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7 Anime Like Angel Beats

Updated on July 21, 2013

Angel Beats - A Supernatural Anime

Angel Beats! is a popular anime which aired in Japan on April 3 - June 26, 2010. It has 13 episodes, each filled with a captivating story and unexpected twists and turns. Angel Beats! is a favorite among anime lovers for its unique story and character development. Here you will find anime like Angel Beats that could offer just as much joy and excitement.

The story revolves around Otanashi, who wakes up only to find out that he is already dead. He has lost his memory and the only thing he can remember is his name. He meets a girl carrying a rifle, named Yuri. She goes on to explain to him that they are in the afterlife. Otanashi struggles to believe her, but Yuri invites him to join their organization to learn more about their world.

Yuri is the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront, or SSS, which fights against god for the cruel events they went through when they were still alive. There is one girl that stands in their way, Angel, the student council president at the afterlife school. Otanashi, however, finds himself wanting to learn more about Angel, despite being enemies.

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7 Anime Like Angel Beats!

Angel (Tenshi) of Angel Beats!
Angel (Tenshi) of Angel Beats!

Haibane Renmei has a great story which you won't soon forget. Be sure to check out this amazing anime.

1 - Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei is an anime similar to Angel Beats in story and setting. The story begins with a young girl falling from the sky. Another scene shows a group of Haibane which finds a large cocoon that is about to open. When the cocoon breaks, the same girl falling from the sky appears. She finds herself surrounded by people with small wings and halos. She is named Rakka, meaning falling, which is adopted from her dream.

Rakka receives wings and a halo of her own. She then tries to explore their world, until she learns that they are forbidden to go beyond a wall that encircles their countryside.

Air is a must watch for those who love dramatic anime. You would most likely love this anime if you liked Angel Beats.

2 - Air

Air is an anime with a dramatic plot, which is co-written by Jun Maeda, the writer of Angel Beats. It has a remarkable story, and you might find yourself crying over some episodes.

The story focuses on three girls whose lives are connected to the same man.Yukito Kunisaki is a showman who wishes to continue his mother's quest to find the girl in the sky. His journey leads him to a small seaside town. There he meets a girl named Misuzu, and Yukito ends up staying at her place.

The next day, Yukito meets Kano, and then later Minagi. Little does he know that the three girls all have a mysterious past, and as fate would have it, everything leads to them meeting each other.

Clannad is a beautiful anime that will move you to tears. Follow the story of the characters, from their high school life to their trials in the real world.

3 - Clannad

Clannad is also written by Jun Maeda. It has a beautiful story, with a lot of characters that has his or her own story to tell. Be sure to have a handkerchief ready for Clannad and its sequel, Clannad: Afterstory, are most definitely going to make you cry.

The story follows Tomoya, a delinquent at school who doesn't know what he is going to do with his life. Everything changes after he meets Nagisa, a senior student who repeats her last year of high school due to illness the previous year. Nagisa is a shy girl with no friends at school. Tomoya helps her gain confidence, and even pushes her to pursue her dream of bringing the theater club back up.

Tomoya meets several other girls at school, each with an interesting personality and story to tell. Clannad: Afterstory chronicles the story of their lives after leaving high school to venture out into the real world.

Kanon is an anime you can't afford to miss. It has a heartwarming story that will stick to you for a very long time.

4 - Kanon

Yuichi Aizawa is a highschool student who is accustomed to changing schools due to the nature of his parents' occupations. After his parents leave for Africa, he returns to the house of his aunt after 7 years. Because he has been away for so long, his memories about the place and the people have all faded. Nayuki, his cousin, helps him recover his memories.

Yuichi goes on to meet other girls, which eventually leads him to remember his past.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an anime similar to Angel Beats, which will enthrall you from the very beginning. Follow the ironic story of Haruhi, as she tries to delve into the world of mystery.

5 - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a light novel series which is then adapted into an anime. It is similar to Angel Beats in its plot, with the characters establishing an organization to deal with the supernatural.

Kyon is a highschool student who has long abandoned his interest in the supernatural. This changes when he meets Haruhi Suzumiya, who is very passionate about the unfathomable and transcendental. She urges Kyon to join her in establishing a club that deals with mysterious events.

They finally put up the SOS Brigade, and invites three other members: Yuki Nagato, Mikuri Asahina, and Itsuko Koizumi. Kyon eventually learns a secret, forcing him to take on a task he never thought he would undertake.

Anohana is an awesome anime that features a group of old friends, and their struggles to reunite and help Menma move on into the afterlife.

6 - Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

After Meiko "Menma" Honma dies in an accident, her group of friends find themselves drifting away from one another. Ten years later, Menma appears before Jinta Yadomi, the leader of the group.

Menma reveals to him that she is not able to pass on into the afterlife because of an unfulfilled wish, and so shes asks Jinta to help her. Menma, looking to help his friend, gathers his old friends together and explains to them the situation. However, the tragic events of the past continue to linger in their hearts, hindering them from helping Menma and themselves as well.

Little Busters is a terrific anime written by the same writer as Angel Beats. Be sure not to miss this one.

7 - Little Busters!

Little Busters revolves around Riki Naoe, a high school student who has lost his parents when he was still a child. A group consisting of three boys and a girl, who calls themselves Little Busters, saves Riki and invites him to join their group. The Little Busters tell him that they fight evil, and they help Riki get of depression due to his parents' death.

The group stays strong even after they reach high school. Riki and Rin, the only girl member of the group, start to receive peculiar messages telling them that a secret world exists, and they are assigned to perform special tasks. They then realize that their group's supposed purpose when they were still young, now becomes a reality.

Which anime like Angel Beats is your favorite?

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