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Allen Neal Jones The Wrestler

Updated on June 27, 2012

AJ Styles The Phenomenal One

Who is Allan Neal Jone? Allan Neal Jones is more popular than you might believe and more talented than most in his profession. Better know as, AJ Styles the wrestler, is a TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) Impact wrestling Super Star.

AJ Styles has held over 28 wrestling titles since the beginning of his career as a professional wrestler. Of those championships five of them where World Heavyweight Championships.

As Allan Neal Jones progressed through his early indie career in wrestling he turned down a contract from the WWE in order to stay with TNA Impact Wrestling.

It is because of his choices that the company, TNA, is what it is today. -Phenomenal

Get the latest news, pics and info on the Phenomenal AJ. Styles.

Wrestling Matters - Because AJ Styles Says So.

A.J. Styles in a Nutshell
A.J. Styles in a Nutshell

AJ Styles in a nut shell

Born Allen Neal Jones on June 2, 1978 in Gainesville, Georgia

He was trained by Rick Michaels and made his debut in 1998

He currently works for the organization: TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling)

Allan and his wife, Wendy Jones, have three sons, Ajay Covell Jones , Avery Jones, and Albey Jones.

AJ's first son's middle name was taken from a long time friend Daniel Covell, who wrestles as "Christopher Daniels".

Height : 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 215 lbs.

AJ's Best Moves

Go big or go home

AJ Styles insane Shooting Star Press

AJ Styles makes contact with an amazing Shooting Star Press.

First Styles Clash

The first ever attempt at the Styles Clash.

AJ Styles Pele Kick

AJ has a lot of moves but none compare to the unexpected Pele Kick.

AJ Styles Spiral Tap

AJ takes it to the top ropes with his move Spiral Tap

AJ's Title Reign

Landmark moments for A.J. Styles

AAW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

Natural Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

CWF/E Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship

IWC Super Indies Championship (2 times)

IWR King Of The Indies Championship (1 time)

Max-Pro Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)

MPW Universal Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

NKPWA Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

NWA Wildside Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

NWA Wildside Television Championship (3 times)

PWG Championship (1 time)

ROH Pure Wrestling Championship (1 time)

ROH Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Amazing Red

NWA World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)

NWA World Tag Team Championship

TNA Legends/Global/Television Championship (2 times)

TNA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

TNA World Tag Team Championship (1 time)

TNA X Division Championship (6 times)

First TNA Triple Crown Champion (4 times)

First TNA Grand Slam Champion (2 times)

WWA International Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)

AJ Styles on DVD - A collection of wrestling's best moments with AJ Styles

AJ's 18 minute interview - How AJ got started in professional wrestling.

A.J. Styles Wallpapers
A.J. Styles Wallpapers

Phenomenal wallpapers of AJ Styles

Computer wallpapers of AJ

AJ Styles is quickly becoming a house hold name across the country.

You can share your enthusiasm for him by sporting a genuine Phenomenal AJ Styles computer wallpaper from all across the net.

Or you can simply make and display your own. The choice is yours.

Allen Jones at a Glance

A brief history of Allen Jones

Allen Neal Jones, better known by his ring name, AJ Styles, is a professional wrestler currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He, James Storm, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss are the only wrestlers to perform on the inaugural NWA-TNA pay-per-view event on June 19, 2002, and still be employed by the company in a wrestling role today. He now has started the group Fourtune, consisting of James Storm, Robert Rude, Kazarian, and himself. While working for TNA, Styles has been a four-time World Heavyweight Champion, having held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship three times and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once, the very first TNA X Division Champion, while also sharing the record for most reigns with six with Jay Lethal, a five-time World Tag Team Champion, and a two-time Television Champion.

With having won the TNA X Division, NWA World Tag Team, and NWA World Heavyweight Championships, Styles was the first to complete the TNA Triple Crown Championship. Styles is the only man to complete the Triple Crown Championship more than once. His victory over Booker T for the TNA Legends Championship made him the first man to have ever won the TNA Grand Slam Championship, which he has done twice. He is also the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in the company's history. Also, he is the only wrestler in TNA to have held every male championship owned and sanctioned by TNA at any point during the company's history.

Get more information about AJ Styles on Wikipedia.

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