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2006 Taiwan Teen Super Hero Series Goku Don high school, Lucifer as a hero/mentor, Ur thought?

Plot: Catholic church's rule of Europe fall, so dark ages end, Yahweh(Christian god) want a new era of his rule. Yahweh recruited a high school teen, as General of his army of 72 demons, to conquer the world. Taiwan National Security Agency, search for one that can defeat the threat, found wolf god Lucifer, once defeat and seal by Yahweh's 1st General Michael, but later escape, kill Michael, thus ended dark ages. Lucifer inform TWSA Yahweh an exile god use teens as his army's General, then conquer, then rule, force people to serve him and worship him as only god. Michael was his last General.


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Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) says

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15 months ago
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    peter565 15 months ago

    Well, its role reversal to the bible, Lucifer is now good guy, Yahweh (Christian god) is now the bad guy. In the show the 4 high school teens, must decide to either side with Lucifer to serve Liberty or side with Yahweh for personal gain.