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SOS! Can people with softer voices still have a music career?

I've always had a more softer voice when I sing, and I have a lot of trouble amplifying it. A long time ago I read an interview with Baby Spice in which she admitted that because of this flaw she has specific techniques for the microphone like holding it closer etc. I really want to start performing but I am afraid that maybe my kind of voice just isn't meant to be. My friend/mentor reminded me of people like Neil Young who have softer voices but are still powerful. Wondering if anyone else has faced the same obstacles, and if/how they bypassed this!


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danicole says

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3 years ago
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    Sara Psychedelic 3 years ago

    So funny that you mentioned Jlo because that's my lady! No one can top her in my eyes, but I see what you are saying. Thanks for the encouragement

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