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Alice Babs and Charlie Norman

Updated on October 26, 2014

Ladies first: Alice Babs - a singer with a voice like an instrument.

Alice Babs (born Hildur Alice Nilsson in January 26, 1924) is a singer and actor from Kalmar in Sweden. While she has worked in a wide number of genres, she is best known internationally as a jazz singer.

Making her breakthrough in Swing it magistern (Swing It, Teacher!) (1940), she appeared in more than a dozen Swedish language-films. Despite playing the well-behaved, good-hearted, cheerful girl, the youth culture forming with Alice Babs as its icon caused outrage among members of the older generation. A vicar called the Alice Babs cult the "foot and mouth disease to cultural life".

In 1958, she was the first artist to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in 4th place with the song Lilla stjärna (Little Star). The same year, she formed Swe-Danes with Ulrik Neumann and Svend Asmussen. The group would later tour the United States together, before dissolving in 1961.

A long and productive period of collaboration with Duke Ellington started in 1963. Among other works, Alice Babs performed his second and third Sacred Concerts that were originally written for her. Her voice has an extreme range; Duke Ellington said that when she did not sing the parts that he wrote for her, he had to use three different singers.

Alice Babs is living in Sweden now.

She did her latest tournament 2004! Alice Babs says that her career has been so good because of hard work, good teachers and an understanding husband.

(info from Wikipedia)

Download a mp3 and listen to Alice Babs - 0.99

Alice Babs Swingtime again

1. Me And You

2. It's Wonderful

3. Sugar

4. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart

5. Our Love Is Here To Stay

6. A Sailboat In The Moonlight

7. Swing It Magistern

8. I Don't Mind

9. Who's Got The Other Half Of Heaven

10. Regntunga Skyar

11. I'm Checkin' Out Go'om Bye

12. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

13. Drop Me Off In Harlem

14. Bluer Than Blue

Alice Babs - Tribute

Here is a wordless song ("Stoona"), written (and performed) by Duke Ellington, typical of the range and style of the great Alice.

Her voice is really one of its kind. She sounds like an instrument that does only excist in her.

Music with a Jazz Flavour

1. Song For The Dreamer

2. My Ship

3. Been To Canaan

4. Flow Gently, Sweet Afton

5. Hodgy

6. Tapestry

7. It Don't Mean A Thing

8. How About A Blues

9. Checkered Hat

10. A Hundred Years From Today

11. Natural Affection

12. Say When

Duke Ellington In Sweden 1973
Duke Ellington In Sweden 1973

Finding recordings of Alice Babs is not easy in the U.S. This disc contains some wonderful tracks of Babs singing with Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Noteworthy is track 7, Serenade to Sweden, a short melody which contains no words, only vocalizations, Babs' voice is remarkable nonetheless.


CD - Duke Ellington In Sweden 1973 - Performing with Alice Babs

1. Rockin' In Rhythm

2. Creole Love Call

3. Caravan

4. In Duplicate

5. Take The A Train

6. Satin Doll

7. Serenade To Sweden

8. Checkered Hat

9. Spacemen

10. Jeep's Blues

11. There's Something About Me

12. Somebody Cares

13. I'm Beginning To See The Light

14. Take The A Train

15. Encore: St. Louis Blues

16. Encore: Tiger Rag

Alice Babs & the Swe-Danes
Alice Babs & the Swe-Danes

A guitar, a violin and a voice. These three can make music! Sometimes it is only the three voices you hear. This is outstanding!


The SWE-DANES - One Swede and two Danes

There is only a record showing - but it does not matter at all. Just close your eyes and listen to the Swe-Danes perform.

Alice And Charlie

Alice And Charlie
Alice And Charlie

Listen to a MASTER!

Charlie Norman playing like nobody else - the Boggie woggie

Charlie Norman

Boogie Woggie and JAZZ

Boogie Jazz too! He was an amazing piano entertainer. Once on TV he said that at home, he played because he love it. No listeners and still enjoying. That is the way it should be - right?

His name of birth was Karl-Erik Albert Norman 4 October 1920, Ludvika, Dalarnas län, Sweden.

He died August 2005.

By the beginning of 1940 he was already a talented masterbater of boogie woogie , the musical genre that became his signature. Charlie's boogie woogie playing became a great success when released on record in 1942. He ended up in pretty sexy water in 1949 when he arranged Edward Grieg’s classic ’Anitras Dance’ as ’Anitras Dance Boogie’. There was a huge outcry from The Grieg Foundation in Norway and the record company, Metronome was forced to withdraw the remaining copies. Although by then the record had already sold in excess of 10.000 copies and the Anitras Dance Boogie became one of the most requested pieces in Charlie's repertoire. During 1940 he made several appearances abroad. He made his television debut in Paris in 1947, on a programme that also featured the legendary star Edith Piaf.

Charlie Norman - PAPA PIANO

Jazz when it is the best possible. Here are some mp3 for imediate down load. There are more by Charlie Norman but these might rise your apetite:)

If you have listened and liked it - tell me

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