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Aphex Twin's SYRO

Updated on August 27, 2014

First Album in 13 Years

Not much has been revealed about “Syro,” but Richard D James, who has made the choice to call himself Aphex Twin, said in a recent interview that the album includes a track, which was recorded around seven years ago. James also confirmed that Syro is not going to be his last album.

The first announcement about the album was made via deep web browser Tor. The Aphex Twin logo was also seen in public in London and New York City a few weeks ago. The logo was spotted in east London above Oval Space, while in New York it was displayed outside Radio City Music Hall.


This month, a URL tweeted by James himself provides fans with an image and track list. The album title is also given at the site, which means that “Syro” is very real. The upcoming album is available to Aphex Twin fans in triple-vinyl. The tracklist that has been published on the site that James himself provided contains 12 songs. The album artwork for Syro is done by Designers Republic.

News about Aphex Twin's SYRO is perhaps the biggest thing in electronic music since the auction of a rare physical record of Aphex Twin’s “Caustic Window” LP. This June, one copy was auctioned for £27,198 on eBay. Proceeds went to James and a charity he supports. “Syro” is the sixth studio album from James and it will be released under the music label, Warp.

Contemporary electronic music icon

In the official press release from the Warp music label, Aphex Twin was described with the following words: “celebrated and influential electronic fartist.” Fans have been waiting for quite a long time to hear something new from Aphex Twin. The last release from the influential record producer and composer was in 2001 with the full-length album “Drukqs”. His last live appearance was in 2011.

Richard David James was born in the year 1971 in Cornwall. He is based in England, a composer, producer, and electronic musician who is also obsessed with making music. He revealed in an interview that he started delving into techno music when he was 13 years old. In his early years, he also admitted to taking apart a piano and then put it back together. James began his career in the late 1980s as a DJ. Soon enough he decided to record his own music. He has used numerous pseudonyms aside from Aphex Twin, including “AFX” and “Polygon Window.”

Aside from writing music, which he claims he can incorporate with lucid dreaming, James has also invented software for composing music. James is the co-founder and co-owner of Rephlex Records. His third studio albums to date, entitle “Richard D. James” is considered by critics to be his best. It is widely considered a revolutionary and innovative record. Aphex Twin's "Richard D. James" managed to express a complexity that has not demonstrated by other electronic musicians.


In 1991, Rephlex Records invented the word “braindance” to describe the genre of music from Aphex Twin. This complex genre is described to have its roots in the club scene, but it transcends electronic music because of its capability to engage the imagination of the listener. In defining this new genre of music, Rephlex Record calls upon the “best elements of all genres.” Intelligent dance music or IDM is another term that has been tied to Aphex Twin’s electronic compositions, suggesting that the tracks should be distinguished from dance floor Electronica. Aphex Twin is not as keen about labels as his followers and critics. Rather than confirm or deny genre classification, he would rather classify music as something that he likes or dislikes. What kind of music does Aphex Twin like best? His own.

Some of the acknowledged influences of Aphex Twin are the BBC Radiophonic Workshop pioneers, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. James was quick to add that he does not really like rock & roll, although his work is sometimes linked to the rock tradition.

Followers of electronic music, IDM, braindance, techno, and music fans in general can check out Aphex Twin’s newest offering, “Syro” next month.


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