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Alternatives to the Bose Wave Radio (Cheaper and Better)

Updated on January 10, 2013

Cheaper Alternatives to Bose Wave Music System Radios

The Bose Wave Radio Music System is quite expensive. The original can cost you well over $500, with the Bose Wave System III running right around $400. This is just too much to spend, especially when you look at some of the better alternatives out there, many of which cost much less, but get even better reviews. Whether you're looking for the acoustic version, or any other by this maker, you might want to check out the other options you have from well-known companies, offering better products, sometimes at half the price.

Great Stuff on Amazon - Yamaha Radio Option

Yamaha Radios - Number 1?

Some Great Yamaha Radio Options

While priced at much less than Bose, the Yamaha Radios highlighted are getting great reviews, often even better than Bose. The sound quality is thought by many to be far superior, as well as the customer service. Known as one of the best music systems out there, Yamaha delivers the goods with their docking systems and sound quality. You will like all of the options they have available.

Take a close look to see which system is right for you, before you spend your money. YST technology, superior bass sound, and great acoustic snap are standard with all their systems. The iPod docking is a nice feature as well.

Tivoli is a Great Option! - Tivoli Audio Radio

You might want to consider Tivoli Audio. While not nearly as well known as Bose, this alternative music system is much cheaper, but still delivers superior sound quality and clarity. You won't find better AM/FM clock radios at these prices.

Tivoli Audio - Fantastic Sound for Less

Simply put, Tivoli Audio is one of the leaders in the radio industry. They have a great following of customers and provide a superior product, at less than half the price of many of the others. Their table top models with Bluetooth capabilities are a favorite among many music lovers. With a good warranty and technical support team, this is a good option to keep in mind as you shop around looking for alternatives to the Bose Wave Music System Radios that are so much more expensive.

Sangean - A Cheap Bose Alternative - Sangean Table Radios

Sangean isn't nearly as well known, but these AM/FM alarm radios deliver great quality, at a fraction of the price.

A Lot Cheaper Than Bose

Sangean isn't the status symbol you might be looking for, but if you simply take a look at the reviews available on these table top radio systems, you'll see why many people find them to be a much better value than Bose.

The amplifiers and bass/acoustic compensation systems provide a crisp, mellow sound you might not find with many other brands. While your friends won't rave over the brand name, they will rave of the sound clarity. This is ultimately what most music lovers are after.


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