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Love Hina

Updated on March 21, 2013

Welcome to the Hinata House

Ever wish that you will be the manager of an all girls' dormitory? Everyday you will be surrounded by them and interesting things might even happen! Perhaps you may fall in love with one of the girls, you will never know? Or perhaps you are striving hard for Tokyo University, just because of a childhood promise that you made with your sweet heart when you are 5 years old?

Remember our promise

Keitaro Urashima was from a family where by his grandmother own Hinata House, a all girls' dormitory, one day his grandmother told the girls that she retiring and there will be someone else taking over her job with that she left the town. No one knew that she actually contacted her granson, Keitaro-Kun, to help out. While Keitaro-Kun was on his way to the Hinata House, he met a girl who was crying bitterly, once again it reminded him of his childhood sweethearts who once made a promise with him to enter Tokyo University and their love will go on forever.

Even though he want so much to enter Tokyo University, he had failed three times,he met Naru Narusegawa, one of the girls living in the house while he was collecting his result. He accidentally touched her by mistake and this makes Naru very angry and punched him in the face. However, this meeting of Naru and Keitaro did not end,they met again when Keitaro arrived at Hinata House, he immediately went for the hotspring,at that moment of time Naru happens to come back from school and also went for the hotspring as she is not wearing her glasses, she did not noticed that Keitaro-Kun was in the same hotspring as her.

Keitaro was being chased by Naru and other girls and was labelled as a pervert, he was saved when he saw his aunt who happened to came back. From then on, Keitaro-Kun was to stay in the house as the manager and that he was always bullied by the other girls living in the house. At the same time, he was trying hard to study for the exam so that he could fulfill his promise that was made 15 years ago.

Mutsumi-san x Keitaro-Kun x Naru-chan

Mutsumi-san x Keitaro-Kun x Naru-chan
Mutsumi-san x Keitaro-Kun x Naru-chan

Keitaro Urashima

To me he is the luckiest guy in the anime, he gets to live with 5 pretty girls as well as a very cute turtle, love to see how shy he is when he is facing Naru and that he is always being punched by her. Keitaro-Kun has a good temper as even though he is constantly being bullied, he still stayed in the house with the girls, he also has a good sense of responsibility as he helped Shinobu Maehara as well as Su-chan in solving their personal problems



Naru Narusegawa

I am definitely surprised by her looks when she was in school and when she was back at home which makes a huge difference.I love her character a lot as she is very hardworking when it comes to her study she is determined to go to Tokyo University and is willing to go for the exam for another time,her attitude left a deep impression for me as i would love to learn from her,besides she is willing to help Keitaro in his studies

Keitaro-Kun x Naru-san

Keitaro-Kun x Naru-san
Keitaro-Kun x Naru-san

Kaolla Su

A mysterious girl who seems to know magic, i love how she is always hugging people around her and that the weapons that she invented was very powerful as well. I always look forward to her meeting Keitaro-Kun as she is sure to kick him whenever she sees him. I also loves to see Su-chan in her adult form as when she let down her hair, she looks very attractive and the way she behaves is different, it is more mature.



Shinobu Maehara

A shy girl who is good at cooking, she is in charge of the cooking in the house,she gets embarrassed very easily thus it is very fun to watch her in the anime. Her appearance in the show also allows other shy girls to learn from her and learn to speak up, i think it really benefits the watcher, besides i am always amazed by the variety of foods tht she knew how to prepare, it is as though the list would not end.Most importantly, i love the songs that she sings in the anime which is very cheerful



Motoko Aoyama

A amazing girl who mastered the art of kendo at a young age, she could be found having her sword at her side and everytime she sees Keitaro-Kun she would always draw her sword and attack him causing Keitaro-Kun to 'fly'. This scene always makes me laugh, Motoko seems to hate Keitaro a lot since she did not have a good impression of him at the beginning which causes lots of misunderstanding. I love Motoko as she is tough and independent which is worth learning from her.



Mutsumi Otohime

I love her as she is always in a blur mode which makes a really cute,I can still remember how she matches well with Keitaro-Kun to the point whereby the way they spoke are of the same content.The most memorable part of her in the anime should be when she needs to get back to her home which was in Okinawa,as her body is weak,Keitaro and Naru offered to accompany her, however they were being sent further and further away from their destination,they finally arrived at her backyard through floating.



Love Hina Girls

Love Hina Girls
Love Hina Girls

I am sure Love Hina Again is a must-watch for all anime fans:D

Love Hina - Episode 1 - Part 1/2

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    • jethrosas profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      I had watched this but not the complete episodes. Anyway, I guess I have to watch it if I have free time. Thanks for sharing this lovable anime! :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i whis that the guys that invented "love hina" can do another part of it that will be awesome and the cartoon was amazing

    • JenniferAkers LM profile image

      JenniferAkers LM 

      9 years ago

      Love your anime lenses. Welcome to our group, Kids TV Shows!


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