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Antisocial Anime Characters

Updated on August 23, 2017

Bad never looked so good.

"I work alone." is one of the most common lines you hear from distinct anime characters. There is always that one character in most if not all anime that doesn't quite fit in a group.

They would rather do things on their own and would prefer moments of time alone. They do stuff not socially or morally accepted by their group and are most commonly characterized as either the silent one or the rude one. Sometimes they go as far as being destructive. Some of them hate your guts and don't mind you hating theirs.

Behold, the antisocial anime characters! Here are a few reviews of the antisocial anime characters I think are one of the best.

Note: I am only going to mention the characters which are on the same side as the protagonist. I know there are a whole bunch of antisocial villains in animes. They're just way too many to mention. Feel free to suggest any characters you might know.

What does "Antisocial" mean?

and why I consider myself a tiny bit antisocial

Antisocial is defined as being contrary to the laws and customs of society or devoid of or antagonistic to sociable instincts or practices. It is also defined as being not sociable or not wanting the company of others.

Ever since the beginning of time or at least since the day I started watching anime when I was a kid, I've always found these kinds of characters fascinating. It was like my personality was the same with theirs. It's not because I'm also an antisocial but because I'm an introvert and I find my behavior of wanting time for myself to be somehow similar to theirs.

I have a fairly good social skill but being with others for too long drains my energy. Basically, antisocial behavior is something you might not want in a friend. They're simply not likable in real life. Contrary to the anime universe, antisocial characters are actually cool. They are able to stand out among the others and sometimes, can even stand out more than the main character.

My Top Five Antisocial Anime Characters


Dragon Ball Z | Dragon Ball GT

Let's start out the list with the so called "Prince of Saiyans." Vegeta is popularly known for being Goku's rival in the Dragon Ball Z series. He is also best characterized by his arrogant and rash nature. Come to think of it, I think he is the first anime character I found to be antisocial since Dragon Ball Z is one of the first animes I watched as a kid.

This blue counterpart of the red hero, Goku, started out as a villain in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z. He later progressed along the series being on Goku's side but his goal is still to have his revenge and defeat Goku.

Vegeta as one of the Z Fighters

As being one of Goku's teammate, this guy will never back down on a fight and always prefers to take care of things on his own. Vegeta simply has got too much pride to ask for help especially as he proclaims himself as being on a higher league than the other Z fighters.

He always believes he is the strongest which is really ironic because Goku always end up being better than him and this makes him really frustrated. Being the prince of the proud Saiyan race, he cannot accept the fact that an ordinary Saiyan warrior like Goku could surpass him.

While that being true, don't underestimate this short fighter. This hell of a Saiyan, only next to Goku, is the most powerful of all the Z fighters. I just don't think the writers gave him a lot of chances to prove his greatness in the series. He has clearly a lack of major impact all throughout although he does display awesome finishing moves when he does defeat enemies that I would say looks a lot more cooler than Goku's.

Image credit:

A Good Guy After all

Beyond Vegeta's coldhearted impression, he eventually developed a softer side especially when he was able to have a family of his own. He eventually had Bulma as his wife and was also able to have a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bulla in the later GT series.

He grew quite fond of earth and fought along the Z fighters to protect it. The part of him being a ruthless killer still somehow remains as he is known for being as aggressive as before not mentioning the fact that he taunts a lot while fighting.

Image credit:

Pick a Side

Who do you think is the best between the two main characters of Dragon Ball Z?

The heroic Son Goku or the bad-ass Vegeta?

Vegeta's Sacrifice

Lots of manly tears were shed. This is the scene where Vegeta displays the good part of him and sacrifices his life to save the world. It was shown in the scene that he, in fact, developed love for his family and to a certain point, lives by others, not only by himself.


YuYu Hakusho

Hiei is one of the main characters in YuYu Hakusho whose appearance is known by his all black outfit and spiky black hair (almost identical to Vegeta's) with white strands. Among the four heroes in the series, (Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and himself) he is the most evil-looking and at the same time, shortest in height. Although being short, Hiei seems to have a lean appearance. He also wears a white headband to hide a third eye which he refers to as the "Jagan" eye and is used by him to perform various skills. Besides being the user of the Jagan eye, Hiei is also an excellent swordsman. He is the fastest of his team mates and it is clearly shown in some episodes how his speed makes a great impact in their success.

Hiei is characterized as being silent and most of the time speaks only to belittle or insult his allies (mostly Kuwabara) and his foes. He bears a rivalry with Yusuke since he had been defeated by him once when Hiei started out in the series as a villain. Also, Kuwabara and Hiei are also seen as rivals because of the way Hiei always mocks Kuwabara. In general, he sets himself apart from others mainly because of the way he thinks about humans. He believes human emotions of friendship and love are not significant. He portrays the world to be dark. This is because of his dark past being abandoned when he was born because of him being born as a fire demon in a tribe of ice maidens. It is stated in the series that he underwent a surgery to implant his Jagan eye for the purpose of finding the village he was born from only to find out that his mother has died long ago and that he has a twin sister by the name of Yukina. Yukina is the only character in the series in which Hiei shows compassion to. It was also depicted that he has a stronger bond with Kurama than with his other allies. This is probably because they were former acquaintances and among Yusuke's team, Hiei and Kurama are the only ones who came from the demon world.

Hiei has the baddest sets of skills. When fighting, Hiei uses his amazing swordsmanship to overwhelm his opponents. His strategy lies within his lightning speed and sheer power to defeat any opponents that get in his way. He also uses his Jagan eye to summon the so called darkness flame which is said to be almost impossible to perform. He manipulates this power to his own will like punching with flaming fists, using it to create a flaming sword, or summoning the ever popular dragon of the darkness flame. It is amazing how a character like Hiei progresses from a starter villain into one of the most popular character of all time.

Dragon of the Darkness Flame

This seriously gave me the goosebumps when I first watched it. I think this is the best scene there is for Hiei. For the first time ever, we got to see the famous dragon of the darkness flame. That was epic even before the word got invented.

Kaede Rukawa

Slam Dunk

Moving away from fighters for a while, Kaede Rukawa is known as the ace player of Shohoku High's basketball team. He plays as a small forward and has the jersey number of eleven. For a rookie, he is incredibly good at playing which then easily led him to become a key player of the team and be on the starting five alongside with the rookie amateur Hanamichi Sakuragi. He has great offensive awareness and spectacular athleticism. He finishes plays that would leave the opposing team surprised.

Knowing the fact that he is good-looking, popular and has many fans, Rukawa actually is a cold and serious person. In fact, Haruko, the girl Sakuragi has a crush on, has a big crush on Rukawa and he never noticed it. That's also the reason why Sakuragi hates him so much. It's hard for him to impress Haruko because he is always being overshadowed by the ace player, Rukawa. Rivalry began between the two in-game as Sakuragi won't let Rukawa take all the glory. Rukawa is one of a silent type and barely talks throughout the game but he never fails to criticize every mistake Sakuragi makes. He is famous for calling Sakuragi an idiot which would cause him to burst out in anger. Behind his insults though, he would not admit that even he sees the potential of Sakuragi being an excellent basketball player. Furthermore, he has a known rivalry with Ryonan High's ace player Akira Sendoh.

Outside the games, he is a typical loner with no friends to hang out with unlike Sakuragi, who has his whole gang. He would rather want to be left alone. He has also a history of uttering rude statements both to Haruko and Sakuragi but seems to respect their team caption, Takenori Akagi. One funny thing I find about him is his hobby of sleeping. He would go in a rage if somebody was to wake him up during his dream time. The guy even fell asleep while riding his bicycle for crying out loud. Like Sakuragi, he is also good at fighting in brawls. He also shares the same lack of academic skills as Sakuragi.

Slam Dunk Fan Poll

Who is your favorite Shohoku player?

See results

Slam Dunk Opening

If you still haven't watched Slam Dunk and you're quite the basketball fan, I recommend giving this anime a second thought. Even if you aren't a basketball fanatic, this anime can teach you the basics and surely let you in on the drama the sport has to offer. It's "imposiburu" to not like this anime.


Naruto | Naruto Shippuden

Gaara of the Sand Waterfall is best known for the large clay jug he always keeps strapped on his back which looked too heavy for him to carry under a normal circumstance. He has a dark red hair and piercing eyes which make him look emotionless. He has a distinct mark on the left side of his forehead which reads as "love." Gaara has the power to manipulate sand. He is undoubtedly a very strong and powerful character. When I first saw Gaara on his first appearance in Naruto, I thought to myself that I have never seen any anime character who looked so impossible to defeat. I also never thought that manipulating sand could be such a cool ability until I saw this character.

Gaara has an unusual type of childhood. As a kid, he had been rejected and feared of by people around him despite his efforts of trying to reach and connect to them. This is because when he was born, his father sealed the Shukaku (a one-tailed beast) within him in an attempt to use him as a weapon for their village. If you are following the anime or manga, it's the same thing that happened to the main character, Naruto. Being sealed with a beast is no good news. Due to this, Gaara developed the antisocial personality. He began to think that the only person who is capable of loving him was himself. That would explain the writing on his left forehead which would mean that he loves only himself. He then came to be a ruthless killer with no remorse or feeling. That's a darn good parenting right there.

It was not until he had a battle against Naruto that he realized that he was not alone. Naruto had the exact same situation he is in but the difference is that Naruto never gave up on his ambition to be recognized as an individual. Naruto went on and became a person who has many close friends despite having the childhood where everyone feared and hated him. This got Gaara questioning the path that he took. After his defeat, he began to follow Naruto's path and became not such a bad guy after all. He soon became the head of their village being called the Fifth Kazekage and the journey continues on. I don't want to be a spoiler.

Epic Fight: Gaara versus Rock Lee

As the title says, this fight is one of the most iconic fights in anime history. So much emotion is thrown into this one epic battle between Gaara and the taijutsu master, Rock Lee.

Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto | Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke is another one from the anime, Naruto, that I chose to be on this list. He's the very definition of a silent killer. Early in the anime, Sasuke is someone who is a loner with a few words. He prefers working alone although he doesn't mind teaming up when the need arises. The trademark abilities he has include the "Chidori" which was taught by his teacher, Kakashi, where he gathers up chakra to generate lightning and uses it as a piercing weapon. Another one is his "Sharingan" meaning mirror wheel eye which only appears in certain members of his clan. It grants the user many abilities such as seeing the flow of a foe's chakra.

He has this sort of a twisted mentality which made him kind of weird at first impression. Sasuke lived a normal childhood except the fact that growing up, he was always overshadowed by his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. This made Sasuke look up to his older brother and somehow wants to follow on his footstep. This all changed when one day, Itachi killed all their family and friends and spared Sasuke's life. The confused Sasuke was left with hatred and anger as he dedicated his goal to pursuing his lost brother and finding meaning to his past.

As a student in the ninja academy, he was always top of the class in contrast to Naruto which is always on the bottom. Naruto always sees Sasuke as a rival both in skills as a shinobi and to Sakura. Luckily enough, the three were put together in a team. In everything Naruto does, Sasuke is way ahead of him. Not to mention the fact that Sasuke is more good-looking than he is. Ironically, Sasuke and Naruto became the best of friends as the story progresses. Sasuke also always felt superior than everybody else including their teacher, Kakashi. His ambition to finally get revenge on his brother became his weakness when in the later part of the series, he exchanged the friendship he had with his team mates for his pursue of power. This made him leave everything behind and go in a different path.

Wind and Lightning

This is a scene where Sasuke uses his Chidori against Naruto's Rasengan.

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      vegeta is third strongest in dbz, have u forgotten mystic gohan who could beat super buu in few hits?

    • PlumberJorge profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @RoSelou: Yeah, they have something in common. :) Thanks for taking the time to read my lens.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The characters are my favorite never thought their anti-social character, I think they portray me.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This was one cool list; was even surprised to see Slam Dunk on there seeing as I only heard of the manga. The Naruto mentions were cool especially with the mentioning of Sasuke. He became a favorite when I first saw the series (anime). I was in and out of the series but did find his fighting style pretty enjoyable. I see him as too much of antisocial person -- probably because we're similar -- but saw his approach to situations unique. Gaara was another favorite when he was introduced and found his fight with Toto memorable. Oh, sorry. Toto is Naruto. Not sure why but I seem to have felt Sakura was the cause for all the fights that took place between Sasuke and Naruto. Anywho, awesome lens. Not sure why, but this mix of characters was like going into a Skittles, Starburst and Lifesavers giant candy bag. Just a nice mix of every thing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nicely done! Not a huge anime fan but I learned a few things and that is always a good thing

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      good article!


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