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Updated on July 23, 2016

TOP 7 scariest girlfriend OF ANIME

Terror is mentioned here is Yandare, referring to the girl with cute appearance and sweet personality, but behind the cute and sweet it was a rotting soul ruthless. The frenzy of the girlfriend is probably a nightmare for any guy. She will forever love you, follow you to the original tank horizon, do everything for you, whether you like it or not.

below us the same point in the girls out!

Misaki Nakahara 7. (Wellcome to the NHK)

Misaki is one more attack hoax she looks filtered using "her-your-every-neighbor" his right. She always tries to convince Tatsuhiro that she has a extremely effective method that can help you get rid of lifestyles Hikikomori (case locked himself in the room, insulated from the outside world). But the fact that she is a human being overly dependent, cunning and deception. She pushed his illness needs to climax when Tatsuhiro not respond to her feelings - as a result she jumped off the cliff.

____ welcome_to_the_n_h_k nakahara_misaki_by_johnprestongc-d6tx248

Misa Amane 6. (Death Note)

Looks like an idol Misa hyperactivity, and act goofy Her only going like an egotistical guy like Light Yagami. But she is not as innocent as people think, a sly man and able to kill even the people she loves. With his tragic past, approaches her extraordinary love is perhaps not too difficult to understand.


5. Mion / Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Cry)

Lovely predecessor at Hinamizawa be added to the list because of mafia ties and twin sister of his madness. The two men did not hesitate to change positions to avenge each other's faults. Part of the anime was recalled when Keiichi bring a doll from the Rena donate toys instead Mion. Mion cried with Shion, and her sister was revenge for his sister's weakness in the murder, kidnapping, and always accompanied by voice chuckled.


4. Kotonoha Katsura (School Days)

Kotonoha is a very sweet girl, she just could not bear it when her boyfriend two girls (or three, four hands ...) and wanted to break up with her. She sneaked into his house when he left her to go out with Sekai, and her psychosis constantly evolving. and finally she had killed her boyfriend.


3. Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle!)

As a child, Kaede tried several times to kill his lover because she blamed him for the accident that killed her parents. Tormented by guilt, Kaede dedicated her life to become a wife living with Rin, and he agreed to it without hesitation because of the ability to keep her calm. When Rin audacity dating other people, Kaede started "enabled" his mental illness to the maximum. She attacked the girlfriend of Rin, invisible cook dinner, and at the foot of the bridge on the rainy day.


Nanako Saeki 2. (Flowers of Evil)

Saeki is a perfect girlfriend of Takao, as she too understood that he was in uniform his fitness. As their relationship progressed Takao and Sawa. Saeki increasingly harassed. the film ends with Takao fled into the mountains when the true face of Saeki was exposed.


1. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

This is the scariest girl Anime. Her boyfriend, Yuki, is a typical example of Stockholm syndrome after Juno kidnapping, abuse, she also killed his friend when he vowed to go to the ends of earth. Anyway, she's not a liar.


Above are the top 7 worst anime character, you feel how
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