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Anthrax My Personal Review Of The Band As A Long Time Fan

Updated on February 17, 2013

Anthrax The Heavy Metal Band

It was early junior high and not to date my self but I was first turned on to this band by a classmate friend. We traded cassette tape dubs of bands albums we bought. I gave him a few blank cassettes and he returned to them to me with a couple or Anthrax's albums "accidentally" with handwritten labels and music recorded on them was awesomeness.

Career Time line Of The Heavy metal Band Anthrax
Career Time line Of The Heavy metal Band Anthrax

Anthrax's music has been amazing for me because they have grown with me.

When i first started listening to Anthrax's music I was in junior high the band had the geeky quirky humor mixed with some real thought provoking song writing. I was into reading Stephen King Novels and they had songs inspired by Stephen King's books and short stories. The song I Am The Law turned me into a fan of the Judge Dread comic books that inspired the song. Rap metal songs that where ahead of their time in the 1980"s like "Bring The Noise" with Public Enemy and "I'm The Man". They had that dark metal sound but deep thought and humor in what they did.

When I reached high school the Joey Belladonna left the band and John Bush came in as singer. The band got edgier and lower tuned tuned sound, I loved it! They matured a little with me. I listened to "The Sound Of White Noise" non stop when it first came out. It was a record marking their 1990's period. They even had the late Pantera guitarist Dime Bag Darrell playing some amazing hidden gems on lead for a good deal of their albums. So check your liner notes metal heads.

Now in 2012 they Still release some hard hitting metal music and they are even touring with Joey Belladonna again.

So check out their catalog of over a 20 year career of music. Check out my and modules below that feature Anthrax's Music online.

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