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Does musical accompaniment REALLY matter in a show (or opera or ballet)?

Well, I prefer semi-live music, but I'm OK with musicals (as well as operas and ballets) any type of musical accompaniment, canned music or live. And I still acknowledge and appreciate others who don't care much about how a musical is accompanied. I support Save Live Music on Broadway because it not only promotes reviving and preserving pit orchestra accompaniment on Broadway, but also music education by exposing kids' eyes and ears to real musical instruments in person. That raises this question: does it matter if a show has live or canned music? What do you think?


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dembiczak says

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4 years ago
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    talfonso 4 years ago

    Right. But keep in mind that there are some people who want straight live music, those who want at least semi-live, and like you, those who don't care for it. Though I'm in between the latter two groups, I agree with you.