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Andrea Corr - Musician

Updated on March 28, 2013

The Youngest of the Corr

Andrea Jane Corr (born May 17, 1974) was the lead singer and the youngest member of the Irish pop-rock Celtic band The Corrs. In her younger years, Andrea was the best student among all her siblings. She began her life with the band as soon as she graduated from secondary school. The Corrs parents are musician who encourage their children to pursue their careers in music.

She is the main lyricist when the group writes songs. Also plays the tin whistle, which when combined with her sister Sharon's fiddle playing gives the group its distinctively Irish sound. The Corrs music shows strong influences from traditional Celtic but also modern pop such as the Eagles and the Carpenters.

While the The Corrs is currently on hiatus, Andrea released her solo album Ten Feet High, in 2007. The album moved away from the folk-rock genre of the Corrs and features a darker edgier dance-pop sound. She is also involved in many charitable activities. She has played charity concerts to raise money for the Pavarotti & Friends Liberian Children's Village, Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, the victims of the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland and The Prince's Trust in 2004.


Albums (With the Corrs)

1995: Forgiven Not Forgotten

1997: Talk on Corners

2000: In Blue

2004: Borrowed Heaven

2005: Home

Compilations/Live Albums (With the Corrs)

1997: The Corrs Live

1999: The Corrs Unplugged

2001: Best of The Corrs

2002: VH1 Presents: The Corrs, Live in Dublin

2006: Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection

2007: The Works

Solo Album

2007: Ten Feet High

2009/2010: Second Studio Album

Andrea Corr Quotes

“Music is sexy, music is sensual. And an expression of yourself and that side of you comes out sometimes. I know I can be like that on stage but it's innocent. I don't do anything I just get into it, feel it.”

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1991 - The Commitments - Sharon Rabbitte

1996 - Evita - Juan Peron's mistress

1998 - Quest for Camelot - Kayley (singing voice

2003 - The Boys from the County Clare - Anne

2005 - The Bridge - Mary

2006 - Broken Thread - Lily

2009 - Dancing at Lughnasa (West End theatre) - Christina

2009 - Pictures - Donna

Andrea Corr's Solo Album Ten Feet High - released in 2007

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      julieannbrady 8 years ago

      Ah, such a pretty and talented young lady!