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Anime Hair Color

Updated on August 23, 2017

Anime Hair Color

So you have the blondes and redheads aside from the usual brunettes, oh but wait! There's some special and unique hair colors that you will never see in the real life! Well, unless they're wigs or bleached...

There's the white hair, although some people called them silver. The blue hair, the purple hair and even more uncommon, the green hair. And if green isn't shocking enough, there's the pink hair!

Black/Brown Hair

Sebastian Michaelis

A pretty well-known character. Sebastian Michaelis is one of the lead character of the anime, Kuroshitsuji. Don't be fooled by his delicate and gentle expression, he's a demon that creates a contract with Ciel Phantomhive just for the sole purpose of having the boy's soul after he's dead!

Not only is he a demon and secret protector of Ciel Phantomhive, he's also one hell of a butler!

Demon or not, which girl wouldn't want such a handsome and dedicated butler like Sebastian Michaelis?

Yamamoto Takeshi

Despite his simplistic and John Smith name, Yamamoto Takeshi is anything but simple. Behind that simple and carefree personality hides a more complex and mysterious character!

This man is the Rain Guardian of one Sawada Tsuna. Although air-headed and scatterbrained at times, he's definitely a man you can rely on.

Many claimed to hate his carefree and naïve personality, and personally, I've also wondered how someone could be that oblivious to believe the mafia is a game even though people has tried to kill him several times.

But perhaps it's better for us not to find out his true personality as the few times he shows his serious side, he seems to be capable of committing murder, unlike his fellow Guardians and Boss.

Nara Shikamaru

The dark-haired genius with an IQ of over 200. Despite not being the strongest in Naruto, he's definitely one of the - no, maybe the smartest of the Naruto cast.

Although incredibly intelligent, he's also probably the laziest man in the show. If he has the chance, he'll probably spend the rest of his life lying on the grassy field and cloud-gaze his life away. Luckily, he has his teammates there to control his bad habit, and an actual goal that make him continue fighting - protect his former mentor's unborn child.

Gray Fullbuster

Whew, I can't believe I almost forget about Gray! Most of the time, this guy here is similar to his magic; cool and calm in most situations, but when it comes to his rival, Natsu, he has a temper that rivalled the latter!

Who says brunettes can't be hot? An incorrigible stripper that tends to strip without thinking because of his training when he was younger. But that just means more eye candy for us girls!

Orihara Izaya

Sly, cunning and cruel, he's the kind of guy that most hate. To him, he sees humans as mere playthings and enjoy starting fights just for his amusement.

He has claimed to 'love' humanity, but he holds no interest in loving any individual. A very strange, mysterious man that befuddles anyone who tries to understand him.

The only person he probably 'hates' is his rival himself, Heiwajima Shizuo, since the latter is unpredictable and Izaya despises the fact that he couldn't control the other man.

Who would win in a fight?

Who would win in a fight?

Blond Hair

Uzumaki Naruto

If you do not know who this fellow is, you're definitely not an anime-lover at all! Even if you hadn't read or watch Naruto, you should at least recognize this whiskered blonde, right? This guy here is our beloved Uzumaki Naruto of the anime, Naruto (although personally, I like his father better...).

You'll never meet a more hard-headed and stubborn, yet reliable guy in the anime world. This is the guy you want to be with you on a suicide mission, because he sure as hell is going to bring you back home alive if shit ever hit the fan. Naruto will never abandon his comrades, even if it cost him his life.

Dino Cavallone

Clumsy, friendly and easygoing, but a Don of one of the strongest mafiaso famiglia, the Cavallone.

A reliable and trustworthy guy despite his shady background, he's also the mentor of KHR's fiercest and scariest man, Hibari Kyoya. It makes one wonder about the man behind the cheerful mask to be able to handle a person like Hibari.

Nevertheless, he's a family-oriented man and is damn near useless when his subordinates are far from him. He trips, he falls down stairs, he even managed to entangle himself in his own weapon, and somehow managed to look adorable doing it.

He might look like the stereotypical blonde with his clumsy and somewhat scatterbrained ways, but he had single-handedly fixed the Cavallone's financial problems and turned them into the third most influential famiglia. He wasn't a don of the Cavallone for nothing.

Howard Link

A member of Crow that has been assigned to Allen Walker as a 'caretaker' in case the sleeping Noah decides to suddenly wake up and goes berserk on everyone in the Black Order.

Even with the lack of an Innocence, Link is one of the physically strongest in the series and is no slouch in fighting. He could as easily kill you in your sleep as destroying an Akuma single handedly.

Surprise, surprise, he even managed to survive after being stabbed in the chest by Apocryphos, and is currently tailing an on-the-run Allen Walker.


Not all blondes are dumb! Colonnello's one of my favourite blondes, and very different from stereotypical blondes being dumb and stupid.

He's tough, sharp-tongued, a merciless tutor, and a former member of COMSUBIN, an Italian combat force. Now, even though he has been reduced into an infant, he could still easily take down a grown man. Even though he wasn't originally chosen as one of the seven Arcobalenos, he's definitely strong enough to be one.

Of course, he has a softer side to him, and that soft side only comes out when it's about his former mentor, Lal Mirch. Lal Mirch, who was originally supposed to be the Rain Arcobaleno. However, he intervened and became the Rain Arcobaleno instead. The only sole reason he agreed to participate in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow was to turn Lal Mirch back to normal, choosing to sacrifice his chance to become normal instead.

Aidou Hanabusa

A cocky and charismatic aristocrat vampire that often flirts with the Day Class girls. He also enjoys being in the center of attention.

Of course, behind his shallow appearance, he's unexpectedly astute and observant. The only person he'll listen to was Kuran Kaname, although his trust was shattered the moment the Pureblood murdered his father. He now follows Kuran Yuuki.

Anime Blondes

Pink Hair


The lovely 'Swallow' of the former Air Trek team, Genesis, and was the one that inspires Ikki to take up the sport, Air Trek. She also has a romantic interest in Ikki, and takes every chance to tease or strip in front of him. The Crow's one lucky guy for sure.

This gorgeous lady later cut her hair short into a sweet-looking bob style, but nevertheless, still look as stunning as ever!

Kusajishi Yachiru

Small but mighty, indeed. Don't underestimate her size. She could kill you before you can even release your zanpakutou.

One of the more mysterious characters of the show, she has yet to show any fighting ability or even release her zanpakutou. Yet, she has already earn the vice-captain's badge. Her ability to withstand Zaraki Kenpachi's reiatsu hints at the magnitude of her true prowess.

I can't wait to see her real fighting ability on the battlefield.

Satsuki Momoi

Don't be deceived by her fragile and feminine beauty, this girl here has one the sharpest mind in the series, although her F-cup breasts are a bonus.

Although she's only a manager, she's the key to winning some of the tougher matches with her steel and analytical mind. She is an expert in gathering information and data-collection and is just like a modern-day spy!

She loves basketball more than anyone, and is very passionate about the game, perhaps even more than the players themselves.

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel is most possibly the only male character that could pull off pink hair without looking corny.

As the Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu can control and manipulate any types of fire, and even eat them. Although he can be incredibly cool and awesome in battles, he can be rather dense in reality. However, the most important thing to him are his friends.

If you hurt any of his friends, he will come after you with a vengence.

Haruno Sakura

Sakura starts out as the vain, whiny and weak fangirl who clings to the brooding bad boy of the story, but after said bad boy left Konoha and under the guidance of the Slug Princess Tsunade, she finally matured into an independent woman who could crush you with a single finger.

Now, she could heal even the toughest of ailment, but on the other hand, destroy you as easily as crushing an ant.

In the Naruto series, she has probably changed the most, although she still holds a certain soft spot for the brooding bad boy that left.

Top 10 Pink-haired Girls

Red Hair

Abarai Renji

When you think of a redhead character, Abarai Renji instantly comes to mind. Red-haired, loudmouth, tattooed and feisty.

Renji is the childhood friend of Rukia, and later became rivals and sort of best friends with Ichigo.

Despite his brash, uncouth nature, he's very loyal and will go to the end of the world for his friends, even disobeying orders and accompanying Ichigo to Hueco Mundo.

Cross Marian

Cross was the man who raised Allen Walker, although in rather dubious methods. An womaniser, a gambler, an alcoholic - although, only the finest wine could satisfy him - Cross Marian has done it all.

He's also a charmer, and he's definitely an impressive one, seeing as he even managed to charm real life women.

He's also exceptionally tough on Allen when the latter was young, but from recent flashbacks, we could see his softer side and that he really cares about the boy.

Cross has a special place here because he managed to be popular even when he rarely appears in the manga. He's just the kind of character that makes people excited just by the mere mention of him.

Erza Scarlet

She's beautiful, she's powerful and she takes no one's bullshit. Who wouldn't want to be her?

On the battlefield, she's a sight to behold to anyone watching. She definitely deserves her title, Titania. Whatever she does on the battlefield never cease to amaze people.

Although she can be quite different off the battlefield. She's in love with strawberry cake, apparently likes acting, secretly reads racy novels, becomes riled up whenever someone disrupt her when she's attempting 'normal' activities and surprisingly shy when it comes to matters of the heart. It seems that even the amazing fairy queen is still a human, eh?


Shanks of the, well obviously, Red Hair Pirates. He's the man who inspires Luffy to be a pirate. An amazing pirate, and apparently, knows how to throw a party like nobody else!

Wherever he goes, he and his crew brings ruckus with their drunken partying and boisterous drinking.

Even though he's a pirate, Shanks seems more keen in relaxing and enjoying life than plundering for treasures and conquering islands. He's even capable of getting Mihawk to join in his partying when they met.


Shana, nicknamed the 'Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter' truly deserved her moniker. Red hair, red eyes and possessing the most powerful Flame Haze.

Unlike her fiery power, Shana can be quite indifferent towards humans and only focused on her duty. But Yuji's influence has caused her to open up since then.

Purple Hair

Asama Miya

The beautiful, but frightening Hannya of the North. Like her moniker, a hannya would always appear behind her whenever she's angry, something she learned from her deceased husband. Despite being a sekirei, she's the oldest and is usually regarded as a goddess instead.

She holds a neutral stand in the Sekirei Plan, and is even commented by her former Disciplinary Squad comrade to be able end everything if she ever steps in.

She possesses peerless swordsmanship, able to sink a warship with just a mere swing of her longsword. She's a woman you should never offend lest she smite you out of the world!

Rinslet Walker

A gorgeous thief-for-hire that could steal your very heart! She initially has an interest in Train and sometimes tags along with the crew.

A world-class thief, she can steal just about anything. She's very proud of being one of the best thieves, although she will give up on stealing her requested item if it is dangerous to anyone.

Chosokabe Motochika

A pirate captain of the Chosokabe Army and Demon of the West Seas who'd rather be out adventuring and searching for treasures than conquering lands.

Despite his demon moniker, he cares deeply for his crew and they in turn, are affectionate towards their leader.

He wields an anchor-like spear with great proficiency and unbridled power, wielding it like its part of his body, and his battle with Date Masamune in season 1 was one of the most exhilarating fights in the series, despite not finishing the fight.

Shirayuki Mizore

An apathetic and standoffish yuki-onna that appears as a lonely and depressed girl in the beginning. She has a tendency to appear in the oddest location, startling many people, and despite her reserved personality, can be quite possessive and throws ice-based projectiles to disrupt any tender moments between Tsukune and any girl.

Murasakibara Atsushi

An apathetic genius in basketball. He detests basketball players who tries too hard, even when they're losing.

He plays as Center, but originally plays offense, although that only happens when he's fired up.

Currently, he's the tallest in the series at the height of over 200cm and hardly have to jump to reach the basketball hoop. I can't imagine being that tall! I mean, isn't it a pain to have to watch out for low ceilings?

Which anime hair color would you wish to have?

The hair color I wish to have is...

See results



White/Silver Hair


His hair is more commonly recognized as goldish-white, but I've always seen Nurarihyon's hair as white. My favourite among the three leaders of the Nura Clan. A simple way of telling the difference between Nurarihyon and Nura Rikuo is the eyes. While his grandson's eyes are red, his eyes are a gold color. Can't forget those long sideburns!

With his devil-may-care attitude, it's hard to see him as the man who charges into an enemy stronghold with very little chance of success just to rescue his lover, Yohime. What more can you ask from a man?

Sasagawa Ryohei

The extremely extreme Sun Guardian of the Vongola, Sasagawa Ryohei. This man burns with the very energy of the sun itself. It's just befitting for him to receive the Sun Ring. Is there anyone out there able to withstand the fiery heat and passion of Sasagawa Ryohei at all?

Like the glorious sun, Ryohei commands the attention of everyone with his mere presence and, well... extremely loud voice. He's also one quarter of the Idiot Trio of the Vongola Guardians.

As idiotic as he is most of the time, he's definitely a man you can trust and rely on. Although, if he can be less reckless and a little bit more... softer, he'll be the perfect Guardian. But as one might expect, he wouldn't be Sasagawa Ryohei if he's a cautious and quiet man, would he?


The female protagonist of BRAVE 10. This baby-faced beauty is a priestess of a shrine before it was burnt down to the ground. In the anime, she was said to be the goddess of murder and slaughter and the only thing that's keeping it back is the Kushi-mitama on her head.

She has a bubbly and optimistic personality, and despite her petite size, is an incredibly big eater.

Lyon Bastia

Out of the two male Ice Mages in Fairy Tail, I personally like Lyon Bastia better. Similar to his ice magic, Lyon has a cool, slightly cocky and composed personality.

Lyon was originally a villain in the Galuna Island arc. He came to his senses and became good again after Gray Fullbuster beaten it into his head, like the usual Fairy Tail way. :D

He rejoins Lamia Scale soon after, and became one of the guild's best mages.

Sakata Gintoki

A comedic person with a deadpan expression on his face 24/7, you'll never believe he's the man nicknamed 'Shiroyasha' in the Amanto Invasion years earlier.

Despite his appearance, he is possibly one of the strongest character in Gintama with his insane fighting ability and unparalleled swordsmanship.

Although Gintama is a mostly a gag manga, the few times a serious arc appears, allowing Gintoki to display his spectacular skills. It's a pity Gintama doesn't have more serious arcs, because seeing Gintoki in action and slashing enemies left and right always gets my heart pumping!

Rainbow hair!

Rainbow hair!
Rainbow hair!

Blue Hair

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

The violent, bloodthirsty and savage 6th Espada. Grimmjow is a fighting maniac who has a fierce rivalry with one Kurosaki Ichigo.

He despises authority, and hates Aizen even more. The only king he will acknowledge is himself and he sees himself as the strongest.

His main driving force is his thirst for power and lust for bloodshed and fighting.

His current condition is unknown since he has gone MIA after the Winter War, but one does hope that Grimmjow's still alive because his mere presence alone could make the whole series a ton more exciting.

Black Star

The only survivor of the notorious Star Clan in the Soul Eater world, Black Star is simply put, an extremely arrogant and self-absorbed boy, who despite being an irritating and conceited punk, managed to win over our hearts as well. He's the kind of character that you can't help hating, yet loving at the same time.

But despite his tendency to boast about him being the 'greatest', he's definitely one of the strongest in the series. And he's also one of the characters to show the largest changes. Currently, he has started to mature greatly. His temper and arrogance has mellowed slightly, and he started to develop more respect for his superiors and friends. It's definitely a nice change from the beginning, although we'll still love him even if he's still the disrespectful and annoying brat he was in the past.


Real name Usui Horokeu. This brash, outspoken Ice warrior so unlike his element is a member of Team "The Ren".

Behind that reckless and friendly facade hides a deep pain and guilt for indirectly causing the death of his closest friend. He constantly blames himself for misunderstanding her and causing her to freeze to death after she followed him up the snowy mountain.

Unbeknownst to him, said close friend became his guardian spirit, disguised as a small nature spirit named Kororo who watches over him.

Jellal Fernandes

One of the all-time favourites villain-turned-good-guy.

Jellal was originally a kind and cheerful boy that remains ever positive despite his time as a slave... until his personality was twisted and manipulated by Ultear, who pretended to be the Dark Mage Zeref.

He was the villain for the Tower of Heaven arc, and believed to have died at the end. He was revived by Wendy and unexpectedly lost his memories. He regained his memories sometime during the seven-year time skip, and had been sentenced to death until Meredy and Ultear, who has decided to right all the wrongs she has done, saved him.

The three created Crime Sorcière as a way to seek atonement. Currently, Jellal has joined up with Fairy Tail to find out the source of dark power that has been plaguing previous Grand Magic Games, and along the way, love seems to be developing between him and his childhood friend, Erza!

Rokudo Mukuro

Even at a young age, Mukuro is one of the most notorious and strongest mafiaso, although he hates being called that as he abhorred the mafia.

An extremely talented illusionist and capable fighter, Mukuro is one of the strongest Guardians of Vongola, albeit a very dangerous and unpredictable one that doesn't see himself as part of the Vongola.

Of course, he has his unexpected soft side too, when he sacrificed himself to allow his allies to escape prison. He even willingly agreed to join the Vongola as a trade to protect his allies.

What a complex character... sometimes, it's hard to figure out what this man will do next.

Which blue-haired character is your favourite?

My favourite blue-haired character is...

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Green Hair

Roronoa Zoro

This guy here is the bloodthirsty swordsman of Straw Hats Pirates who used to be known as the 'Pirate Hunter' before being, well, 'picked up' by Luffy as usual. His goal is to be greatest swordsman in the world, and I for one, wouldn't be surprised if he somehow fulfilled that goal somewhere along the way going after One Piece.

Even though he's not a captain of a crew, he's one of the infamous 'Eleven Supernovas' with a current bounty of 120,000,000.

While technically not a samurai, he still maintains the samurai code of honour and considers a scar on a swordsman's back to be his greatest shame.

Bisca Mulan

Well, it's probably Bisca Connell now, after finally marrying her long-time crush and fellow sniper, Alzack.

This brazen girl was also the one to propose to her husband, and probably the one wearing the pants in the relationship. Teehee.

Even after having a lovely daughter, she still maintains her slender and shapely figure.

Of course, this stunning lady from the west isn't all looks and no action. She's an incredible sniper with the ability to use many different types of guns.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

An arrancar who appears as a small, crybaby child in the beginning. However, don't be deceived by her. She's the former Third Espada who has forgotten her memories due to an ambush by the Fifth and current Eighth Espada, and turned into a child arrancar.

The only time she has turned back into her adult form was while protecting Ichigo, although she can only maintain that form for a few minutes.

Still, in that short moment, we can see that she's an incredible fighter. We hope for more adult Nel appearances in future Bleach chapters!


A mysterious girl that grants Lelouch his Geass power. She is immortal and doesn't age, a dream for any person that wishes to remain young forever, not realizing the lonely existence that comes along with the power.

C.C. is a detached and lonely individual, though unexpectedly wilful and childish at times, doing whatever she wants even if it will inconvenience others.

Sven Vollfied

A reputed sweeper and partner of Train Heartnet.

A chivalrous and stubborn man that's very respectful to any woman or child.

As a sweeper, he's an innovative inventor, and has created many special bullets and weapons for himself and Train. His main ability is his amazing Vision Eye though, an eye that he had received from his previous partner that allows him to see five seconds in the future, although its power massively strain his own body.

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    • Kalafina profile image


      6 years ago

      You need Euphemia and Cornelia from Code Geass. They have some weird weird hair genes. Also put Gin in! Gin actually means silver in Nihongo so he has to be there. Although I do have to admit my favorite bluenette is Ciel Phantomhive.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You forgot Yoruichi and Toshiro from Bleach.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is such a cool and detailed list =) I've featured it in 'Otaku!squidoo Group'

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      7 years ago

      How creative and unique.

    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 

      7 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Cool anime characters with neat hair colors -spiced right up :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      nice lense...


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