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Which do you like better: American Dad or The Cleveland show?

I know that American dad has been on the air a bit longer than the Cleveland Show, but it seems that American Dad has been getting cut from the Sunday cartoon line-up more and more lately. I like both cartoons, but, I think American dad is 10 times funnier than the Cleveland show. I especially love Roger the Alien, and what else is crazier than a talking fish with a German accent. So I give the nudge to American Dad. How about you?

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William Thomas (wingedcentaur) says

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7 years ago
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    Muricandad1 4 years ago

    American dads characters are great I think Roger is funnier than Peter griffin the Cleveland show is pretty good rylo is pretty funny I like Lester and Tim the bear but in the end I like American dad more only because of stan his personality is mine