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Do you find meeting a celebrity under this sort of circumstances freaky?

In college, as a joke, my mate, match my astrology, with some hot female celebrities, With 1 born same year as me, it said "we had past life romance and have a chance to resume it in this life at 30 years old" I laughed while hearing thinking "what a load of crap! Do I look like a crazy celebrity stalker? As if I am going to bump into her on the street" But the freaky thing is, on Saturday, she had a free open concert, at a mall, where I go everyday, five minutes away from my apartment and this year we are both 30 and still single...I didn't go to that mall that day, cause this is...freaky!!!


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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

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18 months ago
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    peter565 18 months ago

    Another freaky thing is, after that day (I didn't tell my mum about any of it) my mum keep talking to me about marriage, every time I see her and today, she is talking about hiring a pop star to sing at my cousin's wedding (my parents are rich)WTF!!!

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