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Who thinks the Cannes Film Festival has become too popular???

As a film lover I devour just about everything I can about Cannes. Last year, the Palm D'Or went to director Terrence Malick's divisive "Tree Of Life" besting the silent comedy "The Artist". Almost a year later, both films compeated again for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, with "The Artist" taking top honors--the first silent movie to do so in 83 years. My question: What takes people in LA so long to decide what the rest of the world has already seen, and why doesn't the academy change the rule that dictates films only qualify AFTER they've been exhibited in New York and LA?


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Akhil S Kumar (addingsense) says

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5 years ago
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    fromMarkHall 5 years ago

    It's always been about hype, yeah. But now they seem to want to be another Oscar precursor...