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Anime Fairy Tail

Updated on July 7, 2012


Lucy Heartfilia, a cheerful 17-year-old Celestial Spirit mage who aims to join a guild. On her journey, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a strange, pink-haired boy with a blue flying cat. Neither did the both know that their fates will become entwine together after he saved her from a devious mage and a gang of pirates.


"The mages of Fairy Tail... are already used to sin."

Natsu Dragneel

The main male protagonist of Fairy Tail, a reckless and destructive mage nicknamed 'Salamander'. He wields a magic ability called 'Dragon Slayer', an ancient form of magic, or "Lost Magic", that grants him the physical properties of a dragon. He was raised and taught his magic by Igneel, a dragon that disappeared seven years ago. Ever since then, he has been looking for Igneel.

Natsu is a loyal and protective friend, who wouldn't hesitate to fight for anyone he likes. He rarely holds a grudge or negative feelings towards an enemy and occasionally shows compassion for his enemies. Due to Natsu's insane yet lovable personality, many members in the guild love him.

Also, as a Dragon Slayer, he suffered from extreme motion sickness, even when someone else carries him. The only time he doesn't feels motion sickness is when Happy carries him, claiming that 'Happy is a friend'.

Lucy Heartfilia

"There's nothing happy about having your fate decided for you! You have to grab your own happiness!"

The main female protagonist of Fairy Tail, a Celestial Spirit mage, a person who specialized in summoning contracted Celestial Spirits from another realm using a set of keys called Gate Keys. As of now, Lucy has ten of the Twelve Ecliptic Gate Keys. She's a girl who takes exceptional pride in her skills and beauty. Her kindness towards Celestial Spirits has also endear many of them to her as she treats them as people and not tools. Though Lucy is, in most cases, cowardly, she has no problem standing up to fight to protect her guild and friends.

She is the daughter of Jude Heartfilia, an extremely wealthy company owner, who eventually drove Lucy away after he started neglecting her for his job.

Gray Fullbuster

"I'll do what I want till the end. Cut me down if you want."

One of the main male protagonists, Gray is an Ice-Make mage, a magic that allows one to manipulate and create ice. He learned his magic from his teacher, Ur, along with another pupil, Lyon Bastia, who took him in after his hometown was devastated by the demon Deliora.

In first appearance, he's normally seen as composed and cool-headed, but he has a fierce rivalry with Natsu, and the two are constantly bickering and fighting with each other. He has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing his clothes at inappropriate moments due to his early training with Ur.

Erza Scarlet

"It's not that I was protecting everyone... I was the one always being protected."

One of the main female protagonists. Erza Scarlet was nicknamed the 'Fairy Queen, Titania' for her incredible strength. She's an S-ranked mage and the strongest female mage in the whole of Fiore. She specializes in a form of magic called "the Knight", which allows her to immediately summon and equip different swords, armor, and clothing at will using a magic ability called "requipping". Erza has stated that she feels uncomfortable and insecure when she's not wearing armor, as a result of her time as a slave.

She was a former slave of a Black Magic cult and forced to build the Tower of Heavens, a structure developed for the sake of resurrecting the Dark Mage Zeref. She eventually escaped after her childhood friend Jellal was corrupted by dark magic, and was led to Fairy Tail by word of a slave that had been a former Fairy Tail member.

Fairy Tail, full of fast-paced action and adventure for both genders to enjoy. With the many attractive male characters and beautiful, kickass females, what's there not to like? Supernatural monsters, explosive magic and exciting plots, you're bound to fall in love with this manga.


The blue flying cat partner of Natsu Dragneel. He is an Exceed from Extalia, and was found by Natsu when he was still an egg. From then onwards, he followed Natsu wherever he goes.

He often offers a comic relief with his catchphrase, "Aye!". He also has a crush on Carla, an Exceed of Wendy Marvell.

Wendy Marvell

"It doesn't matter!!! Because we won't ever be destroyed!!!"

A young girl who formerly belonged to Cait Shelter. After the Oración Seis arc, she joined Fairy Tail. She's the Sky Dragon Slayer who specialized in the art of healing. Wendy has a very shy and timid personality, and gets upset whenever she thinks that she has let down her friends. However, she can be spontaneous and "very ditzy".

She was the one who revived Jellal Fernandes during the Oración Seis arc.


An Exceed of Wendy Marvell. She is the daughter of Queen Shagotte and has inherited her mother's precognition ability.

She is the total opposite of Happy. She's strict, condescending and very serious most of the time. She's also very protective of Wendy.

However, in recent chapters, she was shown smiling more often.

Jellal Fernandes

"This is my sin for giving in to my own weaknesses. My heart just couldn't keep up with the gigantic gap between dreams and reality."

Jellal is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet, also a former slave. Before he lost his memory, he was a Dark Mage who tried to revive Zeref using the R-System. Later, it was found out that he was manipulated by Ultear, who he thought was Zeref. He's the main antagonist for the Tower of Heaven arc and is currently a member of the Crime Sorciere Guild, an independent guild set up specially to take down dark guilds. He was revived by Wendy Marvell from his death-like state due to Etherion.

To the moment of his arrest after the defeat of Oración Seis, he has apparently returned to his original kind personality.

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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail

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Team Natsu
Team Natsu

Girls of Fairy Tail

Girls of Fairy Tail
Girls of Fairy Tail

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Which magic would you rather have?

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      I really like fairy tail, but I dropped watching it few weeks ago.. I really dislike filler episodes :(

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