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Disappointed about Alyona's move to HuffPost?

Alyona Minkovski formerly worked for RT TV as a host of her own show (The Alyona Show). I always thought she did a very good job with it and I think she is one of the more intelligent and better spoken female newscasters out there. She has now evidently left RT to work on a Live news program being produced by HuffPost. The first broadcast was today. I was really disappointed in it. At RT she actually talked about some real news, but the hot chick in a 2" skirt talking about fluff made me feel like I was watching FOX News.


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Skarlet says

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5 years ago
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    junkseller 5 years ago

    Megyn Kelly is probably the best of the bunch, and one of the only ones who doesn't feel the need to show every inch of her thighs. I consider most major networks to be fluff producers. That wasn't a FOX only criticism.