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Becoming A Stripper

Updated on March 16, 2010

I just read that a teacher facing a layoff in California told her students that she was going to become a stripper and sell her eggs. Really, I have thought of the same thing only there are a few problems in my situation. First there is the fact that I am a man with no eggs. Second who would want to come to a show with me and my worn out body doing a strip show. Seriously though, has it come to this. In our leave no child behind education system we are punishing the wrong people. This teacher is obviously frustrated at the fact that she is more than likely still paying for her college education and is going to be on the street or working at Denny's for tips. When I was in school teachers were revered. They were looked up to by everyone in the community. Why are we cutting back on the very people we expect to mold our youth. Most states now have the lottery. Was it not passed so the lottery could fund our schools and repair our highways? If this is the case why are schools cutting programs and laying off teachers. We have to wake up and call the people that are supposed to represent us. I have yet to hear a plan on getting the unemployed back to work. Instead we have a senator from Kentucky trying to stall a bill on unemployment extensions. I for one would rather be working and not drawing unemployment but I have no choice. So I am going to put my idle time to good use and write my representative and call them or whatever it takes. Our children's welfare is our future why are we endangering it by taking away from them their chance to grow. Are we more concerned with building an ultra modern school or educating our children ? Suburbs appear to be more interested in creating a new and better looking school so as to attract people to move into their tax base. Once they do that then they have to cut out programs and services because of the expense of the creature they created. This means cuts in the music department cuts in the teaching staff but very little cuts in the sports department. It is my opinion that if we concentrate on education we will win. Don't let politics determine the fate of our children.


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