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Animal House

Updated on October 28, 2014

Cult or Classic

This iconic movie was filmed in Eugene, Oregon at my university, the University of Oregon! Although written as a National Lampoon collaboration and thus not about any specific school it did convey a sense of the party school that Oregon was at one time. By the time the movie was released in 1978, however, the U of O had moved on to distinguish itself in many academic areas and was able to put its less savory reputation behind it. Yet I am sure student applications must have jumped when movie goers saw all the fun that could be had in Eugene.

Whenever I watch the film it is certainly a trip down memory lane.

I won't repeat the many later stars that appeared in this movie. Do take a look at all the IMDb facts; some are surprising.

Animal House from Amazon

Update: Insider View

One of the student extras has just published an amusing account of his role in the film. Find it on Pg. 12 of Oregon Quarterly (Autumn 2009), the official U of O magazine.

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