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What do you think is a perfect cast to a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger movie and change to the story?

Original:5 teen been given power to become Power Rangers, to protect earth. My remake idea:2 Iraq war veteran, turn University archaeology professor recruited by FBI, to investigate a case turn out to involve an ancient war with alien and quest to become Power Rangers to save Earth. Cast: JesenAckles(Dr.JasonScott,RedRanger,ExNavySeal,archaeologist)WillSmith(Dr.ZackTaylor,Black Ranger,ExNavySeal,archaeologist)Maggie Q(FBI Agent,Trini Kwan,YellowRanger)JaerdPadalecki(Dr. BillyCranston,Blue Ranger,NASA Scientist.)NataliePortman(KimberlyHart,PinkRanger, Hot mum, toddler son kidnap by aliens.)

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William Avitt says

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3 years ago
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    peter565 3 years ago

    That would be a interesting movie.