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All Good Things Movie and Music

Updated on June 3, 2012

Music From All Good Things Movie

Rob Simonsen is the music composer for the All Good Things Music Score with Mychael Danna producing the music. Simonsen also worked on the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack.

All Good Things music composer Rob Simonsen also collaborated with All Good Things movie director Andrew Jarecki on Capturing the Friedmans the award winning documentary which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival which chronicled the true life saga of the Long Island family, the Friedmans and their disturbing secrets.

All Good Things Poster


All Good Things Director Gets U.S. Rights Back From Weinstein Co.

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All Good Things Website - Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling

All Good Things Kirsten Dunst
All Good Things Kirsten Dunst

There's nothing that I do that she doesn't like.

She doesn't know you well enough.

Watch All Good Things Online - All Good Things Watch Instantly on

All Good Things is available to watch online instantly as a 48 hour movie rental from This is the first time I've seen this on

All Good Things
All Good Things

They're calling it a "Pre-Theatrical Release". For less than the cost of seeing a movie at the theater, you can watch All Good Things online before it even comes out in theaters.


A perfect life

You're young, your husband's handsome, you have money,

Pretty Wife, Rich Husband

It'll Be All Over the 6 O'Clock News

Husbands lie all the time

Capturing the Friedmans - Documentary by Andrew Jarecki

Capturing the Friedmans
Capturing the Friedmans

All Good Things movie is based on a true life story about the Friedmans.


All Good Things (Come to An End) Song - Nelly Furtado

The Nelly Furtado song All Good Things would have been a natural tie-in to the movie All Good Things as a theme song or even to play over the end credits but it is not likely part of the All Good Things Movie Soundtrack.

All Good Things (Come To An End lyrics by Nelly Furtado.


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