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Movie name of a business man turns a girl into a beautiful girl. movie is not "she is all that"

she is a simple girl. he takes her into a saloon and they turn her into a beautiful lady and she walks upto him in a red dress and he puts a necklace on her neck.he takes her shopping to buy new dresses. there is a scene where he zips her purple dress and then he looks at purple bra and underware and develop feelings for her. one day when younger brother comes , elder brother kisses the girl in order to make the younger brother jelous of him. but girl loves elder brother. elder brother too loves girl but he tell the girl that she will be happy with his younger brother


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Luvtoo Write (luvtoowrite) says

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3 years ago
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    buddhika88 3 years ago

    i don't know wether its american film cos i was very little when I watched it.. both the girl and guy had brothers. girl's brother was little and guys brother was a matured jealous . thank you so much for trying to help me..