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#10... I Think She Is The Model on 'Deal or No Deal' With The High IQ... :)

Updated on May 19, 2013

It was the winter of 2008.  I was sketching out some pictures of "fashion styles" for women, when I heard on the television:  "Which 'Model' on 'Deal or No Deal' has an IQ of 183, and is a member of the 'High IQ Club'?"  (This model's IQ might be more than what I mentioned.  It's just that, my "Sub-consious" keeps coming up with "183".)  I thought about all the "Models" that would "frequently" be on "Deal or No Deal" and the model that "stood-out" in my mind was the "model" that "holds" the number "10" briefcase on Deal or No Deal (She "reminds" me of "Marilyn Monroe".  I guess it's the "Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle"...  :).


Anya Monzikova, ladies and gentlmen.  The "Model" is Anya Monzikova!!  :)  Now, I went online, the internet, and did a "semi-lazy" research on "Anya" being the model with the "high IQ".  But, it is like I said... "Laziness"!.  "Restless"!.  'They Just Don't Mix!'  :)  And; "Besides",  I like the thought, rather it is "accurate" or not, of Anya Monzikova being the model with the "high IQ"..  (Wow!!  Everytime I look at Anya, I think of Marilyn Monroe! :) 

I even have a "Multi-Verse Scenario" about Anya Monzikova "molding". Wrote a "short script" about it!?! Want to hear it? Here it "Goes"!! :)

(Parallel Universe ~ with Love!)

I got to be a "contestant" on 'Deal or No Deal'. When "Howie Mandel" asked me what I would do with 1 million dollars; I said, I would start a "program" that "Help-out Womenfolk".. But, "almost immediately" "Help-out Menfolk" as well. Then, "Howie" asked me to "pick out my briefcase", which naturally I picked "Briefcase #10".. When Anya Monzikova brought her briefcase; I said, "Thank you, and I love your hair!" "Who do it?" Anya and I "went-on" for about "8 seconds", and quickly said our "nice to meet you" then ended our short, but "uplifting", conversation. As Anya walked off heading backstage, Howie was "leaning" on the "speaker's stand" (the audience laughing). He "looked" at me as if to say: 'What's all this then?'



We start the "Game"... My "Strategy"? 'I have no strategy..' I said to myself: ("I'm going to pick Anya Monzikova's briefcase.." "And, whatever is in 'there', rather it be 1 cent or 1 million dollars, that's what I take 'Home'.") I did not win the 1 million dollars. But, I did "take home" $125'000.00 (parallel universe), which (of course) was the amount in "Anya Monzikova's #10 Briefcase.." :) Now, "Positive Things" began to "happen". During the "Game", especially  during the "commercial breaks", I told Howie Mandel (Audiences and TV Watchers Listening) that if my "take-home" amount was over $88'000.00, I would, after taking care of my "program", come back in a "week's time", and pay a "certain percentage" to all the "Models". (Now, Howie was going to be "paid", but later on... "Ladies First!!" :) I did just that! And, with many other "Special Givings", helping out "Others" across the "Globe", *Anya Monzikova & I* got to meet "outside of work", and started a "personal relationship". We found out we had so much in "common", especially "Helping Others Fullfill Their True Prosperous Dreams"!! :) :)


Within a year, we got "married". We had three girls, *Marilyn, Anna Nicole, and Holly* (All 3 took after their mom... "Beautiful Blonde Hair"!!!. :). And, we live a "Fun", "Peaceful", and "Prosperous" *Life.....* :)

(Parallel Universe ~ with Love, Peace, and Happiness)

Yada! Yada! (Well! Well!) That's enough "Multi-Verse Scenarioing" for today.. :) But, I do hope to meet Anya Monzikova, in "This Reality", and (if she allows it) Become Best Kindred Spirit Friends... :) I know I'm "Game"... :)



The images on this page are downloaded copies from various websites.  If there are any problems with these images being on this page, please let me know...




Below is a "short video clip" I created that shows this "New Star: Anya Monzikova"!!...

(Below is the background music of the video clip..)


Artist: Tsutchie Album: Masta

(*** Caution! when you go to "other video clips" presented with the "Original Video Clip" on this hubpage.. They may have 'profanity' or 'obscene images'...)

Such A "Doll" that Anya Monzikova!.. :)

Comments for the lovely and talented Anya Monzikova... :)

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      Kev 17 months ago

      My dad's friend dated her mom