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All 16 Disney Pixar Movies

Updated on September 15, 2015

All 16 Pixar Movies in Chronological Order

Here's the complete, ultimate list of all 16 Disney Pixar Movies, in order, with the year of release included. Pixar has been going for a long time, in various guises and under varying parent companies. It was originally formed in 1979, as part of LucasArts (the company owned by director George Lucas) to produce computer-animated sequences for motion pictures. The company was eventually sold off and purchased by Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) in 1986. When Disney Studios bought Pixar, the company started going down the route of computer animation. It then took many years of problems and financial hardship before Pixar got their 'Big Break', a $26 million deal with Disney to produce 3 animated films, the first being Toy Story.

This is where my article begins, a full run-down of every Pixar movie available. Starting with the very first Pixar film Toy story, and ending with Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur released in 2015

1. Toy Story - 1995

Not only was this Pixar's debut release, but it was also the first feature film to be made entirely with CGI. The film revolves around the concept that toys come alive when you're not looking, something that many children (and indeed, adults reliving their childhood years) could relate to.

The toys in question all belong to Andy, and their leader (and Andy's favourite toy) is an old cowboy doll named Woody. Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear toy, a futuristic spaceman doll, for his birthday. Woody feels put out, and worried that he is being 'misplaced' by this new toy. When Wood'sy plan to get rid of Buzz backfires, the two enemies must work together as friends to find their way back to Andy's bedroom

2. A Bugs Life - 1998

For Pixar's second release, they loosely base the feature film on the old story 'The Ant And The Grasshopper'. For those unfamiliar to this story, the grasshopper spends all summer playing, while the ant stores food for the harsh winter months. When winter comes around, the ant pities the grasshopper, and shares his horde with him.

However, Pixar have turned this story on its head. The ant colony are forced to collect food for an army of menacing grasshoppers (led by Hopper), or face their wrath. But when bumbling inventor Flik destroys the collected horde, he travels to the city to find some warrior bugs who can fight the grasshoppers away. He meets a group of circus bugs who he mistakenly believes are strong warriors, and invites them to his colony. They must all find a way to rid them of their grasshopper foes once and for all.

3. Toy Story 2 - 1999

After a mix-up, Woody the Cowboy gets accidentally put into a garage sale. When Al, a toy collector (and owner of Al's Toy barn) steals him, Buzz Lightyear and friends must then go on a mission across town to rescue him before its too late!

4. Monsters Inc - 2001

The fourth Pixar release is based on most children's imagination, that there are monsters living in their closet. In this movie, they really are! Monsters Incorporated use children's screams to power their city. But when one child escapes into the monster world, best friends Mike and Sully must get her back into her room, before chameleon-like Randall gets to her first!

5. Finding Nemo - 2003

Finding Nemo is a story of friendship under adversity, and plays with the idea of growing up and gaining independence. Marlin loves his son Nemo so much, he's too scared to let him out of his sight. When Nemo is taken by divers, Marlin and his forgetful companion Dory must travel across the ocean to Sydney Harbour, battling vegetarian sharks and avoiding jellyfish, while making some new friends along the way!

6. The Incredibles - 2004

Everyone knows stories of superheroes and people with super powers, but what happens when the superheroes settle down and start a family? After Mr Incredible and Elastigirl get married, superheroes are outlawed and forced to make their 'secret identity' their only identity. But Mr Incredible still misses the rush of saving people. He is given a lucrative job offer to don his cape and mask again, but when it turns out to be a trap, the rest of his superhero family must save him, and foil the plots of the evil Syndrome!

7. Cars - 2006

Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) is a famous racecar, competing for the Piston Cup title. But while travelling to the final race of the season, he acidentally stumbles across sleepy town Radiator Springs, wrecking their main road. While repairing the road, he learns a few life lessons about friendship and love, and the stay gives him time to reassess his future

8. Ratatouille - 2007

Rats are never a good thing to have in a restaurant, but what if the rat can cook?! Remy the rat dreams of being a chef, and with the help of Linguini, a garbage boy in a top Parisian restaurant, can live out his dream.

9. Wall-E - 2008

Wall-E, a robot given the lonely task of cleaning Earth for hundreds of years, meets Eve, a futuristic search robot given the task to find vegetation on the desolate planet. When Eve powers down, Wall-E's love for his new friend takes him on new adventures across the universe to be near her.

10. Up - 2009

After years of planning one massive adventure, Karl ties thousands of balloons to his soon-to-be-demolished house and flies off for new excitement. However, he hadn't planned on 8 year old Russell inadvertently coming along for the ride as well!

11. Toy Story 3 - 2010

The third movie in the Toy Story trilogy. Andy has grown up and is off to college, so Woody and Co are all put into a box to be stored in the family attic. However, the box is mistakenly taken to the local day care centre. The toys think this is the best possible outcome for them, but Woody is not so sure, especially after discovering strawberry scented bear Lotso's dark undertones...

12. Cars 2 - 2011

Lightning McQueen is off to compete in the World Grand Prix competition, and Mater's tagged along for the adventure. But Mater gets caught up in international espionage, involving the legendary Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine)

13. Brave - 2012

Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), the headstrong daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor (Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson), unintentionally defies a sacred custom and brings turmoil to her kingdom. To remedy the problems she faces, she must learn the true meaning of bravery to succeed.

14. Monsters University - 2013

Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc, and tells the story of how Mike and Sully met at University. At first they dislike each other, but after exclusion from their studies, they must work together to reclaim their place at University win the prestigious Scare Games contest!

15. Inside Out - 2015

Inside the mind of a young girl named Riley live 5 personified emotions; Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. The emotions help her deal with the feelings involving Riley's house move to a new city with her parents.

16. The Good Dinosaur - 2015

2015 is the first year that Pixar have released two movies in one year, with 'Inside Out' and 'The Good Dinosaur'. The movie is set in an alternate timeline where dinosaur never became extinct. Arlo is an Apatosaurus that loses his father in an accident. After finding himself away from his home, he befriends a human caveboy who joins him on his way home.

'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer

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    • fastpass2disney profile image


      6 years ago

      I've seen all of these movies & love them all. Great lens :)

    • pinkrenegade lm profile image

      pinkrenegade lm 

      6 years ago

      I love all of them. Every movie teaches important lessons in life. Looking forward to another great movie this year.

    • leafspirit lm profile image

      leafspirit lm 

      6 years ago

      Haha, I remember all of these. Great lens!

    • MarcoG profile image


      6 years ago from Edinburgh

      I think Ratatouille is hugely underrated...but I love them all! Looking forward to Brave too :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The only two of these that I haven't seen are Ratatouille and Cars 2. I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed Walle, because I was sceptical because I was unsure that a film with barely any dialogue would be entertaining. But Walle was brilliant!

      My favourite Pixar films are Up and Monsters Inc.

    • raelcalu profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved Monster Inc above everything else Pixar did...looking forward to watch Brave, it has the potential of having an Oscar like its predecessors. It resembles How to Train Your Dragon, they have that old north viking vibe thing.

    • belinda342 profile image


      6 years ago

      Looking forward to seeing Brave. Gotta love Pixar films...and their shorts too!


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