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When you love, you become stupid?

It seems that in most cases yes, love you silly! It makes you do and say stupid things, I include strange feelings such as jealousy, fear, frustration, like you're brainwashed by these weird sensations. Experts say and we say we love you silly! When love is clear that doing stupid things! Without recognizing gets serious when you get to do things then feel sorry What do you think when you love forget the rules you've learned along the temple, what could you have sworn that you will not repeat as faulted, and it become stupid and do stupid things you love ? Love you stupid?


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Cobrafan says

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3 years ago
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    Nourdine Boussetta (Nourdine maystro) 3 years ago

    yes it's not worth it. . Thank you for your review, and on the advice of my brother