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Are Manga Box Sets Worth it?

Updated on August 15, 2012

Manga Box Set`s these days...

What do you think? Is a Manga book box set worth it to you? Is paying all that money for about twenty comic/manga books of each and every volume worth it? I mean would you go to the book store and buy each manga volume separate, or buying in bulk save you some money?

I honestly think that buying in bulk in anywhere saves you some pennies maybe even some dollars if you think about it. If you go to the supermarket and buy some juice boxes one day for a dollar and some change but you drink them to fast and need more, then going to a place that sells bulk is going to benefit you more.

You will go and buy a case of juice boxes which holds at least ten more than the regular ones for maybe a dollar or two more in the long run you save your self money from spending that money on another thing of juice boxes. Overall, buying something in bulk and straight out in front is much smoother than buying something regular and tedious.

Buying A Manga Box Set (bulk)

Buying the Manga book box set is the smarter way to go, if you want to collect the entire series with each volume. You will get them all to have access to and you will have the full set at your hands. I believe that if you want to be able to read each and every volume over and over again then getting a box set is something that you should be picking up. I also believe that if you are interested in becoming a strong collector of these items that getting a manga box set is a perfect way to increase that inventory you are creating.

Buying Individual Manga Books

If you are buying manga books just because you want to read each one from time to time and keep it as a side hobby I think that you need to concentrate or think about just buy each and every volume individually at your own pace and time. I believe that if you are just going to be a relaxed reader and fan than this is the best way to go by. When spending money you need to keep many things in your mind, having an opened mind when purchasing something you need to think about each and every angel and also measure the things you want, and the things you need along with the amount of time you use and the amount of time you have.

Manga Books Box sets
Manga Books Box sets

Collectors, Show off your Manga

If you like to read Manga than I am sure you already have a mountain of Manga Books. These days it is popular for people to have stacks of Manga and Comic books in their room, from on the floor to on a shelf or more. It is becoming a new Anime lover thing to show off your wall of Manga Books. Are you one of them?

A Collector

Let me describe a collector of Manga Comic Books, They tend to be very amusing at times.A Collector is someone who takes the time out of their day and goes out (or online) and buys many Comic`s and Manga books to add to their library. They like to read and they read a lot compared to most Anime lover`s, they also know a lot of things as well. For example, they usually know exactly how many Manga Volumes are in a box set.Collectors are like Cosplayer`s they do it because it is fun and it shows support in a hobby that they truly love. They also know how many Manga volumes that are in a Manga Series. The Manga Collectors know things like the difference of a manga in an Anime. For Example, in the Deathnote Anime series the first time kira kills someone (meaning light) he went into a dark alley that`s raining, then when reading the manga of Deathnote you find out that kira goes into that alley and it is not raining, Then in the Live Action Movie that same scene it is in the day time. You as a collector that read all of these Manga books and that have seen all of the Anime episodes realize little things like these that make their day worth wild.

Are you a collector?

Have you ever wanted to be a collector? are you a collector? Well, the success of collecting Manga books is very positive. If you collect enough you can start selling some for a value price, also by buying copies of ones you have that will keep your real collection untouched. This can turn into a hobby, along with a new thing to do. The collectors love adding something to their collector and that does not just go for Anime and Manga books, when being a collector in general adding to your inventory adds excitement to it along with you. It is important for you to know that and believe that becoming a collector not just in Manga Books, but other things such as Anime DVDs, Fanart,Anime/Manga Wallpapers, Anime series and more. There is a whole world of things to collect and a big world of Anime things to collect. So, go and give it a try add to your collection day in and day out.

Popular Anime/Manga Box Sets (Books)

Here is a group of Manga Box Sets that most people enjoy and are popular these days, If you want to become a Collector start here by Buying one of these Manga Box Sets. It is always good to buy bulk and that is what you are doing now! A Box Set is a whole series in one box. If your favoruite Manga series is in a box set go with it, I recommend buying at least one box set in your Anime Career. Having each Volume all to your self with a Box set is a great feeling and I want you all to feel that way. If you have any questions about buying a box set send them to For more products anime related check out Animelovers411`s Store

Death Note Box Set  (Vol.s 1-13): Volumes 1 - 13
Death Note Box Set (Vol.s 1-13): Volumes 1 - 13

I love this box set it really helps with everything and if you love the manga! Deathnote then this is completely perfect for you in every way.


Buying Bulk Items or Buying Single Items!

Which is better to buy?

See results

Naruto is a Popular Manga these days!

Naruto Manga Cover
Naruto Manga Cover

These days Manga has transformed and well, the newest thing out is how popular Naruto Shippuden became, this is one of the Cover`s for the Manga it self. I want to address the fact that Manga is going to be sticking around for some time and to always support it no matter what. I little while ago there were sites that would post free Manga books (Scans) online.

This would take away from the supporting of Manga because your not collecting or buying the real Hard Cover/Soft Cover books that they are publishing. Now, they put a stop to it all and it is improving the market for publishing Manga Comic books. Is all Anime About Death?

The thing is Naruto has a lot of killing in it and the manga sometimes covers that up, this is what makes the manga so popular these days because it appeals to the younger audience more then the older audience (true Animelovers) I find this very true with other anime as well, such as One Piece.

This Anime and Manga was known for some bad things such as drug use, and more and now the manga covers these items up and gives the American audience a cleaner version of it all. For Example, one of the main characters in one piece, would be always smoking a cigarette in the Anime series, they changed this to him always sucking on a blow pop the red color favor.

These little cover ups is what changes the Manga and Anime world, making it more or less popular each and every year! we need to fight to keep Manga together and keep supporting it through everything we have.

Get Bulk Manga Set Box's Used - Start Saving some Money on Manga Today!

You have the chance to save a huge amount of money when buying bulk manga from eBay. I usually go to eBay to get most of my manga because you can usually have a bid war with someone and get them at a very cheap price for the same value.

One I saved about 30% on a full set of Darker than Black Box Set. It's great to know that eBay has some really sweet deals and you can get things for way cheaper than planned to!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens!

    • craftycollector profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the option of box sets! Where I live, the super markets only offer manga in single tankobons, so I've only ever bought my favourite books. However they're about twice as expensive as the box sets! (probably more so..) If my sister were still into manga I'd be buying her the deathnote boxset as quick as you can blink, (alas, she's on a batman binge) Manga does need support, there's a lot of online piracy despite attempts to keep up with it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very cool lens. Manga box sets can be loads of entertainment.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Well... if you are talking about English Translated copies... the box sets are probably the way to go (rarely do you find particularly cheap English used manga for decent series, or at least I have issues.. sure you can always buy a huge bulk, but most of it will be crap). If we are talking about Japanese copies, looking around in book stores in Japan such as Book-Off for Lightly used manga is the way to go (plus literal box sets will bankrupt you, often the boxes can only be mail-ordered by collecting ads in each book, and are rarely sold with it). You just need to be patient, and really know what is a buy. As an example, I bought the first 4 collector's wide editions of monster at a book-off for 100 yen each (about a dollar), all of them look brand-new, their value new is over 1400 yen (yikes, this is like over 15 bucks). Another example is a series called Magic Knight Rayearth, it is a very rare series of 3 books which combined sells for around 50 bucks online, I also found all 3 volumes in the 100 yen section, First Editions, with all the inserts and ads still intact, literally looked new despite being nearly 20 years old (likely worth more than 50). By looking for lightly used stuff, and having the patience to hunt for bargains, you can save a ton. My manga collection is well over a thousand books, and I need a full wall bookcase for it all (my collection is larger than the selection I have seen in any American Bookstore,; and to be honest, I think it has better series... so many amazing series never get licensed and translated). But I paid far less for it than it is worth.

    • TheyCallMeVarmit profile image


      7 years ago

      Oh wow. Am super embarrassed for the size of my post below. Yikes...sorry...I could go on for days about manga and anime and I forget myself. Thanks for putting up with it!

    • TheyCallMeVarmit profile image


      7 years ago

      Something else about collecting manga, is that not only do they usually differ from the anime and the Japanese live action dramas or film (if applicable), but a lot of times, the English manga differs from the Japanese when it comes to dialogue. So, a lot of times, if it's a series I am mad about, I end up buying both just for the differences in speech patterns. The majority of times, the Japanese version is written better (especially if it has honorifics that there are no good equivelant to in English...such as in the series Ooku). It can get pretty expensive.

      As far as buying boxed sets, I'd agree that they are money savers, at times. Sometimes, if it is just a casual reading, I will buy the manga used and only pay around $2 each. If it is a series with 20, it's more cost efficient to buy used versus the box set. But, if the set costs less than the individual used prices (or new), and I've already read the first volume to get a feel for the series and enjoyed it, I'm all over it. Also a good thing about box sets is that there is sometimes an "extra" that comes with it, not including the really cool "box".

      I think this page is pretty cool. You really got me thinking. Manga and anime are awesome, and I'm not too worried about manga not remaining a "big thing". They have a long, long history and more and more people are getting into them each year. Still, I your (not "you" in a personal way, but "you" in a general sense, meaning "everyone") manga, forget the scanslations! Even better, learn Japanese and enjoy them in their first printing.


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