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Another ,

Updated on August 30, 2017

A Little Introduction ~

'Another ,' revolves around a girl named Misaki Mei and a transfer student, Sakakibara Kouichi. I can say that this is one of the best horror anime i have seen through the years. This series is not a long one, it only consists of 12 Episodes. So don't be afraid that it will be like those never ending ones. But do beware, that many things can happen within only 12 episodes.

So, the basic thing that u have to know about this story. Is that It all began with Yumiyama North Junior High School's 9th Grade Class 3, from 26 year's ago...

The Rumor ~

Did you know Misaki, from 9th grade class 3? It happened 26 years ago. They said that she was a beautiful, smart and an athletic student. Everyone loved her, but sadly. At the beginning of 9th grade, she died. Some said she got into an accident , others said she died during her house fire. Everyone in school was shocked when they found out she died. until one day, someone finally pointed to her seat and said, 'Misaki isn't dead. Look, she's alive and well'. One by one, everyone in her class started saying that. They could not accept the fact that she is dead, and instead decided put up an act. Then the teachers took their side and said, 'Let's work hard as a team until you all graduate'. Even the principle wanted to include Misaki's desk, in the graduation. At the end of the year, they took the class photo. When they looked at the photo again, Everyone was shocked. They saw her at the end of the back row, they saw Misaki. But sadly, it doesn't end there...

Important Advice , Remember ~

If You Do not Have A Strong Tummy,

Do not Ever Try and Watch This Anime Right After Consumption Food.

Also, If You Get Scared or Get Nightmares Easily.

Please Don't Attempt To Watch This Anime Alone ~

Yours Truly, Anime Lover ~ <3

So Tell Me ,

Are you afraid of Ghost Stories ?

This Year ,

The story kicks of with the transfer of, Sakakibara Kouichi. When his dad was suddenly sent to India for work, he was sent back to his birth town of Yumiyama to go live with his grandparent's. But apparently, when he was about to start his new school life. He was struck with a collapsed lung, And was hospitalized for about a month. During his stay, he was greeted by 3 of his classmates. 2 of them were the Class Officers, (Starting form the short hair girl)Sakuragi Yukari, then followed by Tomohiko Kazami. The 3rd one is Akazawa Izumi, she is the head of Counter Measures. They supposedly came on behalf of the class to see how he was doing, or so it seems ...

That Fateful Night ,

He came across this girl who wore an eye patch on her left eye, while he was on the lift. Kouichi wanted to go to the roof to call his father, but when he realized that the lift when all the way down - Because the button was pressed to B2. Only then did he notice a girl standing beside him, he realized that she was wearing the Yumi North High School Uniform. So he didn't agitate to ask , whether she was going to basement 2? without a second thought, she answered, yes . He saw that in her right hand, was a doll that she held by only one of its hands. It looked like a normal doll, but the weird thing is that doll didn't even have a piece of clothing on her - except for the one around her eyes, which makes it look as though she was blind. Before he could continue asking, she claimed that she had something to deliver there. And that her poor other half, was waiting for her there...

As she walked out of the lift,

'Hey wait, Whats your name ?' he said, as he called for her.

She stopped, without looking back at him,

'Mei , Misaki Mei' She answered, as she continued to walk.

He then looked up at the direction board, 'Mechanical Room - Boiler Room and ... Morgue'. But when he looked back, she was nowhere to be seen. It was as though she was engulfed in the darkness. But the mysterious events only continued once he began his school life in Yumiyama North Junior High School...

Does The Doll Look Weird, or Is It Just Me ? 0.o

Does The Doll Look Weird, or Is It Just Me ? 0.o
Does The Doll Look Weird, or Is It Just Me ? 0.o

Your Opinion ,

Who or What is Misaki Mei ?

See results

Is There 2 Misaki Mei's ? :O

Is There 2 Misaki Mei's ? :O
Is There 2 Misaki Mei's ? :O

Misaki Mei

Our Lady Protagonist ,

Misaki Mei started of as the mysterious young girl, her presence at the start of the anime makes her seem like a ghost - Just her looks itself may scare people though. She 'cannot be seen' by her whole class, except for Sakakibara Kouichi . She accepts that she had to suffer alone, just for the sake of the class. And no, she doesn't wear an eye patch for no reason - but if u wanna know whats under it , u have to watch the anime yourself(Or just continue reading ...). She's beautiful, mysterious and smart - I would luv to be like her. She loves Dolls and to draw them as well.

She lives with her mother, while her father is overseas for work. She and her mother looks just like a normal family, they talk and eat together like every other family - that is to them at least. Only that way they communicate with each other, does not make them look like mother and daughter. It may seem normal to her to have that kind of relationship with her mum, but apparently not to kouichi. Well, from my point of view. Perhaps she has this kind of relationship with her mother because of all the secrecy between them, but who knows right?

Anyways, let's talk about school now. The only ones who talk to her in school is Kouichi and the Librarian, Chibiki. As she spends her free time either in the library drawing, or just wasting time staying at home. This is because her presence in class is accumulated to 0%(In other words She's invisible), so it means that she is free to do whatever she likes - Good life right? haha.

But there is a reason why her presence is 0%, but u have to watch(or continue reading) to find out...

Shall I ? Xp , Not Yet ~

Shall I ? Xp , Not Yet ~
Shall I ? Xp , Not Yet ~

Sakakibara Kouichi

Our Guy Protagonist ,

Sakakibara Kouichi made his first appearance in the hospital, bedridden from his collapsed lung. He is more of the blurblur type, but he is also the curious type. And that was what attracted him to Misaki Mei, her mysterious character only made him want to get closer to her. Cause he is never satisfied until he knows the truth, the whole truth . He is really friendly, cheerful and cares a lot about his classmates.

His father is always busy with work, but despite his fathers busy schedule. He will always try and find time to talk to him. His father raised him alone in Tokyo, even though he was born in Yumiyama. So he always try not to worry his dad, so that his dad can concentrate on work.

His mother on the other hand died while giving birth to him, so he did not know much about his mum. When he found out his mother also attended Yumiyama North High School in the past, and not only that but she was also in 9th Grade Class 3. He was even more eager to find out about the truth.

At school, he thought that the class was bullying Mei. But after awhile, he realized that it was like she was not even visible to them. Cause at a point of time, one of his classmates said to him, 'Don't mess with something that doesn't exist'...

The History ~

It is said that Yumiyama North High School is the closest to death, especially 9th Grade Class 3. Every year for the past 26 years, there will always be 1 short desk in their class. Even though the number of desks given were just right. Every year, either the student or one of their family members will die each month for the whole year round. It is said that what the first class of 9th Grade Class 3 did 26 years ago, attracted many spirits which initially lead to these events. It went on like that, until that one year they finally found a solution to avoid these deaths. They had to completely ignore one of the classmates, as if they NEVER EXISTED. So, the number of students would be even. Due to this, it is rumored that one of the students among them were actually dead. But , they would never know or should i say that they did not remember who was until the very end. Their memories were naturally altered, everything were. Though , one of the years , they had found a different solution to stop these deaths from occurring...

( 1st ) Along The Way ~

( 1st ) Along The Way ~
( 1st ) Along The Way ~

Do You Believe ,

That Everything Happens For A Reason ? Even Deaths ...

Let Me Introduce You to The Next Main Character's First ~

Tomohiko Kazami ,

He is one of the class officers. He's smart and witty, but he apparently made a mistake by not telling Kouichi the whole truth on his first day of school. He is very close to Naoya Teshigawara, as they are childhood friends.

Teshigawara Naoya ,

He Is the student of the class that is outgoing and friendly. He made friends with Kouichi almost instantly. From the first day of school, he has tried to help Kouichi. And through out this anime, this guy will prove useful to Kouichi as well. Helping him find the other way to stop these death's.

Akazawa Izumi ,

She is the head of Counter Measure . She is Brave, smart and has this weird feeling that she has cross path's with Kouichi once before. But sadly neither she , nor Kouichi remembers it. She is the type of girl who would do anything, to make sure the class gets through to graduation alive and safe.

Sakuragi Yukari ,

She is the other class officer. She seems a little shy, but tries her best as class officer to open up to her classmates. She has also helped kouichi during his first few days of school. Yes, if you did notice. She was the first to die(In the picture '(1st), Along The Way'), her umbrella apparently slipped out of her hand when she fell down the stairs. thus , stabbing her through her throat.

Time to vote ~

From what You see , Who Do You Love Most ???

See results

Short Summary ~

This is a summary of the 12 Episodes,

This whole series is about how it is important to always tell the truth, don't settle with only half truth. Cause to me, it is like the other half is a lie. This anime shows how a class has to suffer of either losing a loved one, or lose your own life. How they were driven to the edges, to make sure they themselves stayed alive. How they have to fight to save their lives, their friends life. But most importantly , it is a test of each and everyones willpower. The Ending ??? How about you find out yourself...

Don't You feel Like watching ??? Xp

Video For You ~

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