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I'm casting a new show for CMT about 'Redneck Landscape' and I'm hoping you can help me?!...

I noticed your blog about 'redneck landscape' from 3 years ago...hilarious btw! I would love to somehow reach out to or ask you to extend my info to the people in your pics. We are looking for big, fun, proud personalities for this show; that also have a very unique 'redneck' landscape they can brag about. If you can help or offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your leads. I'm sure we can compensate you in some way for any help you can offer. Please feel free to contact me directly with more questions at Thanks in advance...Naomi Pacheco


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gwendymom says

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5 years ago
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    NewCMTShow 5 years ago

    Thanks for the quick response! It is a shame we cant find these lawns...they really are 'classic.' Please feel free to pass along the info regarding our show; as mentioned we will compensate for any help you can give. Thanks again!! -Naomi