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Anime Backbacks & School Bags

Updated on August 5, 2011

Start the new school year with a backpack that shows off your love of anime!

Back in my day, when we wanted to proclaim our love of a particular anime on our school bags, we had to write or draw on them with white-out pens. Kids these days have it much easier if you ask me; there is no shortage of awesome backpacks, bags and totes featuring characters from Bleach, Naruto, Black Butler, and other popular anime!

If you aren't lugging a lot of books around, you might even consider getting a plush backpack. They are the perfect way to have your favorite character with you always!

Bleach Backpacks

Bleach Backpack

"There is no heart without you" Bleach backpack

Bleach Backpack

Red, white and blue design Bleach backpack.

Buy this adorable Bleach Kon backpack!

Bleach Kon Backpack
Bleach Kon Backpack

This cute Kon plushie backpack is a great way to store your stuff!


Naruto Backpacks

Naruto Backpack

Orange Naruto backpack with uzumaki designs.

Naruto Backpack

Another cool Naruto bag.

Black Butler Backpacks

Black Butler Backpack

Kuroshitsuji backpack with a purple design and white logo.

Black Butler Backpack

Kuroshitsuji backpack with a blue design and white logo.

Black Butler Backpack

A pretty blue Kuroshitsuji backpack featuring Ciel in a top hat.

Check out this amazing Black Butler tote bag on Amazon!

One Piece Backpacks

One Piece Backpack

Show your pirate allegiance!

One Piece Backpack

Show off your love of One Piece with this cool backpack!

One Piece Backpack

A cool double-clasped One Piece backpack with green logos.

One Piece Backpack

A One Piece backpack with a large "Strong World" and Luffy logo.

Studio Ghibli Backpacks

My Neighbor Totoro Plush Backpack

Carry your stuff in this giant plush Totoro!

Authentic Japanese School Bags

Carry the same bags your favorite school anime characters do!

Authentic Japanese School Briefcase

This is the real deal, carried by high schoolers in Japan! This is a great cosplay item, too!

Japanese School Sports Bag

Great for gym!

Japanese School Sports Bag Hello Kitty Style

You can get this cute gym bag with Hello Kitty on it, too!

Authentic Japanese Red Grade School Backpack

The iconic backpack carried by grade schoolers in Japan.

More Anime Backpacks

Cool backpacks from Fullmetal Alchemist, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, and other great anime!

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Did you find something you like here? Will you be carrying an anime backpack to school or work this year?

Love anime bags?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! i was looking all over for the Authentic Japanese Briefcase, i had no idea what it was called! thank you thank you thank you, iv purchased one offline and now im just waiting for its arrival, thanks a bunch! <3

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Squid Girl backpacks!