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American Mary by the Soska Sisters

Updated on September 28, 2013

American Mary

The Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia, are collectively known as The Twisted Twins. Their first film was the notoriously titled Dead Hooker in a Trunk. A name that was guaranteed to stir up controversy, and it did. They are back with American Mary. The movie once again is causing ripples in the horror community, and has been one of the most anticipated and hyped independent horror films in years. They recruit the drop dead gorgeous Katharine Isabelle, better known as Ginger from the Ginger Snaps series, to play Mary. Was their first film a flash in a twisted pan, or are the Soska Sisters here to stay? American Mary seems to scream "We aren't going anywhere anytime soon." It's a twisted ride but one you should definitely take.

American Mary

The Soska Sister present Katharine Isabelle as American Mary

American Mary

American Mary is the follow up to Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the directorial debut of the Twisted Sister, Jen and Sylvia Soska. The story centers on struggling medical student Mary, played by Katharine Isabelle.

After a faculty party that goes horribly wrong, Mary ends up leaving school. An impromptu hush-hush medical procedure for a shady club owner leads her into contact with the local body modification community. At first reluctant, she eventually becomes the go to doctor for those unhappy with their bodies and wishing procedures too extreme for legitimate medical practitioners. The experiences change Katherine's character, making her more confident, but also seemingly less attached to her humanity.

American Mary is a horror story, but saying it's just a horror movie is selling it short. Honestly I have never seen a movie like Mary. Don't ask me what sub genre of horror it belongs to, because I don't have a clue. All I know is that American Mary is brutal, beautiful, original and brilliant.

I have been a fan of Katharine Isabelle since Ginger Snaps. So maybe I'm a bit biased but Katharine gives the performance of her career with American Mary. Ginger who?

Mary is a character that I'm not sure I have ever seen the likes of in a film before. In one movie she is both hero, monster and victim. We see her struggling while being harassed by the male instructors. The harassment leads to rape, and we hear that old standard, "the way you were dressed." Mary however doesn't need to wait on judge and jury.

She doesn't wallow in her circumstance but takes brutal action and we watch as she changes. Becoming a different person, barely recognizable from the scared, deer in the headlights, student we meet at the beginning. We also sense that Mary realizes she is changing and isn't exactly proud of who she is becoming. Of course the local bouncer is there to convince her she serves a purpose in the world.

American Mary isn't an extremely gory film. There are some disturbing scenes, especially if body modification freaks you out. However as much as this is portrayed as a film about body modification, it's more about the mental transformation of Mary.

The film comes to a close in a bleak and depressing way, but you have the feeling that this is the only way it could end. Mary, with all of her changes, with all of the strength and skill she has gained, is still the victim.

The Soska sisters, who have a small role in the film, have woven a bleak, beautiful tale. A tale about outcasts from society, and Mary, herself an outcast. It's a movie that will make you wince, make you shudder, and ultimately bring you to tears. It is one of the best horror films in years. A film that dared to be different, that dared to be original. A movie that just like American Mary, dared to not fit in. It is a must see, buy it now and watch it over and over.

Have you seen American Mary? - Well then here is your chance!

Honestly if you don't check out American Mary you are depriving yourself. It is a wonderful film and we need more original movies like American Mary and less remakes, reboots and re imaginings. We need more horror that isn't afraid to take a chance and push the boundaries. And when movies like American Mary are made we need to support them. Scroll down just a bit and order your copy of American Mary.

American Mary
American Mary

Brutal and beautiful, own it on DVD now

Dead Hooker in a Trunk
Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Before American Mary, the Soska sisters shocked the mainstream with this film

American Mary BD [Blu-ray]
American Mary BD [Blu-ray]

What is more breath taking than American Mary? American Mary on Blu-ray

Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps

The film that put Katharine Isabelle on the horror map


American Mary trailer and more

Check out the trailer for American Mary, then watch an interview with Jen and Sylvia, the Twisted Twins and American Mary herself, Katharine Isabelle.

The trailer for the most talked about indy horror film in ages

Interview with the Twisted Sisters and Katharine Isabelle

Katharine Isabelle is American Mary

Katharine Isabelle has never looked as beautiful as in American Mary. She has also never captured a role, and commanded the screen like she does here. As powerful as she was in Ginger Snaps, she has reached a new plateau with American Mary. Although I have never met her, I was lucky enough to have a friend get me this autographed photo from a rare personal appearance. Katy, if you ever read this, I hope American Mary is just the beginning, just another step in your career, and hope to meet you some day and get one of these in person.

Your fan Allen (Dixie)

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See No Evil 2

The Soska Sisters, who directed American Mary and Dead Hooker in a Trunk, have been picked to direct the sequel to See No Evil. The film will star Kane from the WWE, who returns as Jacob Goodnight, as well as Katharine Isabelle, from American Mary and Ginger Snaps, and Danielle Harris from Halloween. Will this be just another sequel or can the Soska Sisters make this something special. Hollywood is notorious for stripping directors of their talent, but I'm betting on the Twisted Twins.

Tell me what you thought about my review or about American Mary. Don't be shy, I want to hear what you think

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