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How do you get an original song published/noticed?

I've made professional demos of two of my original (country/pop) songs. It's too expensive for me to make all of my songs. I've sent the songs to hundreds of publishers over past 3 years in USA/Canada. Most don't even bother to respond, those who did said they didn't need my song at this time. I've put my songs for sale myself on iTunes/Amazon and other sites but I don't have any advertising power so sales are low. Any advice on how to get songs noticed? Should I just chalk it as a learning experience and my songs just stink?


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Chuck RitenouR says

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4 years ago
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    HeatherH104 4 years ago

    Thank you Chuck. Luckily I did copyright them officially. Good advice, maybe finding local performers is the way to go. Wish this was easier!