many, plentiful, dozens, bountiful just a lot of tutorials; creative cow offer several great videos, but are an absolute Godsend. Thank you Andrew Kramer! He covers everything from basic training to in-depth talk about star trek, what's not to like?


Now, in the spirit of fairness; It's Apple's turn.

You don't wait. Everything plays in real-time, which is probably why it isn't available on windows, and the footage could even be HD.Your computer doesn't even have to be that good...

Keyframing is the basis of any animation. Well, not in Motion. In motion, apple's level of simplicity allows you to make basic to complex animations by clicking and dragging.

There's a replicator. A replicator which will happily duplicate anything it's given. Sure, in AE you can hold Ctrl+D but it's not good if you don't know what you're doing. The ReplicatorTM duplicates anything with keyframes and effects. Motion. You can work while rendering. You can work while rendering. This is the only software I know that would allow that. It's unbelievable.

And best of all, it's only $50 or $100, $50 for Motion 5, $100 for Motion 5 with Compressor 4, which allows you to continue working while rendering.

The End.

Now I'm sure you'll forgive my overuse of satire in this essay if it will help you. I believe it will personally come down to your personal preference and your situation.

If you own a mac, get both, but use After Effects more. Because the possible uses of both are limitless. But if you have a PC, use After Effects. Because we're still waiting for Apple to make anything available for anything that's not made by apple.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Thanks to Adobe & Apple for creating amazing products.


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