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Who should play a woman in a sitcom about an ageless woman who drive her son and daughter inlaw nuts

Because my mother is also one of those old ladies who simply won't age, I actually better relate to the idea of an ageless old lady, then some old ladies who actually look old. Any way, if we are to make an Everybody love Raymond style mother and she drive her son and her daughter in law after moving in uninvited and she is an ageless, but cranky old lady, who do you think should play the mum? My personal list, is Heather Graham(46), Naomi Watts(47), Jane Leeves(Daphanie on Fraaiser now 54), Peri Gilpin (Roz of Fraiser now 54), Terry Farrell (Reggie of Becker now 52) or Halle Berry (49)


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greeneyedblondie says

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21 months ago
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