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The Complete American Wedding Soundtrack List Features Over 40 Songs From Bananarama, Joan Jett, Duran Duran & Foo Fight

Updated on January 29, 2013

Features Music From American Pie 3 From 2003

Yup, it's American Pie 3 that features Stifler's classic dance-off scene featuring 80s classics "Maniac" from Flashdance, Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth", "Venus" by Bananarama, "The Reflex" by Duran Duran and the Eurthymics "Sweet Dreams", just a handful of the many outstanding songs chosen for the American Wedding Soundtrack List.

There are only 17 songs on the official motion picture soundtrack to American Wedding but over 40 songs made the movie include the lovely "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison for Jim and Michelle's wedding dance which transitions to a cover by The Wallflowers which is the version included on the O.S.T.

So if you're trying to track down one of the songs from any of the fun scenes from the third movie in the American Pie franchise, check below for the complete list of songs that were in the movie. You can also preview most of the tracks on or iTunes and you can also assemble your own ultimate American Pie Soundtrack with a compilation of all the songs from the movies with individual song or album downloads.

American Wedding Soundtrack List

Source: Universal Studios | IMDb |

Click On Any Of the Songs Below to Preview

Additional Songs in the Movie

Not on the American Pie 3 Soundtrack CD

"Breeze" - Dos Pronto

"Can't Be That Hard" - Dos Pronto

"Certain Smile" - Joel Evans

"Don't Stop" Written by Photek (as Rupert Parkes)

"Free Energy" Written by Photek (as Rupert Parkes)

"The Message" - Sylvia Robinson, Melle Mel (Melvin Glover), Ed Fletcher, Clifton Chase

"Moonbeam Lullabye" - Daniel May

"Questions" - Written and Performed by Molly Pasutti, Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley

"Read My Lips" Written by Photek (as Rupert Parkes)

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American Wedding Soundtrack List - Available on CD or as an MP3 Download

Click on the cd cover or any of the songs below to hear songs from the American Wedding OST.

The third American Pie Soundtrack is the first in the series to no longer be produced on cassette like the first two movies but it's at least finally available as an MP3 album download.

American Wedding
American Wedding

1. "Times Like These" Foo Fighters

2. "The Anthem" Good Charlotte

3. "Forget Everything" New Found Glory

4. "The Hell Song" Sum 41

5. "Swing, Swing" The All-American Rejects

6. "I Don't Give" Avril Lavigne

7. "Laid" Matt Nathanson

8. "The Art of Losing" American Hi-Fi

9. "Fever for the Flava" Hot Action Cop

10. "Give Up the Grudge" Gob

11. "Bouncing Off The Walls" Sugarcult

12. "Come Back Around" Feeder

13. "Any Other Girl" NU

14. "Beloved" The Working Title

15. "Calling You" Blue October

16. "Honey and the Moon" Joseph Arthur

17. "Into the Mystic" The Wallflowers

American Wedding Soundtrack List

Source: Wikipedia


American Wedding Movie Trailers - Recognize January Jones From Mad Men?

American Wedding Grossed Over $231 Million

Release Date August 1, 2003

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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What do you you think of the American Wedding Movie and Soundtrack?

American Wedding Soundtrack List

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